25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR WIVES - Best Gift for Wife on Her Birthday
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25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR WIVES – Best Gift for Wife on Her Birthday

25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR WIVES - Best Gift for Wife on Her Birthday


When it comes to birthdays, it is always important to express how much you love the birthday celebrant. You can do this with a small gesture or a birthday gift. The best sorts of birthday gift ideas are the ones you make by yourself at home. Handmade presents show that you put time and energy into creating something special for a special person! Is it going to be your wife’s birthday soon? Then make sure to surprise her with a beautiful birthday gift! Think about what your wife would really appreciate, or what she needs in her life. Then make sure to express your love and gratitude towards her with a gift! We have collected 25 birthday present ideas for wives, to help you out! So make sure you find the best birthday gift for wife! 


1. An Array of Photos – Heartfelt Birthday Gift for Wife

Everyone loves sentimental gifts which bring back so many memories! A sentimental gift will be perfect for your wife! Get a wooden board or pallet and nail photos of you and your wife on it. Then lead a string of fairy lights all across the board or pallet, so every corner of the collage of photos will be glowing. To make it a bit more personal, you can write a message on a small piece of paper, which you also attach to the wooden pallet, or even a blackboard is a good idea! Write something romantic for your wife!

2. A Loving Message – On a Ceramic Tile

Unlike chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, some things last for a lifetime. A perfect example of this is a ceramic tile! Get a personalised ceramic tile made for your wife, on which you write your own romantic message. She will be able to use this as decor in the kitchen or even in the bedroom. Or an even better idea is to incorporate it into the kitchen tiles!

3. Photos in Bottle Caps – Great Birthday Gifts for Wife

Magnets make adorable presents! Especially if you make them yourself! Find some beer bottle caps, and stick magnets to the backs of them. Then print out small pictures of you and your wife, cut them out, and glue them inside the beer bottle caps. You should be able to put these adorable magnets on any fridge as decoration! Your wife is guaranteed to love these small birthday gifts. After all, these photos on bottle caps serve as an alternative to an actual photo album.

4. The Big Milestones – The Story Continues

If you love working with wood, you might consider creating a small wooden ladder. We don’t mean the ladder you would use to climb onto something, but a decor ladder. Use pieces of wood for each step, attaching one to another with yarn. Write down the big milestones on each piece of wood, which tell the story of you and your wife. For example, when you first met, when you got engaged and when you got married are just a few of these! On the last piece of wood write “and the story continues” expressing that your love story will never truly end!

5. The Best Mug – For the Best Wife

There are a few presents you can’t really go wrong with. A mug is a great example of this! Have a personal message written on the front of your mug for your wife. You can write this message yourself with a Sharpie. For example, “this lady is the best wife ever” with an arrow pointing upwards. Your wife will be reminded of you every morning when she drinks her cup of coffee or tea.

6. Handmade Tablet Holder – Birthday Present Ideas for Wives

Does your wife love to watch films or a tv series while cooking and baking in the kitchen? Or perhaps she likes to read the steps of the recipe while in the process of cooking? Create a tablet holder for her out of a wooden chopping board! This will look great in the kitchen while she is at work, and it will keep her tablet from getting any food or water on it! If this isn’t the perfect present for her, we don’t know what is! Naturally, she will be able to use this tablet holder anywhere else as well, not only in the kitchen.

7. Very Much Love – A Lovely Planter

Aloe veras are awesome plants! They are great to have around in the house, as their gel is great for your skin if you have acquired a burn in the kitchen or have been in the sun too long! So place some aloe vera in a personalised planter. Have the planter decorated in any way you’d like, then have the message written on it “aloe you vera much.” This clever play on words will definitely draw a smile on your wife’s face when it turns crystal clear to her what you are saying.

8. The Perfect Pebble – Penguins in Love

While we wouldn’t imagine it, animals express love to each other in so many interesting and diverse ways! For example, penguins gather pebbles for each other. If you and your wife love these cute birds, why not use them as inspiration for a birthday present? Find a pebble or a stone for them, place it in a small box and attach a message to it, “when a male penguin falls with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble.” This small romantic gesture is going to melt your wife’s heart!

9. Photo in a Jar – Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

Here is an easy and simple gift to put together, if you don’t have much time on your hands! All you need is a mason jar, a picture of the two of you and some vegetable oil! Cut the photo out, so that it fits in the mason jar and place it inside. Then all you need to do is pour vegetable oil inside the jar. The oil will preserve the quality of the photo, as well as give it a yellowish and vintage look! You can also place a sprig of rosemary or lavender inside to give the oil a lovely smell.

10. A Funny T-Shirt – Have a Laugh

You can express your love towards your wife, through a gift to yourself! Have a t-shirt created for you that has a hilarious message written on it. For example, “I love it when my wife lets me ride my motorcycle.” Only write the words “I love my wife” with big letters, making everything else small. This will create a funny effect!

11. A Whole Box of Love – Birthday Present Ideas for Wives

You might be planning on creating a big romantic gesture for your wife’s birthday! Create a box filled with love for her! First of all, make a box. Fill the insides with photos of the two of you, all sorts of happy memories. Then after putting it together, fill the box with a whole plentitude of balloons. Try getting heart-shaped balloons for that perfect effect! When your wife opens her birthday box, she will be overjoyed by the beautiful balloons and the many memories!

12. Reasons Why I Love You – A Pack of Cards

Here’s a great idea for how to express your love towards your wife! Use a deck of cards, writing short messages or things you’d like to say thanks for on each card. Then arrange these in a small booklet, so your wife will be able to flip through it easily! This is a creative way to use a deck of cards, not to mention the whole theme of the present is truly personal and intimate!