30 FATHER'S DAY GIFTS FOR GRANDPA - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

30 FATHER’S DAY GIFTS FOR GRANDPA – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa


Make sure that you remember your grandpa on Father’s Day. After all, it is an event that celebrates all fathers and grandpa has had experience in fathering two generations! So, taking this all into consideration, make sure that grandad feels special and important. You might decide on making a delicious dinner for him, but another great idea is to give him a present during the occasion! If you need some inspiration, check out our 30 Father’s Day gifts for grandpa. Thanks to our collection, you’ll be sure to find plenty of Fathers Day gift ideas for grandpa.


1. Loving Someone So Much – Cute Cards

Have your grandpa’s heart melt away this Father’s Day, with an amazing card. The grandkids or kid can draw a small person on a card with long arms reaching out both sides. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple drawing, even a stick figure will do the trick! Then underneath it, your child can write “Grandpa, I love you this much.” While this is a small and simple gift, it will mean so much to your grandpa! He might even put it in a frame someday!

2. The Cutest Keychains – Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Does your grandpa always seem to be leaving his keys behind? Sometimes, attaching a keychain to keys will help in making it easier to find. Especially now that you can hang it somewhere, creating a space for keys. Use the grandkids handprints as inspiration for this idea! Create keychains out of plastic and paint using their handprints. You can write their names on the keychains as well, as well as their age at the time it was made. This way the grandkids will always be with grandma!

3. Ten Reasons – Why You Love Grandad

There will be hundreds and thousands of reasons, why you love your grandfather! Tell him a few of these reasons with the help of your handprints! Have the kids dip their hands in paint, then press them on a sheet of paper. After allowing the paint to dry, get them to write one reason why they love their grandpa on each finger. This can include his baking skills or that he reads the best stories. With this, you’ll let your grandpa know 10 reasons why you love him!

4. Simple and Cute – Fantastic Paper Crafts

Simple and Cute - Fantastic Paper Crafts

Express towards your grandad how much he means to you! Get the grandkids involved in making a handmade present for him. They can do something easy, such as cutting out their handprints and attaching them to each other with some extra paper. Then all they need to do is write a message on the cut-out handprints meant specially for grandpa!

5. Salt Dough – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

You may have heard about salt dough crafts before. Why not create some salt dough ornaments for grandpa this Father’s Day? Use the grandchildren’s handprints in the salt dough, in which you can cut out a symbol, such as a star or heart. You can also write the kids names on the handprints and the date. After baking the dough, you can place the kids’ photos in the cut-out hole. These Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa will prove to be an easy gift to make!

6. An Amazing Apron – For Grandads Who Love to Cook

Perhaps your grandad is an amazing cook and always makes the tastiest meals. Make sure that the chef has an apron, so he won’t get his clothes messy. Have the grandkids dip their hands in all sorts of colours of fabric paint and press them down on a plain apron.  They can even paint something on it, perhaps something motivational that says “the best grandpa ever.”

7. Pots of Sweets – Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Does your grandad have a sweet tooth? Then make sure to get him some candy and chocolates as gifts for grandad on fathers day. A unique way of giving it to him would be by coating a clay pot in paint and attaching a tie to it. Then fill up the pot with candy before presenting it to your grandpa!

8. An Awesome Photo – Fathers Day Ideas for Grandpa

An Awesome Photo - Fathers Day Ideas for Grandpa

Are you in search of a creative and unique gift? Then check out this cute idea on what you can give your grandpa! Using chalk, draw all sorts of shapes and patterns on a pathway. You can include a few words or sentences such as “Happy Father’s Day!” Then lie down somewhere amidst the drawings and get your photo taken!

9. For a Superhero – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Maybe your grandpa is your superhero! Whether it’s as a Father’s day or as a birthday gift for grandpa, make sure he knows! He helps you whenever you need assistance and he always has your back! Using other superheroes as references, write down what he is like on a sheet of paper, for example, “stronger than Hulk” and “tougher than Thor.” You can attach small figurines or pictures of these superheroes to it. Remember to mention, that he is your superhero and that you love him at the bottom of the page! 

10. Shadow Art – A Fabulous Idea

Get creative with shadow art! Cut out the words “I love papa” on a piece of paper or a sheet of cardboard. Have one or all of the grandchildren hold up this sign and take a photo of their shadows!

11. Creating Cool Keychains – Perfect for Pops

We have already mentioned creating some keychains for your grandad! But how about the grandkids draw on them, instead of leaving handprints on them? Whatever the grandchildren draw, grandad will love and treasure.

12. A Bucket of Popcorn – For the Best Pop

A Bucket of Popcorn - For the Best Pop

Play around with some words to create gifts for grandad on Father’s Day. For example, why not get your pop a whole bucket of popcorn for Father’s Day. Depending on if he likes it salty or sweet, create his favourite sort of treat! Then, all you need to do is attach a tag to the bucket that reads “to the best Pop in the world.”

13. Cute Photo Frames – Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Give grandpa some memories for Father’s Day, in the form of photos! But instead of buying frames for them, create some frames yourself! You can create them out of popsicle sticks, which you decorate or paint in a unique way. This is an inexpensive and easy gift for grandparents that you can put together!

