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It is sometimes difficult to find a child a gift, as they don’t have clear preferences yet of what they like or dislike. At times like this, it’s always a great idea to create something at home for them. Handmade gifts mean so much more than gifts bought in stores. Since you are going to be making something for a child’s birthday, make sure it incorporates an element of fun! Make the gift something interesting that they will be able to play with or another awesome idea is to bake them something delicious! Take a look through our collection of 25 birthday presents for kids to find a bit of inspiration!


1. A Box of Balloons – A Birthday Surprise

Surprise the birthday kid on their special day. Get them a large box, in which you place their birthday present, as well as an array of helium-filled balloons. When they open the box, the balloons will fly out to their surprise. It’s up to you whether you attach a birthday card to the box as well to wish them all the best. This flight of balloons will definitely become a memory which they will remember for a long time to come.

2. Fishing Time – Handmade Birthday Gifts for Kids

Create this awesome DIY gift for a kid’s birthday! Sew together the shapes of fish out of fabric. Then create a fishing pole out of a long wooden pole, with some yarn attached to the end of it. So far so good. Make sure the kid actually is able to hook some fish onto their fishing pole! Try placing a magnet inside the body of each fabric fish, then also attach a magnet to the fishing pole’s yarn’s end. This way the child will be able to fish for fish anywhere and anytime!

3. A Cool Slingshot – With Pompoms

Slingshots are great toys! Not because kids can hit anyone they want with them, but because it helps improve aiming skills. Create a safe sort of slingshot for the birthday kid, which enables them to play with these toys, but will prevent anyone from getting actually hurt. After creating the slingshot, replace the rocks or pebbles kids would normally use with pompoms. This will ensure anyone from getting hurt, not to mention windows from being broken!

4. A Few Reasons – A Supportive and Loving Gift

With time flying by, we get older and wiser! Depending on which birthday you are celebrating, express to your child how much they have grown as a person since their birth! Write down the numbers on a big sheet of paper or a poster, up until the age they have reached. Then gather all their best personality traits and reasons why you love them, writing one next to each number. So if the child turned nine, you should have nine reasons why you love them. If they turned ten, you should have ten points! This will also help boost the kid’s self-confidence, which is super important!

5. A Play Dough Kit – Creative and Unique

Playdough makes a great activity for kids to play with and create things out of! You can easily make a playdough kit at home as a present by yourself. Include a rolling pin in the kit, or some cookie cutters, so the child can get creative! If you would like to give them something special next to the playdough kit, why not create a small booklet of things they can create out of playdough? For example, different types and species of flowers will make a perfect choice! Not only will the birthday kid refine their artistic skills, but also their botanical knowledge!

6. Pusheen the Cat – Birthday Gifts for Kids

Everyone loves Pusheen the cat! This cute image of a cat has become popular in modern culture! Find a box template of this cat, and cut it out, then create a box out of it. If you have been unsure of what to get the birthday kid, then place an assortment of goods inside this small box. For example, you can’t really go wrong with chocolate or candy!

7. Unicorn Spa Jar – For a Beautiful Bubble Bath

Everyone deserves a bit of relaxation, even the little ones! Create a spa jar for the birthday child! All you need to do is place bath items, for example, bath salts or a bath bomb inside a jar. You can even try making these at home, creating them in the scent you’d like! If you’d like the give the spa jar a bit of a boost, make sure that the colours inside are linked to something kids love, like unicorns!

8. A Rainbow – Great Birthday Presents for Kids

If the birthday party is going to be unicorn themed and decorated with an abundance of rainbows, make sure your birthday gift fits in! Instead of getting or making the child a toy or an object, why not bake them a delicious cake? Cupcakes are becoming trendy nowadays, building actual pull-apart cakes out of them! If you love to bake, this will serve as a great idea, put together a rainbow cupcake cake! This will fit into the theme of the party, not to mention it is a lot more easy to put together than an actual cake!

9. Tic Tac Toe – With Cute Minions

Tic tac toe is a game we all remember from our childhood. Recreate this same game with the help of pebbles for the birthday child! Find ten pebbles, and paint over them. To make the game a bit more interesting for kids, you can create half of the pebbles to look like the Minions from Despicable Me. Make the other half look like evil Minions. Also remember to make a board for the birthday kid, on which they can play tic tac toe on! These will make great birthday gifts for kids!

10. Design and Decorate – Blackboards and Chalk

Kids love drawing and creating art with chalk! Whether it’s on the pavement of a sidewalk or on the garden stepping stones, they love it! Why not present the child with a blackboard on their birthday and some coloured chalk to go with it? To make it more fun, you can try finding blackboards which are each a letter! Spell out the name of the birthday kid with the use of blackboards, allowing them to decorate their name any way they’d like!

11. Wool Felt Stick Horses – DIY Birthday Presents for Kids

Does the birthday kid love to run around the garden, pretending they are a knight riding on a horse? Well, it’s time to get them a horse then! Make them a stick horse, out of wool and felt. Use the tutorial above for this awesome DIY birthday gift! While this present takes a bit of time to make, it will be totally worth it! The celebrated child will be able to gallop around in the yard on their trusty new steed!

12. Under the Sea – Mermaid Birthday Party

If the birthday kid is planning on having a mermaid-themed party, make sure the presents she receives on her birthday are also linked to the theme of the birthday party. Why not create a hole board, which will also serve as the main attraction at the party? Paint the image of a mermaid swimming around under the sea, with the face missing. All the kids will be able to place their faces in the hole and have their picture taken here!