40 BEST FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

40 BEST FATHER’S DAY GIFTS – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas


A special event is coming up soon! This is no other than Father’s day! Perhaps you are planning a family picnic for the day, cooking your dad’s favourite meals, or maybe you’ll just stay at home and watch a movie! Whatever your plans are, make sure your dad feels appreciated! Perhaps you are in search of some DIY Father’s day gift ideas. If so, check out our 40 best Fathers day gifts to get inspired!


1. A Fun Photo – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Now here’s a cute idea of what you can give your father! Using chalk, draw all sorts of shapes and patterns on a pathway. You can include a few words or sentences such as “Happy Father’s Day!” Then lie down somewhere amidst the drawings and get your photo taken! Your dad will treasure this photo!

2. My Dad Rocks – Best Fathers Day Gifts

Get creative and make a craft for your dad this year, such as a photo frame! Use a glue gun to stick rocks onto the frame itself, then place a piece of paper in the frame that says “my dad rocks.” This is adorable and simple!

3. A Chalkboard – Great Photo Ideas

Giving dad a photo of the family for Father’s day is a lovely idea. After all, it’s all the most important people from his life in a photo. Add a chalkboard to the photo, on which you write “we love daddy” for a lovely effect. Of course, this would make an awesome birthday present for dad as well!

4. Love from a Peanut – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Love from a Peanut - DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Does your dad ever refer to you as his “peanut”? If so, here’s the perfect gift to give him. Attach a chocolate bar or a small packet of chocolate that contain peanuts in it to a card! On the card write the words Happy Father’s Day, from your little peanut!

5. Spell It Out – Cute and Adorable

Here is another adorable idea to create for dad! Take photos of your child or children, holding up letters to spell something out. Then place the photos next to each other, forming a collage. Then dad will just have to read the message you made for him!

6. Simple but Stylish – Feeling Inspired

You don’t have to go overboard with the Father’s day gift! Choose a simple solution, to make something easy yet heart-warming. For example, cut out the words “we love you dad” on a piece of paper. Have the children hold up this sign and take a photo of their shadows!

7. His Personality – The Best Fathers Day Gifts

Here is one of the best Fathers day gifts! When someone asks you, what your father is like, you will have a list of words to describe with him! Gather these words, making sure that when you place them underneath each other, they spell out “father.”

8. Holding Up Signs – Create a Message

Holding Up Signs - Create a Message

Here is one of many DIY Father’s day gift ideas that revolve around the kids holding up signs. Take photos of them, holding up each sign, which says something different. Then edit the photos and place them next to each other, creating a readable message for Father’s Day.

9. Handprint Keychains – Homemade Fathers Day Gifts

Create some crafts with the kids for the perfect Father’s Day gift! Get your kids to dip their hand in coloured paint, and make them press their hands on pieces of plastic. Then cut the handprints out and attach them to a keychain. You can write up the names of the kids and their ages on the handprints.

10. Black and White – The Perfect Look

Check out this photo idea! It also uses a chalkboard for writing a message to dad, by taking photos of the kids holding it up. Instead of going for full colour, try out black and white photos. This will create a vintage-like look!

11. Brilliant Bookmarks – For a Dad Who Loves to Read

Perhaps your dad is a bookworm? Why not create a few bookmarks for him? Print out pictures of the children hanging on a rope or tree. Cut out the figures of the kids and attach a ribbon or some yarn to their hands. These cute bookmarks of his kids will brighten up Dad’s day when he opens the book.

12. A Superhero – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A Superhero - DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Do you think of your dad like he is a real-life hero? Using other superheroes as references, write down what he is like on a sheet of paper, for example, “as clever as Iron Man” and “as strong as Thor.” You can attach small figurines or pictures of these superheroes to it. Remember to mention, that he is your superhero and that you love him at the bottom of the page! This will make a lovely gift for dad!

13. Expressing Your Love – Loving and Sweet

Tell your dad how much he means to you! You can do this by cutting out pieces of paper to make a collage message! Cut out pieces of newspapers or magazines for this idea! You can choose any quote of your choice, just make sure that it is heartfelt!

14. A Jar of Jokes – For a Fun-Loving Dad

Does your father pride himself on being a funny guy? Then make him a jar of jokes, so he can entertain anyone at any time! Write up some dad jokes on paddle pop sticks before putting them in a jar. This will be an amusing way to spend an evening because your dad will be able to pull out a paddle pop at any random time and say something funny! Not to mention, these are also easy and great DIY Father’s day gift ideas to create!

15. Feet Messages – Best Fathers Day Gifts

Here is another adorable idea for a photo gift! Write messages to dad on the kids’ feet. Then allow the children to dangle their feet and take a photo from below! This will look amazing, as well as being a cute way of sending a message to their father!

16. A DIY Apron – For Dads Who Cook

A DIY Apron - For Dads Who Cook

Maybe your dad likes to cook and bake! If so, then why not create an apron for him?  Dip your hands into fabric paint and press them on the apron a lot of times! This will create an array of his children’s handprints. You can also paint the word “dad” on the apron as an additional effect.

17. For a Dad Who Rocks – Personalised Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad rocks your world, then here is an easy craft to create for him! All you need to do is coat a rock in beautifully coloured paint. Then write up “my dad rocks” on it. Your dad can use this rock as a paperweight!

18. Love You to Pieces – Cute Crafts for Dad

If you love your dad to pieces, then here is an idea you can try out! Place a photo of the kids in a frame in which they are holding up a sign that says “we love you to pieces!” Then with the help of a glue gun, stick small puzzle and jigsaw pieces around the frame for that extra effect.

