25 FANTASTIC BABY SHOWERS FOOD IDEAS - All the Best Baby Shower Snacks
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25 FANTASTIC BABY SHOWERS FOOD IDEAS – All the Best Baby Shower Snacks


25 FANTASTIC BABY SHOWERS FOOD IDEAS - All the Best Baby Shower Snacks


A great baby shower means, not only having gorgeous decor and fun activities to play with your guests, but it also means having delicious food! Food is an aspect of life, which brings people together. Whether it’s a few snacks or a scrumptious slice of cake, it will definitely make people happy. So serving tasty food at any party, including your baby shower, is a necessity. Of course, since it’s a party, you can serve the food in interesting and unique ways, just to give it a special effect. We have gathered 25 fantastic baby shower food ideas for your own shower, to make sure everyone enjoys themselves and also eats a plate of good food!


1. Ready to Pop – Baby Shower Snacks

Popcorn is a delightful treat, which brightens anyone’s day. Not to mention, if you make it yourself out of organic kernels, it will also be healthy! You can flavour them with whatever flavour you’d like, whether it’s just a simple salt and butter or oozing caramel, it will definitely be tasty! To spruce up your idea of popcorn, place them in small boxes. Decorate the boxes beforehand, writing on each one that the baby is “ready to pop.” This adorable play on words will take popcorn to a whole new level!

2. Munch on Macarons – Tasty Treats for Your Guests

Here’s a tasty treat you can serve at your baby shower, macarons! Light and fluffy meringue-based cookies, which melt in your mouth! Macarons come in a lot of flavours, so you will be able to find a few types of macaron to satisfy all your guests’ tastes! If you are planning to reveal the gender of your soon-to-arrive baby as well, why not use macarons to reveal this with? You can colour them in either pink or blue, representing the gender of the baby.

3. An Abundance of Fruits – Baby Shower Food Ideas

An Abundance of Fruits - Baby Shower Food Ideas

A baby shower is a party where you can eat healthy foods! Something tasty and healthy you will be able to serve is an abundance of fruit. Create a fruit tray, containing all the seasonal ripe fruits you can find! Arrange them beautifully on your tray. For example, you can cut off a quarter of a watermelon, carve out the inside of it, and place smaller pieces of fruit inside, like berries or grapes.

4. Cute Lollipops – Food for Baby Showers

Create tasty lollipops for your baby shower! If you are a fan of sparkles and glitter, why not coat your lollipops in edible glitter? This is not only a tasty treat but beautiful and breathtaking as well! The small spots of glitter shimmering in the light will take your baby shower food to a whole new level. Naturally, it’s completely up to you on what sort of flavour you give your lollipops!

5. An Array of Biscuits – Perfect for a Gender Reveal Party

If you are planning to make your baby shower party, a gender reveal party as well, here’s a perfect food idea for you to try out! Bake some cookies, cut them in shapes which are all connected to babies and baby showers. For example, a cookie shaped like a onesie, a bib or a baby bottle is all a perfect idea! Then decorate the cookies with a sugar glaze, which you can colour in either blue or pink, according to what the gender of the baby is going to be. This will make it obvious to your guests whether the baby will be a girl or boy. Not to mention, these will also make fantastic baby shower thank-you gifts for your guests for being at your party.

6. Chocolate Strawberries – Baby Shower Food Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry dipped in chocolate? Use this idea of chocolate strawberries as inspiration for a moment of the baby’s gender reveal at the shower! You can colour white chocolate with food colouring, using either pink or blue shades to create a beautiful looking strawberry! While these treats will reveal the gender of the soon-to-be-born baby, it will also serve as a crowd-pleaser and healthy baby shower snacks!

7. Girl or Boy – Gender Revealing Cupcakes

Girl or Boy - Gender Revealing Cupcakes

If you love to bake, make sure to bake a bunch of cupcakes! Decorate these baby shower desserts with either pink or blue buttercream and a white question mark of buttercream. The question mark symbolizes that the gender of the baby will be revealed at the baby shower. For a special effect, you can create liquid centres for the cupcakes. You can place either pink or blue cream inside of them, which will essentially reveal if the baby will be a boy or a girl.

8. A Refreshing Punch – Easy Baby Shower Food

You will have to serve refreshing drinks at your baby shower! We recommend serving a punch, as they are easy to put together. Naturally, you don’t need to pour alcohol into it, since it’s a baby shower, and the mother wouldn’t be able to drink anyhow! You can also pour some cordial into the punch, according to the gender of the baby. A blueberry cordial or a pink lemonade are also great ideas to serve to your guests!

9. Scrumptious Doughnuts – Light and Fluffy

Create a wall of doughnuts, enabling your guests to just slide a doughnut off whenever they feel like it. This is a perfect idea for those, who don’t want to serve a traditional cake at their baby shower. There are a lot of types of doughnuts you can serve, from chocolate to strawberry, it’s up to you on what sort you’d like to present your guests with. Make sure the colour of the glaze of the doughnuts goes with the overall decor of the baby shower.

10. Spell it Out – Delightful Letter Doughnuts

Doughnuts can be used in a variety of ways, you don’t have to stick to the round ones with no centre. Doughnuts can also be made in the shapes of letters. This way you can use them to spell out a word or a sentence. Since we’re talking about a baby shower, a great thing you can spell out with them is “oh baby!” Naturally, you can have the glaze of your baby shower desserts coloured in pink or blue, to represent the gender of the baby.

