20 70TH BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS - 70th Birthday Present Ideas
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20 70TH BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS – 70th Birthday Present Ideas


20 70TH BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS - 70th Birthday Present Ideas


When you reach the age of seventy, you are sure to have experienced a great many things. Turning seventy means you have lived for more than half a century and that is no short period of time. So if someone close to you is turning seventy-years-old, then make sure to throw them a birthday party! Naturally, your next question may be, what sort of present do you get for a seventy-year-old? They probably have everything already! Well, don’t worry about that, because we’ve got you covered! We have collected 20 70th birthday gift ideas. Hopefully, these 70th birthday present ideas will serve as an inspiration to you and that you will be able to find something amongst these ideas!


1. An Amazing Album – 70th Birthday Present Ideas

An Amazing Album - 70th Birthday Present Ideas

A fantastic present to give anyone, not only seventy-year-olds, is an album or a scrapbook. Fill these 70th birthday gift ideas with shared memories from earlier times. Make sure to include a lot of great photos in it of the soon to be seventy-year-old. You can also write small messages next to photos. Then decorate the outside of the album with the number seventy and the message “happy birthday.” If you think about it, a seventy-year-old probably already has everything they wanted. So the best sort of gifts to give them are sentimental or nostalgic presents.

2. Seventy Years – Is Equivalent to

While we know that the birthday celebrant turned seventy years old, what does that number mean exactly? Write up on a poster what these seventy years are equivalent to. For example, seventy years is seven decades, eight hundred and forty months, approximately three thousand and six hundred weeks, etc. Write up all this information underneath each other, ending the information on time with seconds. This will be great for the birthday boy or girl to look at, realising how much they have lived! Place this poster or piece of paper in a frame before giving it to the seventy-year-old, or you can even create this on a blackboard.

3. A Big Seventy – The Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

A Big Seventy - The Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Make sure that the seventy-year-old has a beautiful smile and feels overjoyed due to this birthday present! Create a collage out of photos from their 70 years of life. You can include important moments of their life, for example, their birth, their first day of school, their graduation or their wedding. The important thing is to use a vast amount of memories to create something truly special and personal for them. You can even write something like “superb at seventy” underneath the collage, or just wish them a happy birthday. Place this collage in a frame before presenting the birthday celebrant with it!

4. Seventy Reasons – Why Everyone Loves Them

Create a whole list of reasons why everyone loves the birthday lady or gentleman on a piece of paper. This is a great homemade birthday gift exactly because it’s extremely personal and heartwarming. Since they are turning seventy, make sure to write seventy reasons why you love them. For example, you can include their great sense of humour, their ability to tell stories or jokes and how much they have taught you. It’s really up to you what you decide to include as reasons, as this is something incredibly personal. Place this piece of paper in a frame before presenting it to the birthday celebrant.

5. Celsius or Fahrenheit – Seventy is Twenty-One

Seventy years is a long time, and by the time someone reaches that age, they might be feeling a bit old. While that’s a natural feeling, don’t let it bring them down! Create a funny poster or drawing for them. Write “70 is only 21 (in celsius)” on the poster. Counting their years of age in celsius will make them feel a tad bit younger hopefully!

6. Old Age Pills – Funny 70th Birthday Present Ideas

Old Age Pills - Funny 70th Birthday Present Ideas

Here is a hilarious gift you can put together for the soon to be seventy-year-old! We all know most people in their seventies have to take quite a bit of medication, so put a funny twist on it for them. Find a jar and pour candy in it. Make sure the candy is multicoloured. Then write a label on the jar, which reads “old age pills” with instructions underneath. Tell them to take the pills as required, for example, if they have problems with arthritis have them take one blue and one green “pill.” Eating candy is definitely more fun than taking actual medicine! Not to mention, these would also make amazing 70th birthday party favors!

7. A Gorgeous Cake – Birthday Cake Ideas

A Gorgeous Cake - Birthday Cake Ideas

A birthday party always calls for a birthday cake. If you love to bake and are good at it, why not bake the soon to be seventy-year-old a cake? You can design the cake to be the number seventy, the age they are turning. The rest is up to you on how you decorate it. You can use flowers, macarons, forest fruit and buttercream to top the cake off. We’re sure everyone will appreciate this birthday gift, not only the birthday celebrant.

8. Seventy Years Ago – Back in the Days

Remind the birthday celebrant what was happening around the world during the year they were born in! Write up fun facts, such as, what sort of music or movies were popular or which famous people were born in the same year as them. Also, write down big events that occurred during their birth year or how many people lived on the planet. Naturally, you can put things into perspective as well, for example, how much something used to cost seventy years ago. They will be able to compare what the world was like in the year they were born, to what it is like in our modern-day.

9. Established In – Beautiful 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

A great way to celebrate a birthday, and also take the birthday celebrant a trip down nostalgia lane, is by using photos in the gift. Looking at photos taken ten, twenty, thirty or even sixty years ago will bring back so many memories to the recipient! Naturally, since we are talking about their seventieth birthday you will have to organise the photos in a special way. Why not put together a collage of the numbers of the year they were born in. Then write “established in” above it and all the best birthday wishes underneath.