19. Handprint Mugs – DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Create a handprint mug for Father’s Day! Have the kids did their hands in the paint (which is applicable to ceramic). Then have them press their hands on plain white mugs, leaving their handprints on them. When dad drinks his morning coffees from this mug, he will always think of the kids!

20. Reasons Why – Best Fathers Day Gifts

Reasons Why - Best Fathers Day Gifts

There will be dozens of reasons why you love your father! Write some of them up on blackboards and hold them up for some pictures. Then place the photos next to each other to create a collage of reasons why you love dad! You can print this out and place it in a frame.

21. Salt Dough Crafts – Homemade Fathers Day Gifts

Get creative with salt dough and make some personalised Fathers day gifts! Create a cute craft out of it for your dad! Use the kids’ handprints in the salt dough, in which you can cut out a symbol, such as a star or heart. After baking the dough, you can place the kids’ photos in the cut-out hole.

22. Daddy’s Angel and Devil – Unique Photos

Give your dad a simple photo of his kids! You can dress up as characters, such as an angel and a devil. A cute photo of the kids is always a superb idea!

23. The Best Pillow for your father as a DIYgift

Why not get your dad the perfect pillow for his sofa! Find a pillowcase that has pockets sewn onto it, so he can store his snacks, phone and the remote control inside. This will guarantee that his nights in front of the TV will be comfortable and fun.

24. A Family Photo – DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea

A Family Photo - DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

How about you create a special card for your dad? You create a photo of all the family members holding photos of the rest of the family members, just like in the example above! The youngest kid can hold a photo of the family pet! Again, this would make a perfect birthday gift for your husband!

25. The Legend and His Legacy – Cool and Edgy

Another fantastic idea is to get dad and his kid matching caps! Then have the word “legend” written or sewn on dad’s cap and the word “legacy” on his kid’s. Then both father and child and wear their caps proudly!

26. Blow a Kiss – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Put together a small snack stache for your dad! All you need to do is grab a few of his favourite snacks and place them all in a jar or box! This will be perfect for when he needs an energy boost!

27. A Mechanic Frame – For a Handyman Dad

Is your dad a real handyman, who can fix practically anything around the house? Then make him a frame which reflects this talent of his! Create the frame out of wrenches and place a photo of you and him inside of it! What a perfect gift for a dad!

28. Wooden Blocks – With Photos on Them

Wooden Blocks - With Photos on Them

Try out this fabulous idea! Creating some decor wooden blocks for your dad’s study or room. Make sure that on one side, you can spell out “dad.” You can add photos of the family to the other sides of the blocks for a special look.

29. Personalised Tools – Best Fathers Day Gifts

We already talked about gift ideas for dads who love to fix and tinker things but here is another one. Get your dad a personalised tool, which has a message engraved in it! Make sure that it’s a special message which expresses how much you love him!

30. Superhero Candy – Tasty and Sugary

Get inspiration from the superheroes you see in movies! Fill a few mason jars with all sorts of your dad’s favourite candy. Then create customised lids for the jars, placing stickers of the superheroes emblems on them! Also, make certain that you write a message to your dad, attaching it to the jars, telling him that he is your superhero!

31. Daddy’s New Tools – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A gift your dad will definitely appreciate this Father’s Day is a box of snacks and booze! You can disguise it to make it look like a toolbox, to make it a guilt-free package! If your dad loves snacks, he will love this gift!

32. Building Memories – Unique and Creative

Building Memories - Unique and Creative

Did you ever build various things using lego with your dad? Place blocks of lego into a mason jar. Write a memory you share with your father on each block. Your dad will be able to take out the blocks and be reminded of happy times!

33. Another Photo Gift – Best Fathers Day Gifts

Here is another idea to guide you if you are thinking about creating a photo gift for Father’s Day. Get the kids to hold up blackboards that have a message for dad written on them. For example “best daddy ever!”

34. An Adorable Message – Fathers Day Craft Ideas

Create a collage of yourself holding up letters to spell out a message to your dad! This will definitely mean a lot to your dad. You can put it in a frame, so he can hang it up on one of his walls!

35. A Funny Pillowcase – DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Does your father have a favourite spot in the living room where he loves to sit while watching television? Let’s guess, he doesn’t like other people sitting in his chair! Get him a pillow that states exactly this, that this chair is his place and everyone else should go find a different spot.

36. For a Fisherman – Awesome Socks

For a Fisherman - Awesome Socks

Does your dad love to go fishing or just loves to eat fish? Why not get him socks, which have cute fish on them! If you love arts and crafts, you might even consider painting fish on the socks yourself! These will make awesome and funny Fathers day gifts!

37. Expressing Your Love – Best Fathers Day Gifts

Tell your dad how much he means to you! Get the kids involved in making a handmade present for him. They can do something easy, such as cutting out their handprints. Then all they need to do is write a message on the cut-out handprints meant specially for dad!

38. Beautiful Balloons – Easy and Effortless

Here is another fabulous idea for a photo gift! Have the kids stand next to each other. Each child can hold a balloon, that has a letter on it. The letters should spell out “dad.” Then all you have to do is take a photo of the kids!

39. Big Man and Little Man – Matching Shirts

Now here is a perfect gift for your dad! Get matching shirts for you and him. The back of his shirt saying “big man” and the back of yours reading “little man” or “little woman.” You can show off your shirts by wearing them at the same time!

40. Blow Some Kisses For your Father as a Great Gift Idea

Check out this easy and simple present idea, which grandma will be sure to love! It’s another photo gift of one of the children blowing a kiss. Place some cut out hearts on the wall as if the kid were blowing an abundance of hearts to dad!


We hope you found some funny Fathers day gifts! Check out our other ideas concerning presents! Such as Gifts for Dad or Birthday Gifts for Dads, we have a whole collection waiting for you!