25 FUNNIEST BABY SHOWER GAMES EVER - Games to Play at a Baby Shower

25 FUNNIEST BABY SHOWER GAMES EVER – Games to Play at a Baby Shower


25 FUNNIEST BABY SHOWER GAMES EVER - Games to Play at a Baby Shower


Baby showers are parties where everyone should be able to have loads of fun with the soon-to-be parents. While creating the right sort of decor and atmosphere for the shower, as well as finding a delicious baby shower cake, are incredibly important, you will also need some games to play at a baby shower to ensure your guests are having heaps of fun. This is exactly why you need some games to play at your baby shower, to make sure your party doesn’t get boring. While you want your games to be entertaining for all the guests, you will also want them to be similar in the theme of the party. We have collected 25 of the funniest baby shower games ever for you to browse through and find the perfect baby shower ideas!


1. Diaper Pong – Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Baby showers are renowned as parties, where you don’t drink alcohol. So instead of playing a game such as beer pong, play something pregnancy-friendly, such as diaper pong. Instead of having to aim for glasses of beer, you will have to aim for diapers that are stuck on a wall. You can place prizes in each diaper, and whoever manages to throw their ball into one of the diapers, will receive the prize which was inside.

2. Feeding Your Guests – Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

Here’s a fun game to play with your guests! Feeding them baby food! Draw a large cartoon of a baby with their face cut out. Your guests will be able to put their own face in this cut-out part. All they will need to do is put on a blindfold, or some glasses from which they can’t see, and with the help of another guest, they will have to eat baby food. Spooning them baby food, while they are not able to see anything might prove to be trickier than it looks!

3. Spin the Baby Bottle – An Abundance of Activities

Spin the Baby Bottle - An Abundance of Activities

Everyone used to play spin the bottle in high school when you were given either a truth or a dare which you had to do. Now let’s combine this fun game with a baby shower party idea and you get to spin the baby bottle! Instead of the game containing immature truths and dares, all the activities you need to do will match the theme of the party. For example, you can put tasks in, such as reciting a nursery rhyme or singing a lullaby. This is an awesome game that everyone is guaranteed to love!

4. A Diaper Change Race – Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

Becoming parents, even though is a rewarding feeling, is a difficult task in many aspects. You will have to constantly be watching the newborn baby’s needs. Changing a baby’s diaper is just one of the things you will need to do, in order to keep the baby clean and happy. For the guests to understand what it means to change a diaper, organize a race for them. A diaper changing race! Use plastic baby dolls for the race. Whoever finishes first will receive a prize!

5. Pin the Sperm on the Egg – Easy Baby Shower Games

We all used to play pin the tail on the donkey at parties when we were younger. Since we’re talking about a baby shower though, make sure the game is similar in theme. Instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, have your guests pin a sperm on an egg. Create the board yourself on which your guests will have to pin the sperm cell. You can create the sperm and egg out of some sort of fabric, such as felt.

6. A Guessing Game – Baby Memories

Here’s a great baby shower guessing game, which includes the help of all your guests! Before the day of the baby shower, ask all your guests to send a picture of themselves when they were still a baby or a young child. Place these pictures next to each other on a board, number them and then have all your guests guess who is on which picture. This will be a fun activity for your guests to play and will also help them in getting to know each other better. Whoever guesses the best out of everyone can receive a prize!

7. Playing with Pacifiers – Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Playing with Pacifiers - Games to Play at a Baby Shower

There are so many fun games to play at a baby shower and here is just one of these easy baby shower games! Get a multitude of plastic pacifiers, and place them all on a table. Have your guests hold a chopstick in their mouth and they will have to try to place each pacifier on the chopstick. They will not be allowed to use their hands for this activity, only their mouth, which will make it all the more fun!

8. Guessing the Prices – Know Your Facts

Find out which one of your guests knows the most about baby products! Achieve this by playing some baby games for baby showers! Grab some baby products and place them on a table. Write up each product’s price on a price tag. Mix the price tags on the table and have your guests guess which product is attainable at which price. While this guessing game is a lot of fun, it’s also information on how much baby products cost!

9. Tinkle in the Pot – Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

Here’s one of many games to play at a baby shower! You will need ping pong balls, glass jars and balloons. The guests will have to place a balloon under their shirt and a ping pong ball between their knees. They will have to waddle down to a glass jar and drop the ping pong ball in it. Succeeding in this is a lot more difficult than it looks! The aim of the game is to drop as many ping pong balls in the jar as you can under one minute.

10. Crap Happens – Funny Ideas with Chocolate Bars

Here’s a funny baby shower guessing game. We all know “crap happens” when babies are around. Have your guests guess the crap! Not actual crap of course, but in the form of baby shower food, melted chocolate bars. Place melted and mushy chocolate bars in diapers, and have your guests guess which one is which. Whoever gets the most correct will win a prize!

11. Blindfolded Idea – Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

Blindfolded Idea - Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

Make sure the dads and men have fun at the baby shower as well! Have them change diapers in blindfolds. This will prove to everyone which dad has the most experience in changing diapers! Get a baby doll for this game on which everyone will be able to change a diaper or two. This game will also be great practice for the father-to-be!