11. Deviled Egg Babies – Baby Shower Food Ideas

Deviled Egg Babies - Baby Shower Food Ideas

Create some unique deviled eggs for your baby shower! Cut the eggs in half, creating baby cots out of them. Place small slices of Vienna sausage in the cots, representing the head of a baby. Then place two small dots of pepper or some sort of herb on the sausage, as the eyes of the babies. Your guests will love these tasty and cute treats!

12. Baby Cake Pops – Easy Baby Shower Food

Here’s another fantastic treat to serve your guests at your baby shower! Cake pops formed to look like faces of newborn babies, with baby rattles in their mouths! Create the baby rattles out of small sweets which you can stick together with some sort of glaze. Paint eyes on each one of the cake pop with some chocolate.

13. A Fruitful Baby Pram – Fruit Tray

A baby shower calls for baby themed food! Create a fruit tray for your party, but make it look creative and unique. You can put together the shape of a baby pram out of aluminium foil. Then cover it with all sorts of your favourite fruit. This is not only a healthy option for a baby shower, but it’s also a spectacular tray of food that will take your guests’ breath away. This fruit tray is also super cheap to put together!

14. Cute Ballerinas – Baby Shower Food Ideas

Are you expecting a baby girl? Make sure the theme and decor of the baby shower are centred around her then! Create small treats which you can present your guests with at the party, which give off a girly vibe! For example, these marshmallow tutus are a perfect idea, if you are going to have a girl. All you need to do is stick a marshmallow on a toothpick and a pink paper wrapper underneath it, making them look like tiny ballerinas.

15. Adorable Baby Feet – Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Adorable Baby Feet - Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Gender reveal moments at baby showers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The revealing of the baby’s gender sometimes happens in the form of a cake. If you don’t want to bake a big baby shower cake, why not settle for cupcakes? These baby shower appetizers are easy to eat and super easy to make at home by yourself, meaning you won’t need to order a super fancy and expensive cake from a patisserie! You can decorate the tops of the cupcakes as well. After coating them in some buttercream, cut out small footprints out of pink or blue fondant, revealing to the guests the gender of the baby.

16. Organize the Cutlery – Baby Shower Food Ideas

If it’s a party, you can’t forget about organizing the cutlery in a cute and appealing way! If you are expecting a boy, tie napkins in shades of blue or green around the knife and fork. You can create the look of a bowtie with them, which is absolutely perfect if you are expecting a little boy!

17. Nutter Butter – Baby Face Cookies

These nutter butter cookies are super cute! Using pink or blue candy melts, you can reveal the gender of the soon-to-be-born baby. Dip the cookies in the candy melt halfway through. For girl cookies create a hairbow for them, for boy cookies give them a bowtie. Create eyes for them out of chocolate sprinkles. These treats will be a huge hit with your guests!

18. Blue and Gold – Royal Baby Shower

Are you planning on hosting an eccentric and glamorous baby shower? Make your guests feel like they are royalty! Create a whole royal setting for the party, decorating everything in blue and gold. Create a whole array of different baby shower appetizers for your guests, making them also look like something from a royal platter. You can create different sorts of bonbons, cupcakes and chocolates wrapped in blue or gold paper. This will give your whole party a unique and royal vibe!

19. Cute Caterpillars – Healthy Baby Shower Foods

Cute Caterpillars - Healthy Baby Shower Foods

If you have ever read Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and feel inspired by it, why not use it as an idea for your baby shower’s food? Using cherry tomatoes for the caterpillars’ heads and a trail of grapes for the bodies. Create eyes for them out of cheese, like feta or mozzarella, and out of olives. You can also draw a small smile on their tomato heads!

20. Sweet Pink Lemonade – Baby Shower Drinks

If you are expecting a girl, serving guests with pink lemonade is a fantastic idea! Pink lemonade is just a special effect, especially if you are telling everyone the gender of the baby. A stylish way to serve your lemonade is in mason jars. Place colourful paper straws in each mason jar and lemons on their rims.

21. Baby Sausage Rolls – Perfect Food for a Baby Shower

Bake tasty sausage rolls for your baby shower. Shape them to look like babies in blankets. Wrap puff pastry around small sausages. Sprinkle some cheese on them, before popping them in the oven to bake. Serve them with ketchup or a dipping sauce. These cute babies in blankets will be the perfect food addition to your party.

22. Cups of Fruit and Veggies – Healthy Snacks

Cut up slices of fruit and vegetables. Place them in small cups, portioning them out. These snacks are perfect for any event, especially for baby showers, as they are healthy and light!

23. Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats – Disney Themed Baby Shower

Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats - Disney Themed Baby Shower

Are you planning on incorporating a Disney theme into your baby shower? Here’s an easy treat idea! Use different sizes of Oreo cookies to create the head and ears of Minni mouse. Then with a bit of buttercream, create a bow on the top of her head. This is a perfect treat for any Disney party!

24. Beehive Cake – Baby to Bee

Using bees and flowers at baby showers are becoming super trendy these days! If you are planning on using this baby shower theme at your own party, you will need some bee-licious treats! Create a beehive cake as the centre of food at your shower.

25. Adorable and Simple – Onesie Cake

Another great cake idea for a baby shower is by creating a onesie shaped cake! This is really simple to make by yourself at home! Bake a cake in a tray, then trim the sides, like in the picture above, to create a onesie. Spread frosting all over it and cover it with sprinkles. This onesie cake is sure to be a success at your baby shower!


We hope these baby shower food ideas have helped you in planning your baby shower. For more ideas concerning baby showers, like party ideas for baby showers, just go check out our website!