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BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS – A Collection of Birthday Presents


Is it going to be someone special’s birthday soon and you haven’t found a present for them yet? When you think of the person, what image pops immediately into your mind? Is it a hobby? Or maybe it’s a memory? Whatever it is, use it as inspiration for their birthday gift and try creating something handmade. The great thing about DIY presents is that they are super personal, and they show you put time and effort into making something unique for the other person. So make sure to look through our collection of birthday gift ideas!


1. First Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys – Turning One Year Old

Is your little boy turning one? If so, you will probably be throwing a small get together to celebrate this event! While your baby boy probably won’t remember his first birthday, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a lovely party for him or shouldn’t get him any presents. There are so many unique birthday gifts for one-year-old boys. A great present, which your boy will be able to see later on in his life on photos, is no other than a cake. So if you are into baking, why not bake a cake yourself?

2. First Birthday Gifts for Girls – The First Birthday

Perhaps your little girl is about to turn one! If so, make sure you find one of many cute first birthday presents for girls. Turning one is definitely something you will want your little girl to look back at. You can bake her a cake as a gift, but another great gift is to take a photo of her on this big day. By creating a photo series or just one photo of her, she will see what a lovely time she had on this day, in the years that will come!

First Birthday Gifts for Girls - The First Birthday

3. Best Birthday Gifts for Her – Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Find a few birthday gift ideas for women! Whether it’s going to be your girlfriend’s, mother’s, daughter’s, sister’s or grandma’s wedding, we have all sorts of ideas. You might be considering creating a handmade present for her, to show how much she means to you! This might be baking a cake, made out of numbers, suggesting how old she is turning this year. Or you might go for a sentimental and personal present, which involves a shared memory of the two of you.

4. Birthday Present Ideas for Dad – Birthday Gifts for Fathers

Is your father’s birthday around the corner? If so, make sure to get him a birthday present that he will appreciate! Perhaps you are thinking about making him a homemade gift! If yes, then get the kids involved in helping create unique birthday present ideas for dad! You will be sure to find some awesome presents amongst our collection of them!

Birthday Present Ideas for Dad - Birthday Gifts for Fathers

5. Lovely Birthday Gifts for Sister – Birthday Presents for Her

Your sister is not only your sibling, but she is also your best friend! You will know this if you have a sister. She will always be there for you whenever you need her. So make sure you make her one of the many amazing birthday gift ideas for sisters. You can get her matching t-shirts, one for you and one for her. Another great idea is to create something super personal and sentimental for her, which she will treasure for a lifetime! Use your creativity to make her something she will love!

6. Brilliant Birthday Gifts for Men – Birthday Presents for Him

Maybe you are trying to find an awesome present for a special man in your life. This might be your boyfriend, your dad, your brother, your grandad, your son or just a friend! No matter which man you are in search of a gift for, we’re sure you will be able to find one amongst our pick of birthday gifts for men. You might think about getting him something funny, like a t-shirt with a joke on it. Or you might opt for something which is more heartwarming and personal.

Brilliant Birthday Gifts for Men - Birthday Presents for Him

7. Birthday Present Ideas for Best Friend – What to Get Your Bestie

Your best friend is your best friend for a reason! Whatever happens, they will be by your side, ready to help you out! If this is true about you and your best friend, they deserve the best! Create handmade gifts for your best friend! This will show that you put energy and time into making something special for them! We’re sure that whatever you end up deciding on making for them, that they will love it!

8. Homemade Birthday Gifts – DIY Birthday Present Ideas

Perhaps you aren’t looking for birthday gift ideas for only one person, but homemade birthday gifts in general. You don’t need to go for anything grand and flamboyant when giving a birthday gift, you can stick to a small gesture instead. This might be a photo in a frame of you and the birthday boy or girl. Or it might be something simple, like a piece of art or a card, you put together yourself.

Homemade Birthday Gifts - DIY Birthday Present Ideas

9. Personalised First Birthday Gifts – Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Seeing a child turn one is a huge experience. The first year of their life is always interesting to witness. Seeing them grow day by day and learning new things is a rewarding feeling in itself. Naturally, when a child turns one, he or she will probably not remember it in the later years to come, but you will still feel it important to get the child a present.  So make sure to look through our collection of personalised first birthday gifts! You will be certain to find something amazing!

10. Birthday Gifts for Mom – Birthday Present Ideas for Mother

One of the most important figure’s in everybody’s life is their mother. Mothers care for and watch over us as we grow. They are always there for us when we need them and are always ready to lend a helping hand. So, when it’s your mom’s birthday, make sure you buy or get her something special! That’s exactly why we have put together a whole collection of birthday gifts for moms. With a beautiful handmade gift, you will be able to show her how much you appreciate her!

Birthday Gifts for Mom - Birthday Present Ideas for Mother

11. Birthday Presents for Grandma – Gifts for Your Gran

Another motherly figure in your life will be no other than your grandma! They are always trying to look after not only their children but their grandchildren as well. Constantly baking goods and taking care of the grandkids, when the parents don’t have any time, grandmas are the perfect example of selflessness. So if your grandma’s birthday is coming up, make sure to get her something she will love! Look through our pick of birthday presents for grandma in order to find a bit of inspiration!

