25 PERSONALISED 1ST BIRTHDAY GIFTS - A Baby's First Birthday Ideas

25 PERSONALISED 1ST BIRTHDAY GIFTS – A Baby’s First Birthday Ideas


25 PERSONALISED 1ST BIRTHDAY GIFTS - A Baby's First Birthday Ideas


It’s a huge experience to see a child turn one. The first year of their life is always interesting to witness. Seeing them grow day by day and learning new things is a rewarding feeling in itself. Naturally, when a child turns one, he or she will probably not remember it in the later years to come, but you will still feel it important to get the child a present. It might be a bit hard to decide on what to get them, as they are still so young, but it’s the thought that counts! We’ve collected 25 gift ideas for personalised 1st birthday gifts for you to choose from! So look through our collection of birthday presents and a baby’s first birthday ideas!


1. Hours, Days and Months – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Find some memorable first birthday gifts! You might be looking for an invitation or card idea for someone’s first birthday. Well here’s a fabulous idea for you! Write up the amount of the hours, days and months they have lived, each one being equivalent to one year. You can also find some cute pictures of the toddler and place them on the card as well.

2. Wonderful or One-derful – Fantastic Ideas for Birthday Cakes

Here’s another fantastic idea if you’re not sure what to get the birthday child, buy or bake a cake. Have the cake decorated in a way that resembles the personality of the one-year-old kid. Now all you need to get a sign for the cake. We all know that the child is wonderful, but since he or she just turned one, get a bit creative and play around with words. Write Mr or Miss One-derful on a sign and stick that into the cake.

3. A Hot Air Balloon – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

A Hot Air Balloon - Baby's First Birthday Ideas

Give the one-year-old a special experience on their first birthday! Make them a hot air balloon. Naturally, we aren’t talking about the actual contraptions. All you need to do is decorate a basket, in which the child will be able to fit in. You can place a piece of burlap on the basket that has the number one written on it. Then attach some helium-filled balloons to the basket, giving it a hot air balloon vibe! While this basket won’t actually lift up into the sky, it will still be an awesome experience!

4. A Matching Suit and Tie – Baby Style

Now here is another great idea what to buy a baby for their first birthday! Get them a matching set of clothes! Besides buying them the standard birthday hat, get them a dress or some pants, for boys you can buy a tie and a bow tie as well, for girls you can buy a bow for their hair. Make sure all the items have the same patterns decorating them!

5. List of Facts – Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

What better gift is there to get a one-year-old, than a list of facts about their first year of life? Besides writing up the basic facts, about what time they were born and how big they were, write up when they first laughed or crawled, what their favourite food is or what games they like to play the best. The baby will be thankful for this present later on in life when they learn tiny tidbits about their early life.

6. First Day and First Year – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Another great way of celebrating the first year of a little person’s life is by placing two pictures in a frame. One picture should have been taken on the first day of their life, while the second when he or she is already one year old. Time really does fly by, in just one year the child will have grown and changed a lot!

7. A Big One – Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

A Big One - Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

You can even try making a bit of decor for the birthday party. Make sure everyone knows that it’s the kid’s first birthday, by creating an enormous and sparkly number one. You can make this by cutting and sticking pieces of cardboard, then coating it in glue before rolling it around in glitter.

8. Magical Moments – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Create a homemade birthday gift card for the one-year-old, that they will be able to look at in twenty or thirty years, and see what their life was like at the very beginning. All you need to do is form the number one on a piece of paper. Stick an array of photos of the child, their family and small moments of their life so far on the paper. Make sure the photos all form the shape of the number one. This is a truly lovely present to give!

9. Small Facts – First Birthday Gift Ideas

We have mentioned this idea before, but it’s so great and there are so many ways you can create this! So again, it’s about gathering information about the kid. How small they were when they were born, and how big they are now, what their favourite hobbies are, what they like to eat, who their favourite people are, etc. It’s up to you to arrange this information in an adorable way! You can use animal figures to decorate it, then you can put this table of information in a frame!

10. A Box of Everything – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Still not sure about what to get the one-year-old for their birthday? Why not buy them a whole lot of things, then place them all in a beautifully decorated box? You can buy a candle, stickers, pens or crayons for them to draw with, toys and even a bottle of non-alcoholic children’s champagne. They will be guaranteed to like at least one thing from your box of goods!

11. Put it in a Frame – Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Put it in a Frame - Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Here’s another great and unique idea to get a one-year-old, especially since this one will become an everlasting memory of their first birthday! Get a frame beforehand, and using scrabble letters write up “the first birthday.” Leave the middle empty though. Take a polaroid camera with yourself to the birthday party, and shoot a picture of the birthday boy or girl. Place this polaroid in the frame and you’ll have a truly special birthday gift! These are guaranteed to make memorable first birthday gifts!

