When you are hosting a baby shower, you would like everything to be completely perfect! There are so many aspects you have to watch out for while planning a party. At a baby shower, not only is the decor and theme of the party important but the activities you and your guests will play and the food and drinks served, will also play a big role. One of the most crucial elements of food and drinks is the baby shower cake. How could you not have cake at your baby shower anyhow? Celebrations always call for a tasty slice of cake! The theme of your shower should match the decorations of the cake itself. We have gathered 25 baby shower cake ideas to make your job easier! So just go ahead and browse through our collection of baby shower ideas.


1. The Stork Delivers the Baby – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

There’s a common story we tell children, who are deemed too young to know anything of the sort, that storks deliver babies. While we discover as we get older, that this story is just a myth, the cute image of a stork flying with a bundle remains in our imagination. How about you use this idea for your baby shower cakes for girls or boys? Have a stork carrying a baby in a bundle made out of fondant and placed on the top of the cake.

2. It’s a Boy – Little Feet

Are you going to have a baby boy? Well, here’s one of many perfect baby shower cakes for boys! Create two baby feet out of fondant or marzipan, which are placed on top of the cake itself. After rolling out a sheet of blue coloured fondant, place that over the feet, as if a blanket were covering a sleeping baby. Further, decorate the cake with blue fondant spots and you can even have the text “it’s a boy” written on it. This is a cake that is simple, but perfect for a baby shower!

3. A Bag of Necessities – All the Things You Need for a Baby

A Bag of Necessities - All the Things You Need for a Baby

Having a baby means putting in a lot of energy and time into raising your newborn. You will need to buy a lot of products to keep the baby healthy and clean, diapers and baby powder are just a few of these. Use your bag of baby necessities as inspiration for your cake! Form a bag out of fondant, which contains all sorts of baby products inside. If you’d like a cake for your baby shower that will stun your guests, this is it!

4. Baby Blue Elephant – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Elephants are such cute animals! If you love them as much as we do, make sure to gather some inspiration from them for your baby shower cake! Depending on what gender the baby is going to be, you can create either baby blue or pastel pink decorations out of fondant or marzipan streaming around the cake. Place the figure of an elephant on top of the cake, underneath it you can reveal the gender of the child saying whether it’s a girl or boy.

5. The Moment of Truth – Baby Shower Cake for Girls or Boys

You might not have revealed to your guests what gender the baby is going to be, but at your baby shower, the truth will be told! Maybe in the form of a cake! Create a cake which is half pink and half blue, representing the options, whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. You can have the cake decorated to look like a gift box, made of several tiers. If you’d like to announce the big news in an unexpected way, why not fill the insides of the cake with either blue or pink coloured mousse or cream. This will reveal to your guests the gender of the child!

6. An Adorable Onesie – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

If you don’t want to make a huge fuss about the baby shower cake, not to mention, love baking yourself, then here’s a perfect idea for you! Bake a simple vanilla pound cake in a baking tray. Then according to what a onesie looks like, cut out a piece of the cake at the neck and two pieces at the bottom. Attach the two pieces from the bottom as sleeves to the cake. Cover it with frosting or whipped cream, before showering it with sprinkles. This is a super simple cake to make at home which will be done in no time!

7. A Rainbow Shower – Gorgeous Cake Ideas

A Rainbow Shower - Gorgeous Cake Ideas

Anything containing a rainbow detail is bound to be beautiful! Make sure to incorporate a rainbow into your baby shower cake. Create the rainbow out of vibrant coloured fondant, with clouds at the bottom of each end.  Place this rainbow on the top of your cake. With a brush and some food colouring create a rainbow, streaming down one of the sides of the cake, as if it were raining. Well, it is a baby shower!

8. Tiny Baby Shoes – With Letter Blocks

Are you expecting a girl? Then here’s a great baby shower cake idea for you! Create a few tiers for the cake, using pink for the dominant colour. Lined and decorate each tier of the cake with floral patterns. Place two small baby shoes on the very top of the cake. If you already know what name you are going to give the baby girl, you can spell it out on letter blocks made out of fondant or marzipan. Place the blocks in front of the cake for a special effect.

9. Baby in a Box – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Are you trying to find an awesome cake that will take away the breaths of your guests? This is definitely one that will astound everyone! Using fondant, wrap your cake in it to make it look like a box. Then create the body of a small child trying to climb into the box. This cake idea is more complicated, but is certain to amaze everyone!

10. A Sleeping Baby – Create the Perfect Cake

Soon enough the baby will be born and sleeping in their cot. Create a simple one-tiered cake, making it look like a bed, with a fondant blanket covering it. Place the figure of a small baby on top of this bed, which is also made out of fondant. If you already know the gender of the child, use either blues or pinks to express whether they will be a boy or a girl. This will make these baby shower cake for boys or girls a perfect option!

11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Full of Stars

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Full of Stars

Everyone knows the famous lullaby song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” It’s a great way of putting babies to sleep. Use the imagery of this lullaby for inspiration for your baby shower cake! Cut stars out of fondant, they can be different colours, and stick them on the sides of your cake, as if they were floating up from the sky. You can place a fondant or marzipan figure of an elephant on the top of your cake, holding a fishing rod that has a star attached to it. These are super cute baby shower cake ideas!