10. An Adorable Photo Series – 70th Birthday Present Ideas

Any seventy-year-old will be overjoyed to see their grandchildren contributing to their birthday present. Have the grandkids pose for a series of photos in which they hold up the number seventy. Make sure you take a few funny photos of them and also some in which they look adorable. Then put together the photos afterwards, gaining a multitude of this number. You can place this photos series in a frame for grandma and grandpa to use as a wall decoration, or use it as the front of the birthday card.

11. A Picturesque Cake – All the Milestones

A Picturesque Cake - All the Milestones

Now here is a lovely idea for a birthday cake for a seventy-year-old! If you like to bake, then make this at home by yourself! Create three tiers for a cake, representing three milestones of the birthday celebrant’s life. One tier for when they became a husband or wife. Another for when they became a mom or dad and the last for when they became a grandparent! You can cut or shape figures out of fondant, and create silhouettes showing what happened in each period of time. This is an especially great gift for a family member!

12. All the Generations – A Unique Photo Series

If you’d like to present the 70-year-old with an especially unique gift, then take a look at the one above! Give them a frame of generations of children after them. This can include their child, their grandchild and their great-grandchild if they have one. It’s up to your creativity how you’d like to arrange these on a frame. 70th birthday ideas like this one will make the perfect gift for older family members! Especially if they are your grandma or grandpa.

13. A Survival Kit – For the Rough Days

A fantastic manner of celebrating someone’s seventieth birthday is by creating a survival kit for the birthday lady or gentleman! A survival kit will guarantee that the soon to be seventy-year-old has a good laugh on their birthday. Write up a list of things they will need in their upcoming years of life. For example, you can write up “a penny” so they can start their retirement fund. Or write up “cotton wool” which they will need to use if the music gets too loud! You can even buy some of these items and put them all together in a box. Hopefully, the birthday lady or gentleman will not take offence at this hilarious 70th birthday present! Survival kits like these would also make fantastic 70th birthday party favors.

14. A Great Mug – Lovely 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

When in doubt, great 70th birthday ideas include giving a mug to the celebrant! They are easy to personalise, design and decorate. You can write any sort of message on the mug you’d like. We recommend writing “it took 70 years to become this awesome and almost perfect.” This will be sure to uplift their birthday a bit! Not to mention, they will always be reminded of you when they drink their morning cup of coffee or tea. This is one of many great 70th birthday present ideas!

15. Seventy is Only Thirteen – Scrabble Ideas

Seventy is Only Thirteen - Scrabble Ideas

If you play a lot of scrabble with the person who is turning seventy soon, why not use it as inspiration in their 70th birthday present? Create a small poster or card for them, using scrabble letters to spell out “seventy.” If you look at the points above the letters, the word “seventy” will give you thirteen points! Then you can write underneath the scrabble letters that seventy is only thirteen in scrabble. This gift will definitely draw a smile on the birthday celebrant’s face, as well as make them feel more youthful.

16. A Funny Cake – The Best Birthday Cakes

If you have been contemplating getting the soon to be 70-year-old a funny birthday cake, then why not do it? Create the cake to be of a few tiers, each tier representing something else. For example, dental prosthesis as one tier, another as a box of drugs, the third tier can be a bag of protective underwear. Of course, you can place a large 70 on the cake, to make it obvious what age the birthday celebrant has turned.

17. A Message From Everyone – Personal 70th Birthday Gifts

We have already talked about writing the birthday celebrant a list of reasons, why everyone loves them, for their birthday. This is a great gift as it’s extremely personal and heartwarming. Create this with the help of the birthday celebrant’s whole group of friends and family! Print out a poster, which has 70 speech bubbles. Get seventy people to write a message in each speech bubble. It can be a short and loving message, a reason why they love them or just wishing them all the best for their birthday! You can get this framed before presenting the 70-year-old with it!

18. Made In – An Awesome Print

Here is an awesome print, which is perfect for any sort of gift! A sign which reads “Made in 1949(the year they were born in). Genuine. All original parts.” You can get this sign printed on anything you’d like. A t-shirt, a pillow or a mug are all great options! Naturally, you can just have this sign printed out on a poster and have it framed. This might make a fantastic birthday gift idea for grandpa!

19. A Tree of Chocolate – Cool 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

A Tree of Chocolate - Cool 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you don’t have that much time to create a fancy or big gift, here’s an easy and simple 70th birthday gift for you to put together at home! Create the number seventy out of chocolates or candy. Then attach these numbers on two wooden poles or sticks. Place these in a planter, as if these chocolates were growing out of it as if it were an actual plant. The soon to be seventy-year-old will love this!

20. Looks, Feels and Acts – 70th Birthday Present Ideas

While turning seventy means you have officially entered elderly age, it does not mean that you have to feel old. Write up underneath each other: “I look”, “I feel” and “I act”. Also write a number next to each one of these, expressing how old the birthday celebrant looks or acts. If you add all three numbers together, you should get a total of seventy! This is just stating that the birthday celebrant isn’t actually all that old as they might think! You can print this on a mug! We’re sure they will love this present!


We hope that this pick of 70th birthday gift ideas has been able to inspire you. For more ideas concerning birthday presents, besides 70th birthday present ideas, for example, birthday presents for kids or birthday presents for grandma, make sure to pop into our website!