25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR DAD - Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything
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25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR DAD – Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

25 BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS FOR DAD - Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything


Fathers are one of the most important figures in our lives. They are there for us from the day of our birth, watching us grow and aiding us in our journey. When his birthday arrives each year, it shouldn’t be a reminder for him or the family, that he has aged another year, it should be a celebration of love and gratitude. Thank your father on his birthday, for helping you throughout the years with a special gift. DIY presents are sometimes a great option for presents, as they reflect that you spent time and energy into making something truly unique for him. Furthermore, it is sometimes hard to find gifts for dads who have everything, making handmade gifts a great option. So take a look through our collection of 25 awesome birthday present ideas for dads to find him something perfect!


1. Some Snacks – In Beer Bottles

Does your dad love to sit in front of the tv after a hard day of work and just relax a bit? Make sure he has snacks as an accompaniment to his favourite show! Pour his favourite snacks into empty beer bottles, then place them into a box. You can have a message like “happy birthday daddy!” written onto the box. This is a great and simple birthday gift!

2. Photo Series – Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

Which father doesn’t love to see a few pictures of his child or children? Have one of the kids or all of them hold up the letters of “happy birthday”, taking a photo with each letter. After getting the photos printed, put them together on a board or canvas. This is a great way of wishing him a happy birthday since it’s from family!

3. A Heartfelt Card – Birthday Card Ideas

If you have been searching for a gift on the inexpensive side, but would still like it to be personal, why not write your dad a card? Obviously, it’s completely up to you on what you write to him! Tell him how thankful you are that he is your father and that he is always supporting you, and how much you love him! If this heartfelt letter does not bring tears to his eyes, we don’t know what will!

4. A Jar of Golf Balls – Birthday Present Ideas for Dad

Does your dad have a favourite hobby or sport that he loves to do whenever he has a bit of free time? Maybe he loves to play golf, which is a great sport! If so, he has probably found himself annoyed that all his golf balls disappear after a while. Make sure he has a new stash of golf balls, so if he wants to go out and play, he’ll have plenty of options. Put the golf balls in a jar before presenting him with them on his birthday.

5. Spell it Out – Creative Presents for Dad

Now here’s another creative and lovely birthday present idea for your dad! Gather words which describe him and place them underneath each other, so that the word “father” is spelt out vertically. You can put this description of him in a frame, so he will always be reminded of how people close to him see him. Just take a quick glance at the picture above for a great example!

6. A Superhero Dad – Birthday Present Ideas

Have you ever found yourself thinking of your dad like he is a real-life hero? Using other superheroes as references, write down what he is like on a sheet of paper, for example, “as clever as Iron Man” and “as strong as Thor.” You can attach small figurines or pictures of other superheroes to it. Remember to mention, that he is your superhero and that you love him at the bottom of the page!

7. A Sweet Message – Unique Chocolate Idea

Give your dad a sweet message for his birthday, but literally sweet! Write him a message, but replace some words with chocolate or candy bars. The key here is for the message to make sense as well as being tasty! Use any sort of candy, chewing gum, breath mints and chocolate which you can find!

8. A True Superhero – Gifts for Daddy

Another fantastic way of expressing how you feel about your dad is getting him some wall art! Draw or paint him a poster, describing that he is a superhero in your life! Again, you can write that he is “as brave as Batman” and “as incredible as Hulk.” Tell him that he is your favourite superhero! He will be able to hang this up in his room as decor!

9. Dad, You Rock – Cute Pebble Present

Get creative and make your father this adorable gift for his birthday! Use rocks and pebbles to create a figurine of him, you can paint them and draw a face for him. Stick them to cardboard or paper, then write up “Dad you rock!” next to it. This is a cheap and easy gift to make him, but is fabulous at the same time!

10. A Fun Toolbox – For Television Time

Does your dad love to relax and rest in front of the TV while watching a great movie or series? Make sure he has some tasty snacks and a few bottles of beer to make his night even more enjoyable. Even though this present might seem a bit simple, it will brighten up your dad’s day!

11. A Meaningful Hammer – Show Gratitude and Thanks

Is your dad a handyman, who loves to tinker things around the house? Maybe a hammer or a tool would be the right sort of present for him. But since it’s his birthday, make sure the present is personal. Have a message engraved in the handle of the hammer. For example, you can thank him for helping you build your life, which is symbolic and heartfelt. He is guaranteed to love this!

12. A Cute Handprint – Birthday Card Ideas

Create a cute birthday card for dad’s birthday! Something easy, which even a small toddler can make! First, dip the palm of your hand in paint and push it down on a piece of paper. After allowing it to dry, dip your fingers in paint as well and above the palm push your fingers down on the paper. The palm will represent the birthday cake while the fingers will be the candles. Decorate the cake part further with some glitter, and with yellow paint, you can create the lights of the candles.