20 FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR BOYS - Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys
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20 FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR BOYS – Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

20 FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR BOYS - Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys


Becoming one year old is a huge milestone in everyone’s life! So when a baby boy finally turns one, it’s time for a big celebration! Getting together the closest family members and friends to send the little man their best wishes is a must! Naturally, since the little boy is still only one year old, it might be a bit difficult to find him a great present that he might actually enjoy. At times like this, it’s more the thought that counts! You can get him something more on the personal side, which has sentimental value, that he will only understand in the years to come, but of course, there are so many great practical gifts you can get a baby! We’ve collected 20 awesome first birthday gift ideas for boys to make your job easier! So take a look through our unique birthday gifts for 1-year-old boys and choose something special for him!


1. A List of Facts – A More Personal Present

What better gift is there to get a one-year-old, than a list of facts about their first year of life? Besides writing up the basic facts, about how much they weigh or how many teeth they have, write up when they first laughed or crawled, what their favourite food or song is or what games they like to play the best. The baby boy will be thankful for this present later on in life when they learn about the tiny tidbits of the first year of their life!

2. Wonderful or One-derful – Fabulous Ideas for Birthday Cakes

Here’s another fantastic idea if you’re not sure what to get the birthday child. You can always buy or bake a cake. Have the cake decorated in a way that resembles the personality of the one-year-old boy. Now all you need to get a sign for the cake. We all know that the child is wonderful, but since he just turned one, get a bit creative and play around with words. Write Mr One-derful, instead of wonderful, on a sign and stick that into the cake. This is truly a great idea for any birthday party!

3. A Cordial Invitation – First Birthday Ideas for Boys

If you are planning on hosting a first birthday party and get-together, make sure you send out the most wonderful looking invitations! You can decorate them in any way you’d like, but instead of writing up “our baby boy is turning one,” use the play on words again, saying “join us and our Mr One-derful on his birthday.” A simple play on words can help elevate something small and turn it into something magical. Naturally, don’t forget to mention where the birthday party is going to be taking place!


4. A Matching Suit and Tie – First Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Now here is another great idea what to buy a baby boy for his first birthday! Get them a matching set of clothes! Besides buying them the standard birthday hat, get him some pants or a diaper, and of course, you can buy a tie and a bow-tie as well. Make sure all the clothes have the same patterns decorating them, for example, checkered baby clothes look really cool!

5. Selection of Treats – Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys

Do you love baking at home in your free time? Well, make sure you take some tasty treats to the birthday party then, as a gift! There are so many fantastic baked goods you can make from scratch, we recommend baking sugar cookies, as they are easy and inexpensive to make, and naturally, you can decorate them in any way you’d like! Since it’s going to be a baby boy’s first birthday, you can create bow-tie cookies as well as number one cookies. Leave a few in standard shapes, like hearts or stars, so you can decorate them with a Mr One-derful text, or just a birthday wish!

6. A Birthday Crown – For the Birthday Boy

If it’s going to be a birthday party you will need a birthday crown! You can create this crown at home by using a thicker paper. Cut zigzags on one side of the paper, before sticking it together to form the crown itself. Then cover it in glue and roll it around in sparkles or glitter. You can cut out the number one on a different piece of paper and stick it on the crown as well! You can add a bow-tie to the crown, just for that extra effect.

7. A Big Number One – Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys

Instead of creating a birthday card for the baby boy, make him a big number one! This is a piece of decor that they will be able to look at in twenty or thirty years, and see what their life was like at the very beginning. All you need to do is get a huge number one sign, or you can put it together out of cardboard pieces. Stick an array of photos of the baby boy, his family and small moments of his life so far on the paper. This is a perfect present if you were looking for something more personal.

8. An Adorable Picture – Making a Memory

A birthday present for the one-year-old does not necessarily have to be something big. You can create something special for them, that they will be able to look at in the later years of their lives. For example, take a picture of them and put it in a frame! You can have them hold up a blackboard with a message written on it to make it even more adorable! This one is up to you and your creativity!

9. A Few Details – First Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

We have mentioned this idea before, but it’s such a great gift and there are so many ways you can create it! So again, it’s about gathering information about the baby boy. How small he was when he was born, and how big he is now, what his favourite hobbies are, what he likes to eat, who his favourite people are, etc. It’s up to you to arrange this information in an adorable way! You can use animal figures to decorate it, then you can put this table of information in a frame!

10. A Thematic Cake – For the One-Year-Old

If you are a bit confused about what to get the birthday boy, you can always stick to buying or baking him a cake! This is especially great if you love to bake! You can try making a birthday cake which actually bears the form of a number one, symbolizing the age he has reached!

11. A Cute Onesie – The Best Present Ideas for Him

Another awesome gift idea for the birthday boy is a onesie! These cute outfits are easy to put babies in, not to mention they are super comfortable as well for the kids! You can have something personal printed on the front of the onesie, or a number one with a crown on it, symbolizing that he is one year into his life!

12. A Time Capsule – Give Now, Open Later

If you have been wanting to get the one-year-old boy something truly special and interesting, go for a time capsule. Time capsules are great ways of sending messages to future selves. Write the one-year-old a birthday message, that they will only be able to open when they are eighteen. It’s completely up to you what you write inside the letter, you can talk about wishing them all the best in their life or how much they mean to you, even though they are still so small! You can put the message in a box, as well as other items from their first year of life, perhaps a toy or his shoes, these will all mean so much when he has turned eighteen!