25 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR GRANDPARENTS - Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents
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25 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR GRANDPARENTS – Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

25 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR GRANDPARENTS - Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents


Christmas will soon enough be here and it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts! It’s always a fabulous idea to express your love towards family and friends by getting them the best Christmas gift. It might be difficult to find everyone a great present idea for Christmas though! For example, what should you get your grandparents this year? Do they need anything or are you thinking about creating some sort of handmade craft? We are here to help you out in finding some fantastic ideas! We have collected 40 Christmas gift ideas for grandparents! This way you will be sure to find the best Christmas gifts for grandparents that they will be guaranteed to love!


1. The Grandkids as Reindeers – Cute for Christmas

Get into the Christmas vibe by creating cute decor for the grandparents using the family as inspiration. Create red-nosed reindeers out of the grandkids, attaching antlers and red noses to photos of them. By the end, they should look like a herd of red-nosed reindeers, ready to help pull Santa’s sleigh! Your grandparents will love receiving photos of their grandkids, but with a small twist on them. They will be able to use these festive photos as decor in their house during the holidays!

2. A Candleholder – Christmas Gifts Ideas for Grandparents

Do your grandparents love to spend their evenings or nights sitting in a candlelit atmosphere? If so, why not create a personalised candleholder for them? Instead of buying a standard one at the store for them, make something that is truly personal. Use photos of the family on the candleholder’s side. This way when a lit candle is placed inside of it, it will illuminate the photos of the family beautifully! Make sure you use photos which will remind your grandparents of the lovely moments you spent together! This will make a perfect Christmas gift for grandparents!

3. The Jar of Happiness – Messages for Each Day

Are you looking for something more on the personal side for your grandparents? Why not give them a jar of happiness? Find an empty mason jar, attach a label to it which reads “the happy jar.” Then place an abundance of messages inside. Write positive and supportive thoughts on each slip of paper. Whenever your grandparents are feeling low and sad, all they will have to do is take out a message. This will definitely brighten any gloomy days for your grandparents. This is truly a lovely and heartfelt gift which your grandparents will treasure!

4. A Calendar of the Family – A Year of Love

Here is another fabulous idea on what to give your grandparents for Christmas is a calendar! Not a standard calendar which you can buy in any shop, but one filled with happy memories of them and the rest of the family! Make sure to use photos for each month, which sum up joyful moments that the family experienced together. This gift is a great combination of being beautiful, personal and useful! So if you have run out of ideas for Christmas gifts for grandparents, give this one a try!

5. Grandchildren – Making Their Life Grand

Make something creative for your grandparents this Christmas! Use all the grandkids as inspiration for this gift. Create small figures of the grandchildren, drawing bodies and using buttons as heads. Write down the date when each grandkid was born underneath their figure. You can even add small details to each figure, something which reflects the personality of each kid. For example, a soccer ball for a kid who likes soccer or flowers for another kid who likes gardening. Place this creation of the grandchildren in a frame before presenting your grandparents with it. They are guaranteed to love this!

6. An Amazing Apron – Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Here is another gorgeous personalised gift! If your grandparents love to cook and bake, why not get them an apron? Instead of getting a standard apron from a store, make the apron personal with a bit of fabric paint! Get each one of the grandchildren to dip one of their hands in fabric paint and press it on the apron. Write down the names of the kids underneath their handprints. This personalised apron will represent that there are a lot of hands ready to help your grandparents!

7. Established In – When They Became Grandparents

Here is another example of a lovely Christmas gift for your grandparents! Create two personalised mugs for your grandparents. One with the word “grandpa” the other with the word “grandma” on it. Underneath the words, write “established in” and the date when they became a grandparent. In other words, the year their first grandchild was born in. You can add other sorts of designs to the mugs to give them a special look. Whenever your grandparents drink their morning cup of tea or coffee, they will be reminded of you!

8. Name Bars – Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Every grandparent would love to show off their grandkids! After all, they love them so much! Create small name bars for necklaces. Each name bar should bear the name of one of the grandchildren. Your grandparents will be able to wear these necklaces with name bars whenever! This way they will always feel as if their grandchildren were with them! This is another example of a great Christmas present for grandparents, as these necklaces with name bars are personal and revolving around family love!

9. A Tree With Birds – Holding Hearts Forever

Create a beautiful piece of artwork for your grandparents this Christmas! They will be able to use it as decor in their home! Paint the image of a tree on a piece of paper. Also, paint a few colourful birds perched on the branches of the tree. The birds represent the grandchildren, so in the same colours write down the names of the kids underneath the tree! Make sure to also write a heartfelt quote. For example, “grandchildren hold our hands for a little while, but our hearts forever.” This will make a gorgeous Christmas gift for your grandparents!

10. Grandpa’s Workshop – Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Is your grandpa a handyman who can fix anything gone wrong around the house? Then this DIY workshop sign will definitely light up his Christmas! All you need is a wooden board, on which you can write “Papa’s workshop” and “toys fixed for free.” This board is just a small sign of gratitude towards your grandpa because he is always around to help. Of course, if your grandmother loves to tinker things, then this might be a perfect gift idea for her as well!

11. Another Mug Idea – Add Some Hearts

As we discussed before, creating mugs which show the date when your grandparents became grandparents, is an awesome idea! Make sure the decorate the mugs further with some gorgeous love hearts! These will definitely give a happy and heartfelt vibe to your grandparents! What a perfect gift idea for Christmas!

12. A Wooden Board – Decorated by the Grandkids

Create a board of love for your grandparents for Christmas! Find a wooden pallet and coat it in some paint. Then paint up the word “love”, but use a handprint of one of the grandkids for the “o.” Also, use two footprints of one of the grandkids to form the “v.” You can paste a photo of the grandkids next to the word “love.”