25 AWESOME GRANDAD BIRTHDAY GIFTS - Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

25 AWESOME GRANDAD BIRTHDAY GIFTS – Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa


25 AWESOME GRANDAD BIRTHDAY GIFTS - Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa


The older we get, the more important we find it to spend time with our family and to celebrate different sorts of events together! Grandpas are important figures in everyone’s lives. They are the handymen of the family and are always there to lend a helping hand. If it is going to be his birthday sometime soon, make sure to celebrate it properly! Get the family together for a birthday party! Most importantly, don’t forget to give him the perfect birthday present!  You can create something handmade and special for him, it’s all about showing him how much he means to you! We have collected 25 awesome birthday gift ideas for grandpa, to make your job easier in finding the best grandad birthday gifts you can!


1. A Scrabble Frame – Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

If you’d like to take your grandad a trip down nostalgia lane, why not include some memories in his birthday gift? Create a personalised frame for him, which you can decorate with scrabble letters, as well as a loving message. Then find a few pictures of grandad with his grandchildren, which you can place inside the frame. Grandad is guaranteed to love this gift because it comes from the heart!

2. Birthday Cake Card – Crafts for the Kids

Get the grandchildren involved in making a gift for grandpa! Here is one of many great birthday gift ideas for grandpa which you can get them to make easily! Have them dip their palms in paint, then have them press it down on a piece of paper. This will be the birthday cake itself. After allowing it to dry, have them dip their fingers in different coloured paint, pressing it above the palmprint. Using yellow paint, draw small flames above each finger, representing the candles glowing on the cake. You can write a small message underneath this creative cake wishing grandad a happy birthday.

3. Grandpa’s Pillow – Fantastic Grandad Birthday Gifts

Grandpa's Pillow - Fantastic Grandad Birthday Gifts

Get grandad the most fantastic pillowcase for his sofa or armchair! Find a pillowcase that has pockets sewn onto it, so he can store his snacks and the remote control inside. This will guarantee that his nights in front of the TV will be not only fun but comfortable as well!

4. Grandpa’s Workshop Sign – Wooden Board Ideas

Is your grandad a handyman who is able to fix anything gone wrong around the house? Then this DIY workshop wooden sign will definitely light up his birthday! All you need is a wooden board, on which you write “Grandpa’s workshop” and “toys fixed for free.” This board is just a small sign of thoughtfulness towards your grandpa because he is always around to help, even if it’s just something trivial like fixing toys.

5. A Message from the Whole Family – Sending Grandpa Love

Maybe the best homemade birthday present you can give your grandfather is a collage of love and thoughtfulness. Which means including the whole family to make something truly special for him! Have each member of the family hold up a letter of “happy birthday grandad” taking a picture of each letter separately. Then place these photos next to each other, so your grandpa will be able to read out the message. Finally, put it in a frame, so he will also be able to place it on a wall or on his bedside table.

6. Love Him This Much – Grandad Birthday Gifts

If you’re looking for a card for grandpa’s birthday, make sure he knows how loved he is by everyone! It’s always important to express our feelings and make others feel great about themselves, as well as know how much they mean to you. You can draw a cute picture like the one above, and write a message saying, “Grandpa I love you this much!” Your grandad will be sure to love this birthday card!

7. Funny Socks for Grandad – Best Gifts for Grandpa

Funny Socks for Grandad - Best Gifts for Grandpa

If you are looking for a unique and humorous birthday gift for grandfather, so go no further! As we get older, sleeping and naps get more and more important! Make sure that no one disturbs grandpa while he is sleeping by buying him these funny socks as a present! The socks should have funny messages written on their soles, like for example, “do not disturb.”

8. Ten Reasons Why Grandpa’s the Best – Grandad Birthday Gifts

Sometimes a great birthday present isn’t about buying something grand and expensive, it’s about expressing our love and gratitude towards the recipient. Dip your hands in paint, pressing them down on a piece of paper. After allowing the paint to dry, write up in the middle of the page “ten reasons why you’re the best grandpa!” Then, on each fingerprint, write down a reason why you love your grandpa and why he is the best!

9. Cooler Than a Dad – A Great T-Shirt

Make your grandfather feel cool in a great t-shirt! Get a sentence or a quote printed on a simple black t-shirt. For example, “Grandpa. Like a dad. Only cooler.” It’s completely up to you of course, what sort of message you’d like to have written on the t-shirt. He will love a t-shirt as a birthday present because he will always be reminded of you when he wears it!

10. A Photo as a Present – Love From the Grandkids

Taking a picture of the grandkids is always a great idea for a birthday present for either of the grandparents! Naturally, you can take a simple photo of them, to a new and creative level! You can write a message for grandpa on the soles of their feet and take a photo of that. Just take a look at the example above for inspiration! Place this birthday gift for grandfather in a frame!

11. An Adorable Card – Homemade Birthday Gifts for Grandpa

An Adorable Card - Homemade Birthday Gifts for Grandpa

Are you thinking about creating a birthday card to go with the birthday present? Use buttons as inspiration! Draw the figures of grandpa holding the hands of his grandchildren. Instead of drawing or painting proper heads for them, glue buttons to the card. You can also draw one of the grandkids holding a balloon, which has the age of grandpa written on it.

12. A Tasty Birthday Wish – Creative Grandad Birthday Gifts

Find a creative way of writing grandpa a birthday message. Incorporate a variety of chocolates, snacks and sweets into your message, like in the picture above. So while writing your birthday message to grandad, leave out some words which you replace with chocolates or bars of candy. You can create this on a thicker piece of paper, a wooden board or even a whiteboard! It’s completely up to you!

