35 BEAUTIFUL FRENCH MANICURE IDEAS - Creating the Perfect Nails

35 BEAUTIFUL FRENCH MANICURE IDEAS – Creating the Perfect Nails

35 BEAUTIFUL FRENCH MANICURE IDEAS - Creating the Perfect Nails


Perhaps you have an event coming up, it might be a casual work event with your co-workers or it might be dinner at a fancy restaurant. Whatever the event is, you will want to look your best! That means wearing your favourite clothes, doing your hair up perfectly and choosing the right accessories. A small detail that many people seem to forget about nails. Nails are an important way to express yourself. You can choose the shape and colour yourself, in the form that best suits your personality. Beautifully shaped french nails are perfect to any sort of occasion, not to mention you can style them any way you’d like! If you adore these nails just as much as we do, take a look through our pick of 35 french manicure ideas. We hope you will be able to find a bit of inspiration amongst a collection of nail ideas!


1. A Simple Look – With Sparkling Stones

Coat your nails in a simple pink, painting the tips in white. This will give your nails a natural look! Then fill your cuticles with sparkling stones for a spectacular result! These nails will be perfect for whatever sort of event you are going to!

2. Matte Pink and Black – French Manicure Ideas

Matte nail polish is super stylish and trendy! It gives your whole look an edge. Paint your nails in matte black and pink. You can even try painting the nail itself pink, with black tips. Naturally, it’s up to you if you decide on placing some stones on the cuticles to make your nails stand out even more!

3. Simple Sophistication – Finding the Perfect Nails

Here is a simple and sophisticated french nail idea! Using a cream colour, paint the tips of your nails with it, all except your ring finger. Coat your ring finger’s nail completely in the cream colour. Then place a few coloured stones, for example, blue coloured gems, on them.

4. A Beautiful Ombre – Simple Yet Gorgeous

If you are going to a fancy event, like a wedding, then these nails will definitely do you justice! An ombre on each french nail, going from a natural colour turning into white. While this is a simple way of using nail gel to create something fabulous!

5. A Simple Manicure – French Manicure Ideas

If you aren’t going for anything funky or wild, just stick with a simple french manicure! All this means is while your nails are coated in a simple pink, the tips have a white part painted on them. This is a simple and clean look, perfect for work!

6. Red Tips – Seductive and Passionate

If you have long acrylic nails, you might like to paint them in a unique way! Instead of using white for your tips, why not try a more unique and seductive colour? For example, red. Red is a seductive and passionate colour, so if you would like to express this side of yourself, why not try it out?

7. Glittery Tips – The Best Nail Ideas

There are so many different ways to paint your nails, even if you have decided you would like a french manicure! Instead of painting the tips of your nails with white, line them with a sparkling golden polish! Coat the rest of your nails in a pale pink lacquer.

8. Intricate Details – Silver and White

While you have decided on getting a french manicure, you shouldn’t forget about decorating your nails further! You can try out a simple french manicure, with the natural pale pink and white combination on most nails. Then create a pattern on your ring finger, using white and silver to create something pretty. Adding a nail with a different pattern to the rest will help enhance their overall look!

9. Minimalist Drippings – Beautiful French Manicure Ideas

There are hundreds of unique ways to spruce up your french nails! This is just another one! Instead of creating simple lines at the tips of your fingernails, only cover parts of them. Then create drops of nail polish pouring down your nail. This will look like a minimalist painting by the end of it!

10. A Simple Design – French Manicure Nails

Here is another fantastic example of a simple french manicure! The nails coated with transparent or a light pink colour, resembling the actual colour of your nails. The tips covered with a bit of white polish!

11. Modernize the Classic – A Manicure With a Twist

While we all love a classic french manicure, you can always take it up another level! While coating the tips of your nails white, you can add an extra swirl to the rest of your nails, as further decoration!

12. Amazing Nail Art – All Those Sparkles

Adding some sparkles or glitter to your nails will only boost their look! While creating a simple french manicure on four of your nails, coat your ring fingers’ nails in glitter or sparkle. An addition of sparkle is always a great idea!