20 GIFT IDEAS FOR 30TH BIRTHDAYS - The Best 30th Birthday Present Ideas
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20 GIFT IDEAS FOR 30TH BIRTHDAYS – The Best 30th Birthday Present Ideas


20 GIFT IDEAS FOR 30TH BIRTHDAYS - The Best 30th Birthday Present Ideas



When you reach the age of thirty, you officially leave your younger years behind. Of course, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Whatever the case, make sure that whoever is turning thirty gets to celebrate their birthday in the right way! And we all know that when it’s a birthday party, you don’t arrive emptyhanded. Make sure you find the perfect birthday present for 30th birthdays! If you create something yourself, for the thirty-year-old, it will show that you put more thought into it, not to mention time and energy. So take a look through our collection of birthday gift ideas for 30th birthdays. We are certain that you will be able to find something awesome amongst these 30th birthday present ideas!


1. A Lovely Photo Series – 30th Birthday Present Ideas

Come up with some truly special gift ideas for 30th birthdays for the birthday celebrant with all his close friends or family’s help! Create a photo series, having everyone holding up a sign. Placing the photos next to each other should help the signs spell out a message. Naturally, it’s up to you and the group on what birthday message you’d like to send the thirty-year-old! You can place these pictures in a frame, so they will remain a memory for the birthday celebrant forever! They will definitely appreciate this lovely gift!

2. Thirty Years Equals – A Different Perspective

While we know that the birthday celebrant turned thirty years old, what does that number mean exactly? Write up on a poster what thirty years are equivalent to. For example, thirty years is three decades, three hundred and sixty months, approximately one thousand and five hundred weeks, etc. Write up all this information underneath each other, also including how many seconds they have lived. 30th birthday ideas like this one will be great for the birthday boy or girl to look at, realising how long they have been alive for!

3. A Big Thirty – Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

A Big Thirty - Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Another fantastic way to celebrate thirty years of living is to look back at all the things that happened to you and all the things you have done! Create a collage for the thirty-year-old, creating the number 30 out of old photos and moments from their life. Finding photos from their childhood, teenage years or big moments of their life, for example, their graduation or their wedding, will definitely put them in a nostalgic mood! They will be able to use this large collage number as a source of decor in their house later on!

4. Level Thirty Unlocked – 30th Birthday Present Ideas

Is the thirty-year-old you are trying to find a birthday gift for a self-confessed gamer? If they love to spend hours in front of the computer or TV playing videogames, make sure you get them something relevant to this hobby. How about designing a t-shirt for them, which has the sentence “level thirty unlocked” written on it. You can also decorate the t-shirt further with a gaming console, for example, a joystick. A true gamer will appreciate this t-shirt and will probably have a good laugh at it!

5. Thirty Years Ago – Back in the Day

Are you in search of 30th birthday gift ideas? Remind the birthday celebrant what was happening in the world during the year they were born in! Write up fun facts, such as, what sort of music or movies were popular or which famous people were born in the same year. Also, write down big events that occurred during their birth year or how many people lived on the planet. Naturally, you can put things into perspective as well, for example, how much something used to cost fifty years ago. They will be able to compare what the world was like when they were born, to what it is like in our modern-day.

6. Light Up Their Day – Beautiful Lamp for 30th Birthday

Create a bit of home decor for the soon to be thirty-year-old! All you need is a wine bottle and a string of fairy lights. By brushing the bottle’s exterior with sandpaper, you can create a foggy texture and appearance on it. Use glass paint to write up “happy 30th birthday” on the bottle. Now all you will need to do is place the fairy lights inside the wine bottle and turn them on. This bottle of brightness will create beautiful lighting for any room, making this the perfect DIY birthday present!

7. Thirty and Thirsty – Funny Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Thirty and Thirsty - Funny Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

If you love the idea of gifting the thirty-year-old a funny t-shirt, then just do it! You can write a funny message on it with fabric pens or fabric paint. For example, the sentence “thirty and thirsty” will definitely serve as a good laugh! It’s obviously up to you what colour t-shirt you end up using and what colour fabric paint you write the sentence with. It will be up to everyone else to determine what thirty means in this context!

8. A Birthday Frame – Wishing Them All the Best

A Birthday Frame - Wishing Them All the Best

There are so many creative ideas out there, on what to give a thirty-year-old! Here is just one, of many, fantastic ideas! Place the soon to be thirty-year-old’s picture in a frame. Decorate the rest of the frame with small details, for example, scrabble letters which wish them a happy birthday. You can even place a big number thirty inside the frame as well, reflecting the age they have reached. Of course, don’t forget to place a small personal memento amongst the decorations, a small note expressing all the best towards them!

9. A Hilarious Survival Kit – Perfect for Your Thirties

Make sure that the soon to be thirty-year-old has a good laugh on their birthday. Write up a list of things they will need in their upcoming years of life, creating an exciting survival kit for them. For example, you can write up “water and Advil” because hangovers were a lot easier when they were ten years younger. Or write up “tweezers” which they will need to pluck out their grey hairs! You can even buy some of these items and put them all together in a box. Hopefully, the birthday lady or gentleman will not take offence at this hilarious survival kit!

