25 Stunningly Gorgeous & Beautiful Snow Globe Ideas


When you were a little child, snow globes probably fascinated you as well. Can you recall your memories? If yes, you know that these objects are full of excitement, beauty, and that special winter-Christmas feeling. Why don’t you bring back this unique feeling and create a snow globe on your own? Check out the following beautiful and stunningly gorgeous snow globe ideas and find your favorite one! 
I was a child when I first received a snow globe from my mother. I found it a wonderful thing because it was a lot of fun when I shaked it. I grew up, put it into a box and never used again. Last year my lovely colleague surprised me with a handmade snow globe. We immediately became friends. All of my memories came back from my childhood. I believe, that it’s incredibly important to stop for a while and recall our memories, those beautiful moments from our childhood. It’s time to create that winter wonderland atmosphere at home and share it with our loved ones! Moreover, these crafts are perfect gifts as well.

Snow globes are magical, whimsical, and fun.  And they’re super easy to make at home.

You will be absolutely amazed by discovering the endless possibilities of crafting a handmade snow globe. What’s more, you can also try out some advanced techniques. Don’t hesitate to involve your kid/kids in your latest DIY project! You will adore this special crafting time, that’s for sure.

snow globe

1. DIY Winter Snow Globe

First of all, let’s start with a traditional snow globe project. It requires a few ingredients and has only 4 simple steps. You will need a glue, a figurine, a snow globe, distilled water, glycerine, glitter and a measuring spoon. The following short video will guide you how to create it on your own within minutes. Let’s get started!

DIY Winter Snow Globe

2. A Lovely Baby Food Jar Idea

If you have a baby and you can’t deal with the plenty of baby food jars, turn them into awesome snow globes! This upcycle idea is also easy to create. You will need empty baby food jars, mini fake trees (or anything you like/have at home), glue, glycerin (you can buy it at pharmacies), glitter, gold spray paint and distilled water.
First of all, remove the labels of the jars and spray paint the lids gold. After that just put a little glue on both the inside of the lid and the bottom of the fake tree (or the figure you have). It is really important to allow to dry for about 1-2 minutes and press the tree onto the lid. If your glue needs more time to dry, be patient and don’t hesitate to wait. Your next step is to add 1 teaspoon of glitter into each jar. Then fill with distilled water and add 5 drops of glycerin. Finally, screw the lid onto the top and your project is done!

Baby Food Jar Snow Globe


3. Family Portrait Project

Now you have found one of the most beautiful Christmas present ideas! Let’s prepare these little-personalized family portrait snow globes on your own. Click here for the steps.
Extra tip: If you have just come together with your boyfriend/girlfriend and don’t know how to surprise him/her at Christmas time, a lovely snow globe with your photo can be an amazing gift! It’s not expensive, but personal and your loved-one will immediately know that he/she is important for you.

Family Portrait Snow Globe

4. A Different DIY Necklace

I often bump into small glass bottles in craft stores and always wonder how to use them or what to create from them. Now here is the answer! This snow globe necklace is absolutely unique and the best thing is that it’s really easy to make. You can find more information about this project here.

DIY Snow Globe Necklace

5. DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Here is a fascinating but a little bit different craft idea again. You will need a mason jar, fake snow, figurines that will fit inside the jar, fishing line, a needle and a tape.
Firstly, spray the lid of this jar with gold spray paint, while it is drying, thread the needle with the fishing line and going through the center of each white ball we start to thread the balls onto a line. After that, to attach the “snow fall” use packaging tape. In order to keep everything in place, use a lid that is from a mailing tube and hot glue the cute figured on to it.

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

6. DIY Ornaments

Don’t ignore this lovely Christmas ornament. I can highly recommend the tutorial for you if you would like to experience how the sparkly glitter inside looks beautiful with the shine of the tree lights.

 DIY Snow Globe Ornaments


7. DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament Again

I think this is the cutest Christmas ornament I’ve ever seen! You can hang it on the Christmas tree or use as a simple decoration, but it’s a lovely gift as well. It requires only 4-5 inexpensive household items as well. Let’s discover the steps and make it on your own!

DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

8. Easy Christmas Snow Globe Idea

Let me introduce the quickest and easiest snow globe idea to you! It requires about 5-10 minutes and it is ready to shake! This project  is especially good for nursery schools. Little children will definitely adore and enjoy creating these cute crafts. Don’t miss the short tutorial!

Easy Christmas Snow Globe Idea

9. DIY Waterless Snow Globes

Welcome to Winter Wonderland! Let’s prepare these waterless snow globe and you will surely make a great impression among your friends and family members. If you feel much more creative, don’t hesitate to decorate this craft with more expensive materials & extravagant styles. Click here for more information!

 DIY Waterless Snow Globes

10. Stemware Winter Wonderland

Believe it or not, you can create awesome snow globes from ordinary wine glasses.Use your imagination and create some amazing decorations. You won’t need many ingredients again. Project details can be found here.

 Stemware Snow Globes

11. Happy Moments In A Jar

I have already mentioned that using your imagination is really important if you would like to create unique crafts. So be creative, collect little figurines at home, what’s more, you can add berries and artificial garlands as well. Do you have a photo which recalls nice memories? Great! Let’s add it to your homemade snow globe, too! This detailed tutorial will help you a lot!