12. Time Capsule – First Birthday Gift Ideas

If you have been wanting to get the one-year-old something truly special and interesting, go for a time capsule. These first birthday present ideas are great ways of sending messages to your future self or someone else in the future. Write the one-year-old a birthday message, that they will only be able to open on their eighteenth birthday. It’s completely up to you what you write inside the letter, you can talk about wishing them all the best in their life or how much they mean to you, even though they are still so small!

13. Blackboard Ideas – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Maybe you’d like to organise a small photoshoot for the one-year-old’s birthday, just to put away some of the pictures as memories for later on in life. Use a blackboard as a prop in some of the pictures. Have the toddler hold the blackboard with the message “it’s my birthday” written on it. 

14. Dressing for the Occasion – First Year of Life

We’ve talked about this creative play on words, wonderful – one-derful, symbolising that the baby has turned into a one-year-old! Get this word printed on a shirt or a playsuit for the baby to wear on his or her birthday! Make sure to take pictures of them in their adorable outfit, as they are dressed properly for the occasion!

15. A Cute Photo Series – Great Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

A Cute Photo Series - Great Baby's First Birthday Ideas

Are you in search of personal first birthday present ideas? There’s nothing better you can give a child than a memory. Of course, these memories will mean much more in the years to come than in the present. Take a photo series of the one-year-old, in each picture he or she should be holding up a letter of “one.” Put the pictures together at the end, and it will be easy to guess for anyone how old they have turned!

16. Months of Joy – A Timeline of the First Year

Another great way of storing memories for later on in life is by creating a timeline for the kid. String up photos of them on a banner, marking with numbers at how many months old they were on each picture. This timeline of pictures will show how much fun they had in their first year of life and you will be able to put it up in their room as DIY wall decor! This is just one of many great baby’s first birthday ideas!

17. Thank You Cards – For the Guests

Thank You Cards - For the Guests


If you are planning on hosting a big birthday party for your one-year-old, make sure you thank the guests for popping in and saying happy birthday! Make thank you cards for each and every one of your guests. Decorate them in a way appropriate for the event itself. Have your one-year-old dip their hand in paint and put it on the envelopes. Write “thank you” above the handprint. While this is a simple and easy way of decorating the thank you cards, it’s also cute and perfect for the occasion!

18. A Birthday Crown – For the Birthday Baby

If it’s a birthday party a necessity is a birthday crown! You can make this crown at home out of a thicker paper. Cut zigzags on one side of the paper, before sticking it together to form the crown itself. Then cover it in glue and roll it around in sparkles or glitter. You can cut out the number one on a different piece of paper and stick it on the crown as well!

19. Cute Photo Booth Frame – Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Cute Photo Booth Frame - Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Another great party necessity is a photo booth frame. All the guests can stand behind it and take pictures with the celebrant of the party! This is an awesome idea for parties, as you’re not only doing something fun but also making memories. Your one-year-old will be able to look back at these pictures after a few years and realise how great of a party they had!

20. A Tuxedo Bib – Keeping Their Clothes Stainless

Babies and toddlers are known to eat messily. Make sure the one-year-old doesn’t get stains on his or her birthday suit, so get them a bib! A cute idea for bibs is getting a tuxedo-like decorated one, this is a great idea especially if it is a little boy’s birthday. 

21. A Pillow and a Shirt – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

If you are out of ideas on what to get a one-year-old, why not stick to the simple idea of a shirt and pillow? You can have the date printed on them or the age that the child has turned as well as their name. The shirt is an especially great idea because they can keep the shirt for the years to come and see how small they were when they just one year old! This is a great birthday present for 1 year old kids!

22. Gifts for the Parents – First Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are not only about the birthday boy or girl, but it’s also about the parents, who have spent so much time and energy in raising the child and arriving at this first big milestone. So, it’s also a celebration of the parents! Get them presents as well, maybe matching t-shirts, which have “the mom of the birthday kid” or “the dad of the birthday kid” printed on them. They are certain to wear these proudly!

23. Birthday High Chair – Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Birthday High Chair - Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Growing into a toddler means finally being able to do much more than just lying in a crib! Sitting with the grownups is just another part of becoming a toddler. A great birthday present for 1 year old kids would be a high chair, so they won’t be left out during breakfast or dinner and will be able to eat with the rest of the family.

24. A Teddy Bear – Cuddly and Soft Toys

Every kid loves a soft and cuddly toy! They are great not only to sleep with but also to play with throughout the day! Teddy bears are awesome toys, especially if the celebrated child loves animals! You can also buy some clothes for the teddy bear, so the birthday child can play dress-up with it.

25. DIY Cake Stand – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

A birthday party is not a birthday party, without a birthday cake. Make sure you place the cake in the perfect place, by creating a cake stand! You can decorate the stand with a tutu, just check out the tutorial above!


We hope that these personalised 1st birthday gifts have assisted you in finding a great present or a party idea for the special one-year-old’s birthday! If you’re looking for Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys or First Birthday Presents for Girls, make sure to visit our website!