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30 AWESOME PRESENTS FOR GRANDAD – The Best Gifts for Grandpa

30 AWESOME PRESENTS FOR GRANDAD - The Best Gifts for Grandpa

Is it going to be your grandpa’s birthday or Christmas soon? Have you run out of ideas for what to buy for your grandpa? Well, we’ve collected 30 awesome presents for grandad to help you find the perfect gift. It might be hard to find an array of present ideas since a grandpa has lived for decades and probably has all the things he needs. But that’s exactly why we are here, so scroll through our 30 best gifts for grandpa. 


1. A Series of Generations – A Great Concept

If you’d like to present your grandpa with a sentimental and personal gift, then this might be a great choice for you! Take portraits of each generation, holding the same frame, just like in the picture above. Then take a picture of grandpa holding the frame of generations.

2. Personalised Scrabble Board – Presents for Grandad

This beautiful idea will make a great gift for any grandpa! Using scrabble letters, put together the names of all your grandfather’s grandchildren. You can put this in a frame, so your grandpa will be able to hang it up on one of his walls as wall decor.

3. A True Description – Best Gifts for Grandpa

A True Description - Best Gifts for Grandpa

Make sure your grandpa knows how you feel about him. Gather words that describe him and arrange these words in a way so that they spell out grandpa when you look at it vertically. You can highlight the letters that spell his name. This is just one many great gift ideas for grandad that will warm his heart!

4. An Adorable Apron – For a Master Chef

If your grandpa loves to cook and grill during family lunches or gatherings, then give him this cool present! It’s a simple apron, on which you can have the words “grill master” or “master chef” printed. The apron should also have a small barbeque or grill drawing on it. But what really makes this apron special is that the grandchildren can dip their hands in fabric paint (preferably red, orange or yellow coloured) and press their hands on the apron where the drawing of the grill is. Their handprints can represent the flames of the grill. 

5. The Handyman – Workshop Sign 

Is your grandpa a handyman who can fix anything gone wrong around the house? Then this DIY workshop sign will definitely light up his day making one of the best gifts for grandpa! All you need is a wooden board, on which you can write “Papa’s workshop” and “toys fixed for free.” This board is just a small sign of gratitude towards your grandpa because he is always around to help. This would also make a great birthday gift for grandpa!

6. Funny Socks – Gift Ideas for Grandad

As we get older, sleeping and naps get more and more important! Make sure that no one disturbs grandpa while he is sleeping by buying him these funny socks as a present! The socks should have funny messages written on their soles, like for example, “do not disturb.”

7. A Keychain of Generations – Gift Ideas for Grandfather

A Keychain of Generations - Gift Ideas for Grandfather

Announce the big news to your dad that he is becoming a grandpa with this keychain! All you need is two small discs, both should have the years engraved in them when he became a dad and now a grandad! A keychain is also a great gift because it will always help him find his keys!

8. A Personal Mug – Simple yet Heartfelt

If grandad and one of the grandkids like to make things or fix things around the house together, then this personalised mug will make the perfect present for grandpa! Use a footprint of the grandkid on the mug, and draw a wooden handle attached to it. This will represent a hammer. You can also write a small message on the mug, like the one in the picture above.

9. A Mechanic Frame – Amazing Presents for Grandad

Is your grandpa the living definition of a handyman? If you’re thinking of giving him a picture, then make sure the frame complements his style and characteristics. If he is a true handyman, make him a frame out of screwdrivers or different tools. This is sure to become his favourite decor in his home.

10. Cute Bookmarks – Don’t Leave Your Grandkids Hanging

Is your grandpa a bookworm? Well, make sure to get him some bookmarks so he’ll know where he left off at. Print out pictures of his grandchildren hanging on a rope or tree. Cut out the figures of the grandchildren and attach a ribbon or some yarn to their hands. These cute bookmarks of his grandchildren will brighten up his day when he opens his book. So consider making these as a present for your grandparents!

11. Hand in Hand – Unique Gifts for Grandad

Hand in Hand - Unique Gifts for Grandad

Are you in search of a more personal and unique gift? Well, this might be it then! On colourful sheets of paper draw the shape of all the grandchildren’s hands, then cut them out. Stick the cut-out hands on each other on a sheet of paper, the smallest on the very top, the largest on the bottom. You can write each grandchild’s name on the fingertip of their paper hand. This way grandpa will know who’s hand is who’s. Naturally, you can place this in a frame, and you can present your grandad with it.

12. A Collection of Photos – Best Gifts for Grandpa

A Collection of Photos - Best Gifts for Grandpa

Give your grandpa a lovely collection of photos of all his grandchildren. After all, grandchildren bring sunshine and happiness into life – in other words, they make life grand.

13. An Awesome Pillowcase – Perfect and Comfy

Get grandad a pillowcase for his sofa! Find a pillowcase that has pockets sewn onto it, so he can store his snacks and the remote control inside. This will guarantee that his nights in front of the TV will be comfortable and fun. So, if you were looking for great gift ideas for grandfather, you may have just found one!

