25 BEST BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MEN - Birthday Present Ideas for Him
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25 BEST BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MEN – Birthday Present Ideas for Him


25 BEST BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MEN – Birthday Present Ideas for Him


It can be especially hard to find a man a birthday present at times! Whether it’s your brother, father, grandfather, boyfriend, husband or just a good friend that you’ve met on Algarve Golf Courses, men can be picky when it comes to presents! To make your job easier we have collected 25 great birthday present ideas for him. This gift you intend on giving him might be for his birthday, but no matter what the occasion is, it’s the message that is important and has to come through. If you would like to express your gratitude towards them or show them how much you love them, this is a perfect chance for all that! So take a look at our collection of best birthday gifts for men to find a bit of inspiration for your own gifts!


1. Box of Happiness – DIY Present Ideas for Him

Box of Happiness - DIY Present Ideas for Him

It might be a bit hard to pick just one thing as a present, so why not gather all of your ideas and place them in a box for him! This can include his favourite snacks, a picture in a frame, a bottle of perfume, some shower gel and a letter. It’s really up to you on what you’d like to present him with. Make sure you string up “happy birthday” over the inside lid of the box.

2. Pineapple or Alcohol – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Maybe the man you’d like to give a birthday present to already has everything he could ever dream of. Here’s one of many great birthday gift ideas for him then! Buy him his favourite bottle of alcohol and stick small chocolates all around the body of the bottle. Use preferably chocolates with yellow or gold wrappers for a real pineapple look. Then all you need to do is stick green leaves around the neck of the bottle, and voila! You’re done with your alcoholic bottle of pineapple!

3. Tiny Message in a Bottle – Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Tiny Message in a Bottle - Birthday Gift Ideas for Him


If you’ve run out of ideas, energy and time to make a larger gesture for this man’s birthday, you might still want to wish him all the best. If so, put a message in a tiny bottle, that reads “happy birthday.” Naturally, you can decorate the small bottle with glitter or small beads or balls.

4. Earphone Holders – So They Don’t Tangle

It can be such a nuisance when you’re on your way somewhere and all you’d like to do is listen to a bit of music, but your earphones are twisted and coiled, and we all know it takes a while to untangle all the knots. If the birthday man in question is a lover of music and is known to listen to his favourite songs all day, make sure this doesn’t happen to him. Make him a small earphone holder out of leather! These will make awesome birthday present ideas for men!

5. A Gorgeous Candleholder – Birthday Present Ideas for Him

Lighting your room up with a few candles at night brings a sense of relief and relaxation. If the birthday boy loves to destress by burning some candles, make sure he has a stylish candleholder for this. You can make a candle holder by yourself, preferably out of clay so it won’t catch on fire!

6. Pot Planters – May the Force be with You

We all know a few people in our social circles who adore the world of Star Wars. If the man whose birthday you’ll be celebrating loves this epic series as well, why not get him some merchandise? If he also loves gardening and taking care of plants, this geeky pot planter will be a great gift for him! You can buy or order a planter in the shape of his favourite character, then it will be up to him to plant something inside.

7. A Tie Holder – For Anyone Who Loves Ties

A Tie Holder - For Anyone Who Loves Ties

If the birthday man has to wear ties to work each day, make his job a little bit easier.  Instead of having to rummage through his closet, he can simply take his ties off a tie holder. Tie holders are easy to make at home, all you need is a wooden board, some nails and a hammer. Something such as this would be a perfect birthday gift for your dad or husband! Naturally, you can use a pegboard to get even spacing between the ties, this way the holder will look neater.

8. A Tasty Message – Creative Birthday Ideas for Men

Does the birthday boy love a good set of chocolate? Make sure you get him some then, but naturally, do this in a creative way! Write up a message for him, but take out some of the words and replace them with the names of candy or chocolate bars. This will not only be a treat to eat, but also a treat to read!

9. An Adventure Book – A Collection of Shared Memories

Have you ever travelled with the birthday man or had any exciting adventures with him? If so, then this is one of many great and personal birthday present ideas for him. Make him a scrapbook that accounts for all your travels and adventures. You can stick pictures of the two of you in it or glue tickets to various museums inside. Write up your favourite memories on the pages. An album such as this would also make a fabulous birthday gift for a woman!

10. A Bundle of Envelopes – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Letters may seem a bit old-fashioned in the 21st century, but they’re actually a really intimate and personal way of expressing ourselves! If you don’t get to see the birthday man often, but miss him throughout the days of the week, why not write him a series of letters? Each one can have a title “open when you first get this”, “open when it’s Christmas”, etc. This way the letters will brighten up his day whenever he gets to read them.

11. Matchbox Cards – Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

Matchbox Cards - Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

If you’ve already found the perfect birthday gift for the celebrated man, you might be in search of a great birthday card! Here’s a fantastic idea for you! Decorate matchboxes with cute drawings, and glue a small message inside of it. It doesn’t have to be a long message, just a reminder that you were thinking of them!