12. Birthday Presents for Kids – Best Gifts for Children

When trying to find the perfect birthday gifts for children, it might prove to be a difficult task. You never know what children might like. You might as well create something for them yourself! For example, a great game which you put together yourself is something they will definitely appreciate! When trying to give a kid a present, it’s best to think creatively and out of the box!

Birthday Presents for Kids - Best Gifts for Children

13. 18th Birthday Gifts – Find Some Inspiration

When someone turns eighteen, they have practically become an adult! In a lot of countries around the world, eighteen means becoming an adult in legal terms. So when someone close to you turns this age, it’s time to celebrate! Naturally, you could buy something big or expensive for the 18-year-old, but making a handmade gift will show that you actually put the time and effort into making something special for them. So make sure to check out our pick of 18th birthday gifts!

18th Birthday Gifts - Find Some Inspiration



14. Birthday Gifts for Husband – Birthday Present Ideas for Him

If your husband’s birthday is coming up, make sure to express your love towards him and get or make him the best gift you can! DIY gifts mean a lot more than store-bought gifts, so why not try creating something special for him? Even if it’s small, the thoughtfulness of any birthday gifts for husbands will mean much more than something grand. So turn your husband’s birthday into a beautiful day for him, which is filled with love and joy!

Birthday Gifts for Husband - Birthday Present Ideas for Him

15. Birthday Present Ideas for Wife – Gift Ideas for Wives

Are you in search of the best sort of birthday gift for your wife? Express how much she means to you and how much you love with a fantastic present! The best sorts of birthday gifts are the ones you make by yourself at home. Handmade presents show that you put time and energy into creating something special for a special person! Think about what your wife would really appreciate, or what she needs in her life. This is the key to finding the perfect present for anyone!

16. Great Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday – 30th Birthday Presents

When you reach the age of thirty, you officially leave your younger years behind. Of course, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Whatever the case, make sure that whoever is turning thirty gets to celebrate their birthday in the right way! Also, make sure that you find some great gift ideas for 30 birthday. When reaching the third decade of your life, you will definitely want to celebrate this new milestone!

Great Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday - 30th Birthday Presents

17. 40th Birthday Gift Ideas – Awesome 40th Birthday Presents

 Turning forty, in other words, four decades old does not happen every day. Is someone close to you, a family member or a good friend, turning forty? If so, that definitely calls for a huge celebration! You might be getting ready with a surprise birthday party for the event. Or you might be in search of the best 40th birthday gift ideas. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure that you make their 40th birthday unforgettable!

18. Gift Ideas for 50th Birthday – 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Living for half a century means that you have witnessed and experienced a lot of things! Exactly because of this, turning fifty is a truly special occasion. If you know someone who is going to reach this ripe age soon, you might be in search of a present. There are a lot of interesting 50th birthday presents you can choose from to give to someone. Whatever you decide on choosing, make sure that the gift is special and reflects their personality!

Gift Ideas for 50th Birthday - 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

19. Best 60th Birthday Gifts – 60th Birthday Present Ideas

Sixty years, or six decades, is a long time in human years. So if someone from your family or your close group of friends is turning sixty, it calls for a birthday celebration! It also calls for awesome 60th birthday gifts! You will want to get the 60-year-old something that will mean a lot to them, something they will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives! So try going for something more sentimental and personal!

Best 60th Birthday Gifts - 60th Birthday Present Ideas

20. 70th Birthday Present Ideas – Perfect Gifts for 70-Year-Olds

Another important milestone in anyone’s life is reaching the beautiful age of seventy! Turning seventy means you will have lived for seven decades, which is an incredible amount of time. If you know someone who’s 70th birthday is coming up soon, then make sure to get ready for it! Try finding the perfect sort of 70th birthday gift idea for them!

21. Birthday Gifts for Grandpa – Birthday Presents for Grandad

Grandpas are important figures in everyone’s lives. They are the handymen of the family and are always there to lend a helping hand. If it is going to be his birthday sometime soon, make sure to celebrate it properly! Get the whole family or at least the grandchildren involved in creating a birthday gift for grandad!

22. Best Birthday Gifts for Brother – Present Ideas for Your Brother

Are you in search of a great birthday gift for your brother? If so, make sure to take a look through our collection! Make sure to put a personal twist on your present! Something that will make your brother laugh or smile. This is the time to use inside jokes as inspiration for the gift!

23. Birthday Presents for Girlfriends – Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Make your girlfriend happy on her birthday! You can achieve this with a few loving gestures as well as finding her a fabulous birthday gift! When it comes to birthday gift ideas for girlfriends, make sure you stick to something personal and intimate!

24. Creative Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend – Birthday Presents Ideas

Is it going to be your boyfriend’s birthday sometime soon? Then make sure to make him a super special birthday gift! We recommend you make something handmade for him, as that shows that you put time, energy and actual thought into making it for him. So brighten up his day with creative birthday gifts for your boyfriend.


We hope that you will be able to find birthday gifts for anyone close to you in this collection of presents! Make sure to have a lot of fun while making handmade gifts for your loved ones!