13. Your Grandad Rocks – Cute Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Does your grandad truly rock? Use this expression as a play on words and meanings. On his birthday card, write up the message “Grandpa, you rock!” Underneath the message, attach a tiny jar to the card, which has a small rock inside. With this rock, you will express that your grandpa really does rock!

14. Play on Words – A Saw for Him

Create a unique ornament for your grandad’s home. If he likes to tinker things around the house and is always ready to fix or build something, make him something that stands close to his personality. Maybe his favourite tool is a saw. If so, use it as inspiration for his birthday gift! Create a saw out of wood, covering it in some paint. Then write “you are the best grandpa I ever saw” on it. It’s a simple play on words, but your grandad will be sure to love it! This will easily be the best birthday gift for grandfather that you can give him!

15. Just Got Promoted – From Dad to Grandad

Just Got Promoted - From Dad to Grandad

It’s true that great dads get promoted to grandads with time! Make sure your grandad knows that he is not only a great father but a great grandfather as well! Get his a ceramic coaster, which states exactly this on it. You can draw a red heart above the text. He will love this ceramic coaster, which has a bit of a rustic vibe to it!

16. A Real-Life Superhero – Homemade Birthday Gifts for Grandpa

Make something special for grandpa for his birthday, telling him how highly you think of him! Grandfathers are always there for you, whenever you need them, making them real-life superheroes! Use superheroes as inspiration for this gift, pasting figurines of a few of them on a piece of paper. For example, Hulk, Batman, Thor or Ironman are all great heroes to use for this! Next to each superhero, write down that your grandpa is stronger, braver or smarter than them. Place this in a frame, so grandpa will be able to hang it on one of his walls.

17. Spell it Out – A Description of Him

Find the best birthday gift for grandfathers right here! Make sure your grandpa knows how you see him and what you think about him. Gather words that describe him and arrange these words in a way so that they spell out “grandpa” vertically. You can highlight these letters or put them in bold. Then place this true description of him in a frame, allowing him to place it wherever he wants around the house.

18. Photo Blocks of the Grandkids – Grandad Birthday Gifts

An awesome gift idea for either of your grandparents is personalised photo blocks! Place pictures on one side of each block of a member of the family, this can be his grandkids. Then on each block write up a letter, so that they eventually spell “grandpa.” Your grandfather or grandmother will use this birthday present as decor at home, placing it on a shelf or a coffee table.

19. A Personalised Hammer – Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

A Personalised Hammer - Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Here is one of the best gift ideas for grandpa! If your grandfather is a true handyman, who likes to tinker with things, then a hammer will be the perfect gift for him! Get your grandpa a personalised hammer, which has a message engraved into the handle. It’s completely up to you what you’d like written on the handle, it can be wordplay involving something to do with building or a shared memory! Whatever you decide on, we’re certain he’ll adore this birthday present!

20. A Mechanical Frame – A Memory for Grandad

If your grandpa is fond of building or fixing things, create an awesome mechanical frame for him! So, if you’re thinking of giving him a photo, maybe of the two of you, then make sure the frame compliments his style and personality. If he is a true handyman, make him a frame out of screwdrivers, hammers or different tools which you’d find lying around in his shed. This is sure to become his favourite piece of decor in his home.

21. A Set of Hands – A Truly Personal Gift

Are you in search of a more personal and unique gift? Well, you might like this idea then! On colourful sheets of paper draw the shape of all the grandchildren’s hands, then cut them out. Stick the cut-out hands on each other on a sheet of paper, the smallest on the very top, the largest on the bottom. Furthermore, you can write each grandchild’s name on the fingertip of their paper hand. This way grandpa will know who’s hand is who’s. Naturally, you can place this in a frame, and you can present grandad with it.

22. Full of Hands – Grandad Birthday Gifts

If your grandpa is a great cook, gift him an apron, ensuring that he doesn’t get stains on his clothes while baking or cooking! Get all the grandchildren to dip their hands into fabric paint and press them onto a standard apron. Your grandpa will always be reminded of his grandchildren when getting ready to cook!

23. A Loving Message – Grandpas Know Everything

A Loving Message - Grandpas Know Everything

Create a wooden board with a message for your grandpa, so he can use it as decoration for his home. You can write whatever you’d like on the sign, but we recommend this funny idea, which you can find on the picture above, “dads know a lot, papas know everything.”

24. The Grandfather Shirt – Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Does your grandfather still love watching old classics such as The Godfather? Then this film inspired t-shirt will be perfect for him, which reads “The Grandfather”! When he’ll put it on it will probably make him feel as if he were in the movie as well! This would make an amazing gift for grandad for any occasion!

25. A Card Full of Balloons – Best Birthday Cards

Are you thinking about giving grandpa a card for his birthday? Then try making a card by yourself. Incorporate one of the grandkids into the card. First of all, print out a picture of them, cut their figure out and glue it on the card. You can attach strings to the grandkid’s hand, which lead to small balloons decorating the rest of the card. This is one of many great gifts for grandfather you can present him with on his birthday!


We hope that this pick of 25 grandad birthday gifts has helped you in finding the perfect birthday gift ideas for grandpa! Furthermore, if you are interested in finding other present ideas, like birthday gifts for men or birthday presents for women, check out our website!