12. Movie Night – Snacks and Treats

Maybe you agree with the fact that sometimes giving someone an experience is a better gift than giving them an object. If so, why not plan a movie night with the birthday boy? Let him choose a movie, and all you need to do is buy his favourite treats and snacks for watching the movie. Arrange these in a box, as if you were actually at the cinema, giving you a night out vibe.

13. Candy in a Jar – Birthday Present Ideas for Him

Does the celebrated birthday man love candy and sweets? An easy present to create is a jar full of treats. All you need to do is pour his favourite candy in a mason jar. You can attach a funny message to it, for example, if you’re filling up the jar with Swedish Fish, then you can write “hope your birthday is off the hook!”

14. Birthday Trip – Fun Ideas for Birthdays

Does the man whose birthday it is, love a great game of sports? If so, buy him and yourself two tickets to a match. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball or something else entirely, we’re sure he’ll love it. Put the tickets in a box and cover them with peanuts or your favourite sports snack. The birthday boy will have to dig around to find out what his present is.

15. Candy in Bottles – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Candy in Bottles - Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Reuse some empty beer bottles with this idea! Pour a selection of his favourite snacks or candy into each one. Whenever he has a night in, he can just open one of the bottles and feast on the delicious treats you got him!

16. A Funny Pair of Socks – Funny Birthday Present Ideas for Him

Socks are the sort of gift you can’t really go wrong with, especially if they are a reflection of the celebrated person’s personality! Get them a pair of socks with a funny message written on them. For example, if the man in question loves to watch sports channels all day, then have a remote control printed on one of the socks, while on the other have a message, such as “shh the game is on” written.

17. A Mugful of Presents – Great Birthday Present Ideas for Him

If you know what type of deodorant and perfume the birthday man uses, don’t hesitate on buying him some of it! You can place them in a mug that you can decorate yourself. This sort of present will be sure to please whoever receives it!

18. A Series of Photos – Unique Birthday Gifts for Him

Are you bored of flipping through albums? Why not create an alternative to an album? A set of photos printed out on a long line of paper and then folded up to be placed in a small box. This is the perfect homemade birthday gift for anyone who is looking to get the birthday man something more personal. Include pictures of both of you and shared fun memories in this photo series.

19. A Superhero Bookholder – For a Hero Himself

A Superhero Bookholder - For a Hero Himself

Are you in search of birthday present ideas for men? It can get a bit annoying or frustrating when your books keep falling on each other on your bookshelf. Does the birthday boy face this same problem in his day to day life? Get him a bookend! But not just any sort of ordinary bookend, but a superhero one. From a thick piece of cardboard cut out the figure of his favourite superhero, then coat it with some paint and attach it to the bookend.

20. An Actual Beer Garden – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Has your friend been to Germany recently and been enchanted by the many beer gardens he has visited? Take him down a trip on nostalgia lane by creating his very own, mini beer garden! Arrange some pot plants in a wooden crate or box, add some bottles of beer to it as well and decorate the beer caps with small cut-out flowers. By the end of it all, you should have a small garden filled with beer in front of you. This is the sort of present any man would appreciate!

21. Time to Party – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Make sure the birthday boy parties on his birthday with this great idea! Cut a circle shape out of cardboard or wood, coat it in paint and draw small notches around the edges, making it resemble a clock. Instead of writing up the numbers though, stick small bottles of schnapps to each hour of the day. You can make the hands of the clock out of folded paper money. This way your friend will have to drink a small bottle of schnapps each hour of the day!

22. The Perfect Pillow – Birthday Present Ideas for Him

Does the birthday boy spend a lot of his free time in front of the television? If so, make sure the experience is more comfortable and enjoyable for him! Design a pillowcase for him, that has a few pockets for all his needs. A snack pocket, a drink pocket and the remote control pocket. He won’t even have to stand up from the couch while he is enjoying his favourite series!

23. Hot Stuff – An Array of Spicy Snacks

Hot Stuff - An Array of Spicy Snacks

Maybe the person whose birthday you’re celebrating just turned 40 or 50. Make sure they feel good about themselves even with the passing of time! Get them an array of spicy snacks, then attach a funny message to this which reads “still hot at 40” or the ages they reached. This would make a great 40th birthday gift!

24. A Bouquet of Whiskey – Best Birthday Gifts for Men

If the birthday man in question absolutely adore whiskey, why not get him a bouquet of it? Attach bottles of whiskey to rods or sticks and arrange them to look like flowers growing out of a pot. He is guaranteed to love this!

25. The Best Birthday Cake – Birthday Present Ideas for Him

If you love to bake, why not make a birthday cake for the celebrated man? You can incorporate his favourite type of drink into the cake, for example, whiskey. You can also decorate the cake to make it look like a bottle of alcohol or at least bear a resemblance to the alcohol you use in the cake.


We hope that this collection of best birthday gifts for men has given you some motivation and ideas to create birthday ideas for men! All in all, you’d like him to feel pleased and happy on his birthday! For more ideas concerning gifts or DIY crafts check out our website, you will be able to find a whole selection of present ideas, such as birthday gifts for girlfriends.