12. Sperm Cornhole Toss – Baby Games for Baby Shower

If it’s going to be good weather during your baby shower, make sure your guests will get the change to play something outdoors. Everyone knows the cornhole toss, where you have to throw bean bags into a hole. All you will need to do is transform the bean bags into sperm cell shapes. Then your guests will have to throw them into the hole provided.

13. My Water Broke – Unique and Creative Games

Here’s a super unique game to play with your guests! Freeze small plastic figurines of babies in water, creating ice cubes. Every guest will have to take an ice cube. When the ice melts and the baby has come out, the guests will have to shout that their water broke. You can give a prize to the guest who’s water broke first.

14. Pacifier Bobbing – Games to Play at a Baby Shower

An autumn activity loved by many is apple bobbing. Sticking your face into a tub of water to grab onto an apple with your teeth is hard to do, but fun and motivating! Since we are talking about a baby shower, play this game with pacifiers instead! Fill a baby bath up with water and put some pacifiers in it. Without using their hands, your guests will have to take out pacifiers from the tub. It will definitely be one of the funniest baby shower games ever!

15. Diapered Balloon – Baby Games for Baby Shower

Diapered Balloon - Baby Games for Baby Shower

Here is another fun game to play during a baby shower! Blindfold each player and then give them a blown-up balloon and a diaper. Using pins, they will have the place the diaper on the balloon to the best of their ability. The trick will be to do this without popping the balloons with the pins.

16. Drink It – Funniest Baby Shower Games Ever

This game will be perfect for the men at the party! Have them drink from baby bottles, without being allowed to use their hands. They will have to tilt their head back to be able to chug down the liquid from the baby bottle. Whoever finishes first deserves a prize, as this is not an easy game to play!

17. Dirty Diaper Game – Great Games to Play

Play the dirty diaper game with your guests at your baby shower! At the very start of the party, have each of your guests pin a folded piece of paper, resembling a diaper on their shirt. You can fold these by yourself at home, place a poop figurine in one of the diapers. At the end of the baby shower, have your guests open their diapers. Whoever has the diapers containing the poop wins a prize!

18. Pacifier Hunt – Fantastic Games for Your Baby Shower

A fun game to play with the kids during Easter is the chocolate egg hunt. You hide eggs everywhere around the house and the garden, while the children have to find them. Do the same activity with your guests at your baby shower, but instead of hiding chocolate eggs, hide pacifiers around the baby shower’s venue. Whoever finds the most pacifiers will win a prize!

19. Who Knows Mommy Best – Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Who Knows Mommy Best - Games to Play at a Baby Shower

So you’ve invited a bunch of guests to your baby shower, let’s find out who knows the mother of the baby best! Create a set of questions for your guests to answer about the mom. Include questions like how many kids does she wants, how did she tell the dad that she’s pregnant, etc. The person who gets the most correct can win a prize!

20. Facts About Animals – Interesting and Entertaining

If you want to spread a bit of knowledge about the world itself, create an awesome guessing game for your guests! Since the game you are creating is for a baby shower, why not combine the idea of animals with pregnancies. Write up a list of animals and your guests will have to guess how long the animal is pregnant for. For example, an elephant is pregnant for 21 months, while a cat or dog is only pregnant for 2! Your guests will be able to learn some interesting facts while playing!

21. An Amazing Alphabet – Couples Baby Shower Games

Make sure your guests get creative during your baby shower! Have them create an alphabet for the soon-to-arrive baby. Place cards into a box for them. Then each guest can write a letter of the alphabet and a word on each card as well as draw a picture of the word next to it. This will make a great memory for the later years to come if you make an alphabet book out of them. This will make a great gift for your baby’s first birthday!

22. Pop the Belly – Gender Reveal at the Baby Shower

If you haven’t told your guests yet, what the gender of your baby is going to be, why not do it at the baby shower? Get them involved in finding out what the gender is with couples baby shower games! Blow up balloons, which contain a certain colour, either blue or pink. Stick these balloons to a wall. Your guests will have to pop the balloons one by one until the gender is revealed!

23. Guess the Food – Test Your Knowledge of Flavours

Guess the Food - Test Your Knowledge of Flavours

Test your guests’ knowledge of baby food! Place small jars of baby food on a table. Put cards next to the jars, so your guests can write down their answers. You can place a few classics, like apple and banana or peas and carrots. Also, place a more exotic flavour to make it harder for your guests to guess! The guest who guesses the most baby foods correctly will win a prize!

24. Emoji Nursery Rhymes – Games to Play at a Baby Shower

A baby shower requires nursery rhymes! Have your guests guess some classic nursery rhymes! Use emojis to create a line from the nursery rhyme. For example, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Row Row Row Your Boat will be easy to guess. This is a great game for a bigger baby shower!

25. Decorate Bibs – Creative and Cute

Have your guests get creative by handing them baby bibs to decorate. Give them fabric pens and paint, and have them draw patterns or something cute on the bibs. These will look awesome on the soon-to-be-born baby!


We hope we have been able to give you some inspiration with these 25 funniest baby shower games ever! Check out our other ideas, besides games to play at a baby shower, for example, baby shower gift ideas or baby cake ideas. Just go visit our website!