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BABY SHOWER IDEAS – Collection of Baby Shower Ideas

Are you expecting a baby and would like to celebrate with your friends and family? If so, you will probably be considering throwing a baby shower. When hosting a baby shower, you have to watch out for so many things. For example, the baby shower party decorations, the cake, the games and so much more! So you might be in need of a few ideas concerning baby showers, so make sure to take a look through our collection of ideas! You will be sure to find some inspiration below!


1. Baby Shower Party Ideas – Awesome Baby Shower Themes

As we mentioned before, planning and hosting a baby shower can prove to be a difficult challenge! You will have to find the perfect venue, or if you’re going to be holding it at home, you will need some cool ornaments setting the theme of your party and fun activities for your guests to play. If you already know what gender the baby is going to be, it will make it easier to choose accessories and decor for the shower. So make sure to check out our baby shower party ideas for inspiration!

2. Custom Baby Shower Invitations – Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Creating the perfect invitation for your baby shower is a big deal! It will give your guests a small peek into what your baby shower is going to be like! So if your baby shower has a special theme, your guests will know what to expect! This is why you have to create amazing baby shower invitations for all your guests! Also, sending out invitations is a great way of creating excitement and anticipation. You can give your invitations a unique shape, for example, the shape of a onesie!

3. Funniest Baby Shower Game Ever – Games to Play at a Shower

Baby showers are parties where everyone should be able to have loads of fun with the soon-to-be parents. While creating the right sort of decor and atmosphere for the shower, as well as finding a delicious baby shower cake, are incredibly important, you will also need some games to play at a baby shower to ensure your guests are having heaps of fun. This is exactly why you need some games to play at your baby shower, to make sure your party doesn’t get boring. While you want your games to be entertaining for all the guests, you will also want them to be similar in the theme of the party.

4. Baby Shower Food Ideas – The Best Snacks to Serve

Are you in search of what kinds of foods to serve at your baby shower? Well, there is a whole variety of baby shower food ideas! You can go for something cute, like baking cookies and decorating them with icing. Another great idea is serving popcorn in boxes which have “ready to pop” written on them. But of course, you can do anything you’d like! You might like to serve healthier foods at the baby shower.

5. DIY Baby Shower Decorations – Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Maybe you are getting ready to throw a baby shower? Having a baby shower is a celebration which is all about expecting a new life, making it incredibly special. Not only is the cake important and the theme of the party, but another thing you have to look out for are the DIY baby shower decorations. Depending on what theme the party will embody, you will want your decor to match that. So make sure to find some fantastic baby shower decorations which you can create yourself!

6. Baby Shower Cake Ideas – Fabulous Baby Shower Cakes

When you are hosting a baby shower, you would like everything to be completely perfect! One extremely crucial element of party food and drinks is no other than the baby shower cake. How could you not have cake at your baby shower anyhow? Celebrations always call for a tasty slice of cake! Not only is the taste of the cake important, but the way it looks as well! You will want a cake which is designed in a way that it will be evident for anyone who sees it, that it’s a baby shower cake!

7. Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys – Cakes for Baby Boys

Gender reveal baby showers have become super popular and trendy! If you are planning to reveal the gender of your baby during your shower, why not do it with the cake? This would be spectacular! If you are expecting a baby boy, then make sure that you look through our pick of baby shower cake ideas for boys. You can create a cake which is either shaded blue or green, for a boyish colour. But remember to include the words “it’s a boy” on the cake!

8. Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls – Cakes for Girls

As we mentioned before, you might like to reveal the gender of your soon-to-be-born baby at the baby shower! If you are expecting a baby girl, then make sure to look through our baby shower cake ideas for girls. We have a variety of gorgeous cakes, which will show all your guests that you are expecting a girl! You might consider going for a cake in which pink is the dominant colour.

9. Baby Shower Gifts for Guests – Thank You Gifts for Guests

Thank all your guests for showing up to your baby shower! The easiest and best way to do this is by giving everyone a thank-you gift. If you are in need of inspiration for baby shower thank-you gifts, make sure to check out our ideas. You should incorporate the theme of babies into the gifts! For example, you might like to add a pacifier to the gift or even a baby bottle.

10. Baby Shower Table Centrepieces – Table Decor Ideas

Take your baby shower to the next level with a bit of decor! Make sure to include baby shower table centrepieces at your party! No matter what the theme of the party is or what gender the baby is going to be, we have a vast variety of ideas. Decorating every table at the baby shower will make the whole party venue look amazing! It will definitely transform the whole atmosphere of the place! Again, it’s up to you and your creativity on what sort of table centrepieces you decide on using. Whether it’s teddy bears and balloons or diapers, we’re sure it will look fantastic!

11. Baby Shower Themes – Great Ideas for Themes

Perhaps you are planning to give your whole baby shower a fantastic theme! This means not only the decor will be created in that theme but the food will embody the same concept! This might be something like the “twinkle twinkle little star” theme. Or you might stick to something which includes animals, such as a nautical or a jungle theme. If you are need of baby shower theme ideas, then make certain to look through our collection!

12. Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Personalised Baby Shower Presents

Are you going to be heading to a baby shower sometime soon? If so make sure you arrive with a gift for the parents or the soon-to-be-born baby! The parents of the yet-to-be-born baby will need a lot of new baby items. For example, clothes, toys or a large pack of diapers make perfect gifts. If you don’t know what to buy for the baby yet, why don’t you look through our baby shower gift ideas?

After looking through this collection of all sorts of baby shower ideas, we hope you have found some inspiration! After all, you want to be prepared for a baby shower!