10. A Price Tag – Gifts for 30th Birthdays

Make a funny shirt for the birthday celebrant that is guaranteed to draw a smile on their face. All you need is a plain white shirt. Using a fabric pen or fabric paint, draw on the t-shirt “I’m not 30, I’m only 29.95 plus tax.” We have all been there before when that 5 cents doesn’t really make a difference, but the 29 looks more appealing than the 30. The soon to be thirty-year-old will love this gift!

11. A Whole Gift Box – Filled With Gift Bags

A Whole Gift Box - Filled With Gift Bags

Create a whole box of thirty gifts bags for the thirty-year-old! Thirty gifts for their thirty years seems about right, doesn’t it? You can give this whole box of presents for the birthday celebrant a month before their actual birthday. This way they will get to open a gift bag each day which leads up to their thirtieth birthday. It’s completely up to you of course, what sort of small treats you would like to place in the gift bags. This will be a creative and special way to lead the person up to their thirtieth birthday! These gift bags are just one of many great 30th birthday present ideas.

12.  A Huge Thirty – Things to Do for 30th Birthday

Here is yet another fabulous idea to create for the birthday celebrant! Cut out two numbers, a three and zero, out of wood or thicker material. Place these numbers next to each other, sticking them on a small platform. Make sure that all the guests invited to the birthday party sign the numbers or just close friends and family members. Allow them to write and send the soon to be thirty-year-old all their best wishes. The birthday boy or girl will be overjoyed to receive these good wishes written on this number!

13. Other People and Them – Cute and Funny

Find things to do for 30th birthdays! Some people reach the age of thirty and decide to settle down and start living a peaceful life. They don’t go out partying anymore and don’t have as much fun as they used to. That’s completely okay of course! But it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to follow those guidelines! If the birthday boy or girl is still the life of any party, make sure to express that on a cute mug. Have two horses painted on it, a plain brown one with the sentence “other 30-year-olds” above it, while the other horse is a unicorn dancing with the word “you” above it.

14. A Jar of Goodness – Getting Creative With Candy

If you are looking for inexpensive 30th birthday ideas, but still want to get creative with it, using a bit of wordplay! Buy a pack of sour candy and pour it into a mason jar. Then stick a label to the mason jar, which reads “Happy thirtieth birthday. First being thirty is sour, then it’s sweet.” This will perfectly sum up what it’s like reaching your thirties. While you might be shocked at first, that you reached this age so quickly, you will soon find out that these years will be the best ones of your life!

15. A Great Birthday Cake – 30th Birthday Present Ideas

A Great Birthday Cake - 30th Birthday Present Ideas

If the birthday girl or boy loves a good pint of beer, why not create a beer cake for them? You don’t even need to bake to put one of these best 30th birthday gifts together! All you need to do is buy thirty cans of beer, creating a few tiers out of them. Decorate the “cake” with strings, streamers and candles on the top of it. The thirty-year-old will have thirty beers for his or her thirty years. Something like this would make a fantastic present for someone who loves beer. For example, if your spouse adores drinking beer every now and then, you can try this as a birthday gift for your husband or wife!

16. Welcome to Thirty – Cute Mug

A gift you can’t really go wrong with is a mug! The rest is up to you on how you decide to decorate it. Here is a funny and unique thing to write on a mug for a thirty-year-old! Write “Welcome to thirty. The age when you should know better, but really don’t!” Any thirty-year-old will know that some habits don’t die out with getting older! This is just one hilarious 30th birthday gift ideas to choose from!

17. Thirty Amazing Presents – Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Thirty years is a long time! Make sure the birthday lady or gentleman feels a lot of love on their birthday! Instead of getting them one present for their special day, get them thirty! All wrapped up in different bags and boxes. You can number each one, so they will know which one to open first. You can give them this whole set of presents 30 days before their birthday. They will be allowed to open only one each day. These presents will lead them slowly to their thirtieth birthday!

18. A Gift Bag of Joy – And Great Puns

Put together a gift box or gift bag for the soon to be thirty-year-old. It’s up to you on what sort of gifts you create or buy for them, after all, you know their taste in gifts much better than we do! A great way to elevate your gift is to gather a whole collection of puns which are connected to birthdays! For example, place a pun inside the gift bag which reads “thirty is nothing to wine about!” These jokes will take your gift bag to a whole new level, as well as making sure the birthday celebrant has a good laugh! Naturally, this will be just as great as a 40th birthday gift, you just have to change the numbers!

19. Cheers and Beers – Fabulous Gift Ideas for 30th Birthdays

Cheers and Beers - Fabulous Gift Ideas for 30th Birthdays

Reaching the age of thirty calls for a celebration! There is no better way to express this than with a message on a t-shirt. Create a birthday t-shirt for the thirty-year-old which has the sentence “cheers and beers to my thirty years” written on it. This will make it obvious for everyone to see that they just turned thirty and that this calls for a few beers!

20. Sugar Cookies – 30th Birthday Present Ideas

If you have been planning to bake something for the birthday girl or boy, why not bake a batch of cookies instead of a cake? They are easier to decorate and just as tasty! Using glaze and icing, you can write “happy birthday” on some of the cookies, on other ones just the number 30. We are sure that these best 30th birthday gifts will be appreciated!


This pick of 20 gift ideas for 30th birthday was created to help you! Hopefully, you found some inspiration amongst these fantastic 30th birthday present ideas! For other present ideas, such as birthday presents for kids or birthday gifts for moms, check out our website!