25 BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEAS - Personalised Baby Shower Gifts
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25 BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEAS – Personalised Baby Shower Gifts


25 BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEAS - Personalised Baby Shower Gifts


Have you recently been invited to a baby shower? Baby showers are great events, close friends and family gather together to celebrate the arrival and beginning of a new life. It’s a tradition to take a present with yourself to a baby shower. The parents of the yet-to-be-born baby will need a lot of new baby items. For example, clothes, toys or a large pack of diapers make perfect gifts. If you don’t know what to buy for the baby yet, why don’t you look through our baby shower gift ideas? So get ready to welcome the baby and find them the perfect personalised baby shower gifts!


1. Call of Doody – Personalised Baby Shower Gifts

While a baby brings a whole lot of joy to the expecting family, they also bring new responsibilities and tasks! Create a funny present for the parents. Grab an apron and with safety pins attach all sorts of baby items to it. For example, you can attach a pacifier to it, a toy, diapers or a bib. This will ensure that the parents are fully ready for the soon-to-arrive baby and to take on their duty. Making this a perfect gift idea for a dad or a mom!

2. A Diaper Cake – Cute and Useful

Diaper cakes are great ideas for personalised baby shower gifts for mom or dad. They are easy to put together, and will also help the parents in taking fewer trips to the local shops. Not to mention, diapers are quite expensive, so it will also help out the parents, in not spending so much cash! Create a few tiers of diapers, stringing them together with ribbon to make them stick together. It’s up to you on how you end up decorating the cake itself. You can do this according to what the gender of the baby is going to be. You can also create small diaper cupcakes to go with the big cake.

3. A Bubble Bath – Unique Baby Shower Gifts

A Bubble Bath - Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Here’s a fantastic idea for anyone in need of an inexpensive present! First of all, get a white foam box that resembles a bathtub. Place all sorts of small and thoughtful presents inside of the tub, ranging from diapers to toys to baby shampoo. You can create bubbles out of plastic, and place them inside the tub as well. This will create the illusion that someone is taking a bubble bath! Not only is this a creative and unique present, but you’re also helping the parents by getting all sorts of supplies for the baby!

4. A Basket of Gifts – Personalised Baby Shower Gifts

A new addition to the family means a lot of new things. Make a bit of space for the new things and get the family unique baby shower gifts, none other than a laundry basket. If you do, place all the new things in the laundry basket. This way it will be a real gift basket for the expecting parents!

5. Mom’s Survival Kit – Help Her Get Through the Days

Everyone knows that the mothers of newborns barely get rest or time to themselves. They look after the baby throughout day and night. Make sure that the mother of the baby gets a bit of attention as well by putting together a gift for mom! Create a survival kit for her, just to give her a bit of relief every day! If you know what she likes to snack on, or you know what her favourite chocolate is, make sure to get her a few of those! Then all you need to do is place them in a mason jar. Write a small label which you will stick on the jar itself. It can be a small message saying “Mommy’s survival kit. Open, enjoy, breathe.” These will make great baby shower gifts for mom!

6. A Cool Motorcycle – Baby Shower Presents

Here is a fantastic DIY gift, a hippo on a motorcycle! Create the motorbike out of diapers, towels and baby socks! Place a pacifier at the front of the bike, as if it were a headlight. The socks will be the handles of the motorbike, while the wheels are put together out of diapers and towels. Then place a toy hippo, or whatever toy of your choice, on top of the bike, as if it were riding it. This is a unique gift, that the receivers will have to take apart!

7. Bear in a Blanket – A Baby Bouquet

Bear in a Blanket - A Baby Bouquet

Another creative way of giving over baby shower presents to the parents of the awaited baby is to tie them all together in a bouquet. Instead of getting a bouquet of flowers, the parents will receive a bouquet of baby supplies. Presents that will always be appreciated at baby showers include a variety of baby clothes, toys or a pacifier! Wrap these all up in a blanket, trying to create the shape of a bouquet. According to what the gender of the baby is, you can buy mainly blue items or pink ones.

8. A Diaper Bear – Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper cakes are becoming more and more popular gifts to give at baby showers. They are incredibly practical, meaning that they will be used. Instead of making a simple diaper cake though, try giving it a more unique form. For example, bear diaper cakes are also a cute way of putting diapers together! You can even dress them up after putting it together. Place a hat on its head, a pacifier in its mouth and socks on its feet. Everyone is guaranteed to love this gift!

9. Matching Clothes – For Parents and Baby

Here’s a fabulous and funny gift, which will make a great present for the family. Get two shirts printed for the parents. Each shirt saying “I’m so tired.” For the baby, buy a onesie, which has the sentence “I’m not tired” printed on it. This present will definitely paint a smile on everyone’s face!

10. Diaper Cakes – With a Plentitude of Bears

We’ve already mentioned diaper cakes. These make the best baby shower gifts, as they are practical, meaning they will not go unused! Perhaps you have been thinking about designing and decorating your diaper cake to make it look fancier! You can use ribbons to tie the tiers together, attaching bows to them as well. Also, buy a few teddy bears, and place them on various tiers of the diaper cake. The rest of the decoration of the diaper cake is up to you!