Homemade Snow Globe

12. Let It Snow

It’s time to have a look at this advanced idea. At first sight, you might think that it requires more time to create, but actually, it is ready within 15 minutes! Adding white lights to it is simply a genius idea! It will make your home super cozy. Good news, that you don’t need to check out a detailed tutorial, just follow the pictures below and start the project!

Let It Snow, snow globe

13. Car in Mason Jar Snow Globe

Are you looking for the perfect handmade gift for your husband/boyfriend/brother? Well, if your loved one is addicted to cars, you shouldn’t miss this craft idea! Don’t worry, you can order little cars on the Internet (you can find the link below). Click here for more information! Don’t forget, personal gifts are the best!

Car in Mason Jar Snow Globe

14. DIY Mini Ornaments

As you can see, the list of snow globe ideas is almost endless. This lovely Christmas tree ornament is also easy to make. First of all, trace the opening of a clear plastic shot glass on card stock. After that use pinking shears to cut a circle slightly larger than the traced line, then use a glue dot to adhere a small plastic figure to the center. Your next step is to add 1 tablespoon Epsom salts to the plastic cup, then line the rim of the cup with tacky glue and adhere the card stock base. It is important that when the seam is dry, íou should glue a piece of metallic pipe cleaner around the bottom of the globe. Finally, thread string through a button for a hanger, then glue the button in place. Voila, you are ready!

DIY Mini Snow Globes

15. DIY Waterless Snow Globes

If you don’t have time to buy glycerin or distilled water in the pharmacy or anywhere, this project is absolutely for you! You will need clean jars, pine cones, animal figurines, mini Christmas trees and whatever you have at home, hot glue gun, cork tiles, glitter, white craft glue and jute twine. Check out the steps as well!

DIY Waterless Snow Globes

16. A Different DIY Ring

Do you adore unique and extravagant jewelry? Check out this one! Let’s have a unique look at Christmas time. If you can’t make it on your own, you should not get disappointed because you can even buy it online.

DIY Snow Globe Ring, snow globe

17. Snow Globe Magnets

Here is another idea which costs almost nothing. Whether you want to keep your kids busy or you want to dress up your tiny apartment for winter, you should not miss the following DIY project! You will need magnetic tins with clear lids, fake snow, personal photos or pictures from magazines, a pencil, scissors, a kitchen sponge (a new one) and a tape. Just click here for the detailed project tutorial!

 Snow Globe Magnets

18. The Perfect Winter Atmosphere

Have you ever wondered to create an etched snow globe? Now you have the opportunity to make it come true! You will need only a few materials; a glass dome or cloche, etching cream, a paintbrush, a painters tape and hole punches. Instructions can be found here. One thing is sure, you can immediately create a winter atmosphere at your home.

Etched Snow Globe

19. Using Silver And Gold Are Always A Good Idea

You can’t go grow if you choose this craft idea. You will need silver and gold luster dust (or any two colors), baby or mineral oil, water, a jar with a tight-fitting lid and waterproof caulk or hot glue. Firstly, fill the jar about halfway with oil and add some gold luster dust. After that put on the lid and give it a good shake.In a separate container, add enough water to fill the rest of your jar and mix with silver luster dust. Your next step is to pour the silver water into the jar. Finally, run a bead of caulk or hot glue around the edge of the lid, and screw onto the jar.

Silver And Gold Snow Globe

20. Something Miraculous

If you are curious how to make this unbelievably cool snow globe, don’t hesitate to check out the steps here. Find out the magic and surprise your loved ones with this unique craft! The project might be much easier than you think at first sight!

DIY Glowing Snow Globe

21.Happy Snowman Craft

Does your son or daughter adore snowmen? If your answer is yes, you should show this cute craft idea to them and make it come true together! It will be a lot of fun, that’s for sure. Click here for more information.

 Snowman Snow Globe

22. DIY Light Bulbs

Light bulb projects are getting more and more popular nowadays. So if you have some old incandescent light bulbs at home, don’t throw them away because you can turn them into awesome snow globes! You will have enough flexibility to decorate your craft just the way you want. To tell the truth, this project is not that simple, you will need tools like pliers, a screwdriver or a knife, tweezers, steel wool or a kitchen scrubby, an old sock and an egg carton. Check out the steps here.

 Light Bulb Snow Globes

23. DIY Gift Card Project

All you have to is just buy a Starbucks card, wrap it within a snow globe and give it to your special guests. Sounds cool, right? Follow the steps and start crafting time!

DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

24. Snow Globe Shadow Box

There is no doubt that this vintage snow globe craft is pretty, cute, and lovely. If you love challenges, don’t miss this project! It is also a little bit advanced, you will need more materials to use and time as well, but trust me, it will worth it!

 Snow Globe Shadow Box

25. Different Soap Dispensers

At first sight, this idea was pretty strange for me. But despite the fact that it is not an ordinary craft, it is full of creativity. If you are interested in the steps, I share the tutorial with you!

Snow Globe Soap Dispensers