Winter has nearly arrived. A time, when the days are short and the nights are long, making it perfect to cuddle up next to the fireplace. During this snowy season, there are so many fun activities to do. Going ice-skating, skiing, having a snowball fight or getting ready for Christmas, are just a few fantastic things to do. Of course, winter is a time to also bring out the newest trends in clothes and beauty products. It’s important to look your best during winter, from head to toe! This not only means wearing beautiful clothes but trying out wintery designs for your makeup and nails! We have collected 25 cute winter nails for you to choose from. Hopefully, you will be able to find winter nail ideas as well as a collection of winter ideas which are gorgeous for the season of winter!


1. A Snowflake and Reindeer – Cute and Creative

Make sure you bring a sense of winter into your winter nail design! First of all, give your nails a simple french manicure. After you’re done with that, it’s time to decorate it to make it bring wintery vibes with itself! Paint a delicate snowflake on one of your fingers on each hand. Try finding a snowflake, which is shaped in a way that you like, after all there are no two snowflakes of the same shape! On another one of your fingers, paint a small white reindeer with silver antlers. The addition of these two cute designs will give your nails a lovely look for the season!

2. Forests Shrouded in Mist – A Wintery Landscape

Perhaps you like walking in winter landscapes when everything is cloaked in white serenity. Forests are definitely beautiful places to visit during the season! Why not recreate the imagery of a winter forest shrouded in mist on your nails? Firstly, coat your nails in white polish. After allowing it to dry, paint trees on your nails. Use different shades of grey to achieve this. Use light grey for the trees at the very back and darker grey as you get closer to the front. This will make your nails look as if there was a layer of mist surrounding the trees.

3. Simple and Stunning – Winter Nail Ideas

Another winter nail art idea is this one! You don’t have to go overboard on creativity on this one. Use a combination of white and grey for your nails, both of these are very wintery colours. For the design itself, make sure to add a few stripes here and there, giving your nails a bold appearance. Then on one nail, create a simple image of a snowflake or star. On another one of your nails, paint the head of a reindeer. Remember to use only the two colours mentioned above for this nail art.

4. Frosty the Snowman – Adorable and Pretty

Here is yet another super adorable nail art that is perfect for winter! Paint three of your nails with glittery nail polish. Then leave the two in the middle to be decorated in an abundance of snowflakes. Add Frosty the Snowman as a design to one of your middle nails. So if you love to sing “Frosty the Snowman” during the winter season, this nail design might just be mean for you!

5. Monochrome Snowflakes – Winter Nail Ideas

There’s nothing that screams winter quite as much as snowflakes do! So it would only make sense to use them on your winter nail art! Paint your nails in light shades of grey, mixing it up, so each nail can be in a different shade of polish. Then add snowflakes to each nail. You can add black, grey and white snowflakes to your nails. Consider adding small gems or stones to the middle of the snowflakes for a special touch.

6. Cute Candy Canes – Sweet and Fresh

What is your favourite treat during the winter season? Perhaps it’s candy canes! These fresh, minty and sweet treats are definitely to die for! Use them as inspiration for your winter nail design, coating your nails firstly in a bright blue. Add small dots to your nails as well, as well as small candy canes. By the time you finish your nail design, your nails should look like a festive winter party! So if you’re not sure what to create on your nails for winter, then try this idea out!

7. Dress Up Warm – Small Frolicking Reindeers

Do you ever imagine small animals frolicking through snow-covered, winter forests? If so, why not add a few reindeers to your nail art. First of all, paint your nails in pale shades of white, grey and pink. You might add glitter to one or two of your nails. Then choose one nail on each hand, and paint reindeers on them. Make sure to add a scarf to their neck or a big coat, to keep them warm! Also, paint a few snowflakes around them for the full wintery effect.

8. Glitter and Snowflakes – Cute Winter Nails

Are you in search of a lovely winter nail design? If so, check this idea out! Use a combination of glitter and sparkling nail stickers on your nails! Start by giving each of your nails a base coat. You can use a combination of pale pink and grey, but coat one of your nails in shining glitter! To the other nails, add nail stickers or try painting some snowflakes on them! Creating snowflakes on your nails will definitely bring a wintery essence with itself!

9. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Great for Christmas

Christmas is one of the big festivities of winter, so make sure you get ready for it! This means finding the perfect nail art for the holiday as well! Think about what comes to your mind immediately when you picture Christmas. Perhaps Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer is amongst these images! If so, make sure to use this cute reindeer as inspiration for your nail art. Paint one or two reindeers on each hand, making sure to add a sparkling red nose to it. For an additional effect, you might like to add snowflakes to a few other nails.

10. An Ombre Winter Landscape – Stunning Snowflakes

As we have mentioned before, a design you can’t go wrong with for the winter season, are snowflakes! Put a special twist on your nail art though! Instead of creating a plain base for your nails, create an ombre base, turning from a murky grey into a pure white. After allowing your nails to dry, it’s time to decorate them with snowflakes! Feel free to add small white dots around the snowflakes, creating a snowy outlook! This is a fabulous design for any time of the winter season, so make sure to try it out this year!

11. A Polar Bear – Winter Nail Designs

Another adorable animal associated with winter is no other than a polar bear! These furry creatures have practically become symbols of winter and Christmas! So it would only make sense to use them for your winter nail design! If you are unsure about how to create a cute polar bear on your nails, then check out the tutorial above. It’s an easy tutorial on how to paint a polar bear by yourself on your nails! This will serve as perfect winter nail art!

12. Chic Snowflakes – Cute Winter Nails

We’ve talked about using snowflakes as inspiration to create a gorgeous design for your winter nails! If you like the idea of snowflakes, check out this nail art! Coat your nails in a see-through colour, which makes your nails look natural and gives them a soft glow. After the polish has dried, it’s time to add the snowflakes to your nail design! Use a thin nail brush for this and create a plentitude of snowflakes on each of your fingers. You might consider adding a few stones or gems to your nails as well.