14. A Box of Screws – For Handy Grandads

Is your grandfather the first person you think of calling up when something around the house needs fixing? Make sure he knows how grateful you are for his neverending help. Get him a box of screws with a funny message written on it, for example, “if grandpa can’t fix it, we’re screwed.”

15. Fun Facts About Him – Cute and Heartwarming

Fun Facts About Him - Cute and Heartwarming

Get the grandchildren to fill out a sheet of facts about grandpa! The questions can consist of standard ones like, “how old is your grandpa?” And also more emotional questions, such as, “what do you love most about your grandad?” Seeing the honest replies of their grandchildren will bring tears of joy to any grandpa’s eyes.

16. Super Grandpa – Presents for Grandad

Being a grandpa means always having to be there for your grandchildren and the rest of your family. That means that they are practically a superhero! Gift your grandpa a mug with a text painted on it saying, “I’m a grandpa. What’s your superpower?” This will let your grandpa know how great he really is!

17. A Cute Card – Send Your Grandpa Lots of Love

If you’re looking for a card for grandpa’s birthday or Christmas, make sure he knows how loved he is by everyone! It’s always important to express our feelings and make others feel great about themselves. You can draw a cute picture like the one above, and write a message saying, “Grandpa I love you this much!”

18. Handprinted Apron – Amazing Gifts for Grandad

If your grandpa is a great cook, gift him an apron! Get all the grandchildren to dip their hands into fabric paint and press them onto a standard apron. Your grandpa will always be reminded of his grandchildren when getting ready to cook!

19. Foot and Handprints – A Beautiful Board

Foot and Handprints - A Beautiful Board

With the help of the grandkids make a board for grandma. Using their hand and footprints you can write up a word. You can also stick a picture of the children on the board. This is one of the sorts of gift that will have huge emotional value in a few years.

20. Photos with a Message – Best Gifts for Grandpa

If you want to surprise grandpa with a few photos of his grandchildren, why not include a message in it? In each photo have your children hold a blackboard on which a word is written. Then arrange the photos in a frame so that the message is understandable. The message can be something simple, like “we love you!” This will make an amazing Christmas gift for grandparents!

21. Liquid Soap Surprise – Creative Presents for Grandad

Perk up grandpa’s bathroom with a few images of his grandchildren. Stick pictures of the grandchildren on containers of liquid soap just like on the picture above.

22. A Family Collage – Love for Grandma

If there’s a photographer or artist in the family, then try out this gift idea! Arrange a collage of the grandchildren who form a heart with their hands, just like in the picture above. You can place this in a frame, so grandpa will be able to hang it on a wall.

23. Personalised Photo Blocks – Gifts for Grandpa

Personalised Photo Blocks - Gifts for Grandpa

An awesome idea of many gifts for grandpa is none other than photo blocks! Place pictures on one side of each block of the family. Then on each block write up a letter, so that they eventually spell “grandpa.” Your grandfather will be able to use it as decor at home.

24. Cute Succulents – DIY Planter Gifts

Does your grandpa love gardening? Then this gift idea will be perfect for him! Give him a small succulent which he can plant in his garden. You can attach a small note to the plant, just like the one in the picture above. You can watch the plant grow together which will be lovely!

25. Hand Keychains – Best Gifts for Grandpa

Ensure that grandad finds his keys and make him a keychain! Get your kids to dip their hand in paint, and make them press their hands on pieces of plastic. Then cut the handprints out and attach them to a keychain. You can write up the names of the kids and their ages on the handprints.

26. Honest Love – Wooden Sign Gift

Express your love and gratitude towards grandpa. If you want to give him a heartfelt gift, write an honest message on a wooden board. Tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you, not only as a father but as a grandfather to your children as well!

27. Papas Know Everything – Wall Sign Ideas

Papas Know Everything - Wall Sign Ideas

Make a cute wooden wall sign for your grandpa, so he can use it as decoration for his home. You can write whatever you’d like on the sign, but we recommend the idea on the picture above, “dads know a lot, papas know everything.” 

28. Personalised Hammer – Great Presents for Grandad

If your grandfather likes to tinker things, then this will be the perfect gift for him! Get your grandpa a hammer, which has a message engraved into the handle. It’s completely up to you what you’d like written on the handle!

29.  An Adorable Card – Great Card Ideas

Are you giving grandpa a card as well for his birthday or Christmas? Then try making a card by yourself. Incorporate one of the grandkids into the card. Print a picture of them, cut them out and glue it on the card. You can attach thread to the grandkid’s hand, which lead to the balloons.

30. The Godfather – Gifts Inspired by Movies

The Godfather - Gifts Inspired by Movies

Does your grandfather like watching old mafia movies such as The Godfather? Then this film inspired t-shirt will be perfect for him! When he’ll put it on it will make him feel as if he were a mafia king!


We hope that this pick of 30 presents for grandad has helped you in finding the perfect present for him! After all, your grandfather deserves the best, including the best gifts for grandpa! If you are looking for gift ideas for your grandma or gift ideas for children, just go to our website for some inspiration!