14. Bottles of Snacks – Instead of Beer

Create a few bottles of snacks for your grandpa for Father’s Day. Fill up empty beer bottles with all sorts of his favourite snacks and treats. For example, one bottle can be filled up with peanuts and another with chocolates. Naturally, you can leave one bottle unopened and filled with beer, for an extra treat.

15. Describing Him – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Describing Him - Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Gather words that describe your grandpa and also expressing how special a person he is. Then arrange these words in a way so that they spell out grandpa or grandad when you look at it vertically. You can highlight the letters that spell his name. This will make an awesome gift!

16. The Perfect Pillow – With Pockets for Everything

The Perfect Pillow - With Pockets for Everything

How about you make grandad a pillowcase for his sofa! Find a pillowcase that has pockets sewn onto it, so he can store his snacks and the remote control inside. This will guarantee that his nights in front of the TV will be comfortable and fun.

17. An Awesome Airplane – Fathers Day Crafts for Grandpa

If your grandad has always been fascinated by planes and aircraft, why not create a mini plane for him? Use a wooden peg and some popsicle sticks to put it together, attaching everything with a glue gun. As a final touch, make sure that you add some sort of design to the plane with some colourful paint.

18. Spell It Out – With Scrabble

Another fantastic gift would be to create a board on which you write a message for your grandpa. But not with a pen or with paint. Use Scrabble letters to spell out the message instead! This is a perfect idea for anyone who plays Scrabble regularly with their grandpa, making it a special present!

19. From His Peanut – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Perhaps you have earned the nickname “peanut” from your grandad. After all, you must be a lot smaller than him! If so, here’s the perfect gift to give him. Attach a chocolate bar or a small packet of chocolate that contain peanuts in it to a card! On the card write the words Happy Father’s Day, from your little peanut!

20. I Love You – Adorable Card Ideas

I Love You - Adorable Card Ideas

Tell your grandpa how much he means to you with some fathers day ideas for grandpa! Create a photo collage of the grandkid holding up sheets of paper or signs. On each sign, make sure that there is part of the message written on it. When the photos are placed next to each other, you will be able to read the message for grandpa!

21. Becoming a Father – And a Grandpa

Create a keychain for your grandpa, showing the dates when he first became a dad, then a grandad. All you need is two small discs, both should have the years engraved in them when he became a dad and now a grandad! This will definitely warm up your grandad’s heart.

22. The Perfect Mug – Best Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

How about you design a mug for your grandad, from which he can drink his daily cup of coffee or tea? If grandad likes to fix things around the house, then this personalised mug will make the perfect present for him! Use a footprint of one of his grandchildren on the mug, and paint a wooden handle attached to it. This will represent a hammer. So go ahead and create something special for grandad!

23. A Wrench Frame – For a Handyman

Is your grandpa the living definition of a handyman? Then how about you create an amazing mechanical frame for him! Create the frame out of wrenches or hammers, it’s up to you to get creative!

24. The Best Bookmarks – Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

The Best Bookmarks - Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa

Does your grandad love to read?? Well, make sure to get him some bookmarks so he’ll know where he left off at. Print out pictures of his grandchildren hanging on a rope or tree. Cut out the figures of the grandchildren and attach a ribbon or some yarn to their hands. These cute bookmarks of his grandchildren will brighten up his day when he opens his book.

25. A Few Fun Facts – About Grandpa

Find the best father’s day gifts for grandpa! How about you get the grandkids to write up a few fun facts about grandpa? This can contain information about what the two of you like to do together or how you see your grandpa. For example, writing about what do you love most about your grandad. Seeing the honest replies of their grandchildren will melt your grandad’s heart.

26. Some Decoration – For His Home

How about making a bit of decor for your grandad’s home? You can create a piece of wall decor that spells out ‘love” and has a photo of the grandkids on it. Use the grandchildren’s handprints and footprints for creating the letters.

27. A Huge Heart – Special and Simple

Put together a collage of photos of the grandchildren. Using their hands and arms, create a huge heart, when the photos are put next to each other. You can place this collage in a frame before giving it to your grandpa!

28. Photo Blocks – Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Photo Blocks - Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa

Fantastic fathers day crafts for grandpa are some wooden photo blocks! Place pictures on one side of each block of the family. Then on each block write up a letter, so that they eventually spell “grandpa.” Your grandfather will be able to use it as decor at home. This could make a perfect Christmas gift for grandparents!

29. A Brilliant Card – With Funky Balloons

Still in search of a cute card, you can give to your grandpa for this Father’s Day? Well, your search might just be over. Incorporate one of the grandkids into the card. Print a picture of them, cut them out and glue it on the card. You can attach thread to the grandkid’s hand, which lead to the balloons.

30. The Grandfather – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Is your grandad a fan of the movie, The Godfather? If so, he will definitely appreciate a T-shirt that has the same logo printed on it, except instead of having “The Godfather” written on it, change it to “The Grandfather.”


We hope that you found inspiration amongst these Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa. For other gift ideas such as Best Gifts for Grandpa or Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa, visit our website.