12. Adorable Teddy Bear – Baby Shower Cakes

Every baby receives a teddy bear in their first years of life, sometimes they become inseparable! If you are planning to give your baby a teddy bear as a toy, why not use it as an idea for your baby shower cake as well? Place the fondant figurine of a teddy bear on top of the cake. Depending on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, you can have pink or blue appearing as a dominant colour on the tiers of the cake.

13. Fluttery Butterflies – Cake Ideas for Baby Girls

If you are expecting a girl, make sure to use a lot of pink on your baby shower cake! You can create the cake to look more prim and elegant, using small pearls or fondant lace to decorate the tiers. Another great cake decoration idea is creating butterflies and placing them on the various levels of the cake. You can also add baby shoes, made out of fondant or marzipan, to the top of the cake which will make the baby shower theme more obvious! This is an amazing baby shower cake idea for girls!

14. An Excellent Elephant – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

As we mentioned before, elephants are really cute animals, so it only makes sense to use them for a baby shower cake! Create a few tiers of cake, each decorated with a different pattern of icing. Place a fondant or marzipan elephant on top of the cake, with a few letter blocks spelling out “baby.”

15. Bears with a Banner – Unique Cake Ideas

Bears with a Banner - Unique Cake Ideas

If you love bears, you will love this baby shower cake. Create a simple cake, it can be single-tiered. After covering it with icing or fondant, create the figures of two small bears out of marzipan or fondant. Have one bear stand at the side of the cake, holding a banner, while placing the other bear on top of the cake, holding the other end of this banner. You can write whatever you’d like on your fondant banner, whether it’s the name of the baby or just a few hearts, anything will look great!

16. A Line of Clothes – Simple and Adorable

A unique and fun idea on how to decorate your cake for the baby shower is with baby-themed items! Encircle one of the tiers of the cake with a small string of fondant. Then create small items of clothing, also out of fondant. For example, create bibs, onesies, overalls, socks and even a blanket. Then place these items carefully on the fondant string. By the end, you should have a line of baby clothes wrapped around your cake!

17. Hearts and Shoes – Baby Shower Cakes

Cover your cake in an abundance of small white, pink and blue fondant hearts, giving it such a sweet look! The colours used in the cake are a great option if you’d like a gender neutral cake. You can even create small heart balloons which you stick into the top of the cake.

18. A Hot Bear Balloon – Flying High

Using hot air balloons as inspiration for baby shower cakes are a great idea! A cake like this one, will not only be super tasty but will also be a fantastic piece of decor for the party. On the top tier of the cake, you can place a basket, in which you place a teddy bear. So instead of a hot air balloon, you’ll have a hot bear balloon! Use paper lanterns for the balloons.

19. A Good Night’s Rest – A Cosmic Cake

A Good Night's Rest - A Cosmic Cake

Make your cake look ethereal like it was sent straight from the heavens! Place a figurine of a baby sleeping on the top of the cake. Furthermore, decorate the cake with a fondant moon, a multitude of stars and some fondant pearls. You can even create some fondant angel wings and place those on the cake as well. This cosmic setting will give your cake a truly beautiful atmosphere.

20. Simple and Modern – Hello Baby

Create a simple and modern baby shower cake. Cover your single-tiered cake with some white cream or frosting. Place succulents, flowers and buds on top of the cake. You can also attach a burlap banner that reads “hello baby.” So, if you have been searching for an easy cake you can make by yourself at home, this is it!

21. A Moonlit Cake – A Starry Sky

We’ve talked about using the nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as inspiration for your cake or for your whole baby shower theme, but here is another fabulous idea! Cover the tiers of your cake in an array of fondant decor, including clouds, stars and a moon. On the moon place the sleeping figure of a baby. These will make gorgeous baby shower cake decorations, perfect for any shower!

22. Bringing the Baby – Stork Cake Ideas

As we have mentioned before, storks are closely associated with the delivery of babies. So using a stork as a main piece of decor on your baby shower cake will definitely make sense! Create a stork out of fondant and put it on the top of the cake. Attach a fondant blanket, bearing a baby inside, to its beak.

23. Baby Bottle – Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Bottle - Baby Shower Cakes

If you are planning on hosting a baby shower party with a gender reveal, why not surprise the guests with a pink and blue cake, with a fondant baby bottle on the top! You can create a surprise inside of the cake, maybe a blue or pink cream oozing out of the cake, which will also reveal the gender of the baby!

24. Welcoming the Baby – With Lots of Love

This cake has to be one of the most beautiful belly cakes ever! Create the tummy of the mother, placing her hands above her stomach, forming a heart. Inside the hands forming the heart, a little foot should pop out from under her dress, the foot of the baby. This cake is a perfect representation of the fact, that they will be welcomed with love into this world.

25. Cute Carousel – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Carousels are a fun game to play, especially for small children! Use them as inspiration for the baby shower cake decorations, decorating it in either blue or pink shades, revealing the gender of the yet-to-be-born baby.


We hope that this pick of 25 baby shower cake ideas have inspired you and helped you find your own cake idea! If you are in search of other baby shower decor or party ideas, for example, Baby Shower Decoration Ideas or Collection of Baby Shower Themes, just go to our website!