11. Presents for Dad – Personalised Baby Shower Gifts

Presents for Dad - Personalised Baby Shower Gifts

While buying gifts for the baby, we shouldn’t forget about the parents either! Having a child means less sleep, less going out with friends and less time to yourselves. But of course, having a baby is rewarding in its own way! Make sure dad has a small survival kit. Place a small bottle of his favourite liquor in a box or basket, as well as his favourite candy. You can also place a few gifts for the baby inside this gift bag as well!

12. Pretty in Pink – Diaper Cake Ideas

Here’s another great idea concerning diaper cakes! We have already talked about how useful diaper cakes are, and that they make the parents’ jobs a bit easier. According to what gender the baby is going to be, decorate the cake in either pink or blue. If the baby is going to be a girl, you can even scatter small paper or plastic flowers on the diaper cake, attach a butterfly to it or a pink toy.

13. An Adorable Wreath – Creative Baby Wreath

Are you planning on presenting the expecting family with a unique and special gift? Why not make a wreath out of all the products you have bought for the awaited baby? Using diapers as the wreath itself, attach them to one another. Then use baby shampoo, baby powder and baby clothes as the decor elements for the wreath. This wreath will truly be special!

14. For the Mother to Be – Gifts for the Mother

As well as the baby, the mother deserves a few presents at the baby shower! Get a small basket, and place some treats in it for her. It’s really up to you on what you decide to get her. It can be her favourite body lotion or perfume, her favourite snacks or treats or a few magazines for her to flip through. Whatever you decide on getting her, we’re sure it will make her truly happy!

15. An Array of Buttons – DIY Baby Shower Gifts

An Array of Buttons - DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Create something by yourself at home! After all, a handmade present means a lot more than something you can buy at a shop. Make a small keepsake for the family out of buttons! Depending on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, use either blue or pink buttons. Create two small footprints out of the buttons, representing the baby’s feet. Then write the date of the baby shower underneath it. Place this piece of art in a frame and present the parents with it! They’ll be able to use it as wall decoration! These will make the best baby shower gifts!

16. A Small Slice – Cute Shirt Ideas

Here’s a super cute idea, especially if you know that the parents of the expected baby love pizza! Get two shirts printed, a larger one for either of the parents and a small one, for the baby. On the larger shirt, have a pizza printed on it, with one slice missing. On the smaller shirt, have that one missing slice of pizza printed. This will look super cute in the future when both the parent and the baby is wearing it!

17. All Sorts of Goods – Perfect Bundle of Gifts

Put together a bundle of small gifts for the baby. Try buying things for the expected baby, which you know the parents will need during the first few months or year. For example, gifts such as baby powder, baby shampoo, baby soap, diapers and toys all make great presents! You can add some chocolate to your bundle for the parents!

18. Funny Socks – Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Now, draw a smile on the soon to be father’s face! Get the baby a pair of socks which read “If you can read this, bring my dad a beer.” The dad will definitely love this idea, as he will hopefully get a free beer every time someone reads the message on the baby’s socks!

19. A Cute Cupcake – Creative Folding Ideas

A Cute Cupcake - Creative Folding Ideas

Besides creating cakes and cupcakes out of diapers, you can also make them out of clothing! Why not create small cupcakes out of different items of clothing? There are quite a few folding techniques you can find online with which you can work!

20. A Personalised Onesie – Great Presents for Baby Showers

Onesies are the best sorts of clothes for newborns! They are super comfortable as well as easy to put on and take off. Get the awaited baby a onesie, but have a message printed on it beforehand. It’s up to you on what you’d like the message to say!

21. Bicycle Diaper Cake – Get Creative with Diapers

We have talked quite a bit about diaper cakes. They are fantastic for the parents, as they’ll have a big supply of diapers. You can create a bike out of the diapers, using other items for the baby to put it together as well. Then place a plushie on top of the bike, as if it were riding on it!

22. A Bib for Each Occasion – Personalised Baby Shower Gifts

Get the expected baby a bib for each occasion! For example, get them one for New Year’s Eve, another for Halloween, one for Christmas, one for the baby’s first birthday, etc. This way the parents will be able to dress their baby up easily, without having to put too much thought into it.

23. A Big Pacifier – Diapers and a Balloon

A Big Pacifier - Diapers and a Balloon

If you have decided on buying diapers for the awaited little one, present them to the parents in a creative way! Tie the diapers together and then stick this bundle on a cut-out, circle-shaped cardboard paper. Attach a balloon on the other side of the cardboard, which will make this gift resemble a pacifier!

24. First Year Gift Box – For the Baby

A baby will need a lot of things during their first year of life! Create a small box of presents, which lead up to his or her first birthday. You can include toys and clothes amongst the presents. Another great gift you can place inside is a calendar. The parents will be able to write in the calendar, writing up when the baby first spoke or first laughed. This will be great to look back at in the years to come!

25. Gorgeous Decor – Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Another one of many baby shower gift ideas is to make some hanging decor for the baby’s room! You can sew together fabric to create stars and a moon, which are all connected to each other. Hang this from a wall, door or even a ceiling! Again, this present is up to you on what you’d like to include in the ornament! So let your creativity run wild!


Hopefully, we have been able to help you find some inspiration concerning personalised baby shower gifts for the upcoming party If you are looking for other ideas concerning baby showers, like baby shower cakes or baby shower decorations, then just visit our website!