25 FABULOUS BABY SHOWER THEMES - A Collection of Baby Shower Themes
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25 FABULOUS BABY SHOWER THEMES – A Collection of Baby Shower Themes

Are you expecting a new addition to the family? If so, make sure you host a baby shower party for them! Baby showers are all about inviting over members of the family and your close group of friends and awaiting the baby’s arrival! When hosting a baby shower, you will need to make certain that everything is perfect! There are so many elements that need to be on point in a baby shower, the cake, the decor, the food, the games and the invitations. It’s important to create and make each one of these according to a theme. This will link everything together, making the whole baby shower a lot of creative and unique! We have collected 25 fabulous baby shower themes, for you to pick and choose from.


1. Under the Sea – Nautical Inspired Party

If you love going to the sea or swimming in the ocean, why not plan a baby shower which is nautical inspired? There are so many awesome ways in which you can decorate the venue of the baby shower. Use shades of blue to colour the venue, for example, blue balloons and blue streamers will look great! Also remember to use the shapes of marine creatures, like whales or fish on the food or the cake. Don’t forget to use anchors as a source of decor either, after all, it is nautical!

2. A Bit of Sunshine – Happy and Yellow

Here’s a fantastic example of a gender-neutral baby shower. Use yellow as a dominant colour in your baby shower’s theme. The theme here is sunshine, so make sure to use a lot of vibrant colours. You can even host this party in the outdoors, really incorporating the theme of nature and sunny weather. Use yellow or golden streamers, honeycomb paper balls and sunflowers. This is a great and relevant theme since your baby boy or girl will become your ray of sunshine!

3. Winnie the Pooh – Everyone’s Favourite

There are so many amazing children’s books or films. One which is everyone’s favourite is Winnie the Pooh. This adorable story of a bear, always in search of honey, is a great story for children to grow up with. Use cut-out characters from the story to decorate the venue of the baby-shower with. You might also consider incorporating honey into the food, just to give it that extra boost that Winnie the Pooh would love. Also, you can give small pots of honey as thank-you gifts to your guests for coming to your wedding.

4. Pretty in Pink- Baby Shower Themes for Girls

If you are expecting a baby girl, make sure the gender of the baby is obvious! You can achieve this best by using a lot of pink decor at the venue! Create an enchanted forest out of the venue, using cherry blossom trees as backdrops, pink streamers on the tables and big statues of animals hidden in various corners. You can also place small fairy dolls around the venue, just to bring out that magical atmosphere of the baby shower.

5. Babies and Bees – Bee Inspired Theme

A theme that is becoming more and more popular at baby showers, is the bee-inspired theme. You can use different tones of yellow to decorate the venue. Yellow balloons are a great idea and attaching cut-out shapes of bees to them. Make sure to use a lot of flowers in your decoration as well! Also, remember to use honey as a main component in your desserts or snacks. You can also place a sign on a wall which reads “as sweet as can bee.” This cute bee-inspired baby shower theme is sure to be a hit!

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – A Starry Night

Create a truly magical setting for your baby shower with this fantastic idea! Use the theme of a starry night for the shower, making sure the whole venue is decorated with a multitude of stars. You can place cut-out stars on tables, create star-shaped cookies, hang star decorations from the ceiling and stick star toppers in cupcakes or cakes. You can place a poster or a sign as a backdrop on a wall. It should read “twinkle, twinkle little star. Do you know how loved you are?”

7. A Rustic Vibe – Elegant and Earthy

Are you in search of a baby shower theme, that is more on the simple side? Use earthy colours and decor to create a rustic looking party! Place vases of flowers here and there and don’t forget to hang paper decor balls from the ceiling or streamers. Since we are talking about a baby shower though, it’s important to include decor elements which are actually linked to the topic of the party. Hang up baby items, onesies, teddy bears and diapers on a clothesline. Then use this as a source of decor at the party.

8. A Sky Full of Stars – Beautiful Baby Shower Themes

If you like the theme of a starlit night sky, why not use it as inspiration for your baby shower? Create a cut-out moon as a backdrop, coating it in glitter. Cut out the shapes of stars and place them around the moon. You can also use a string of fairy lights to embrace the theme of this starry sky. You can also stick an array of white balloons together, to create a big fluffy cloud. Ambient lighting will show best with this theme.

9. Royalty and Florals – Baby Showers for Girls

Are you expecting a baby girl? If so, make sure you use many shades of pink for the whole baby shower! For example, cake and snacks can also be pink-coloured. Make sure to include a plentitude of flowers, carefully placed and arranged in vases. Use softer tones in the flowers, like pink, yellow and white, to truly bring out a feminine vibe. Another way you can accentuate this baby shower is by placing crowns on the flowers or on the top of the cake as well. It will feel as if the expected baby girl is going to be royalty!

10. Going on Safari – Into the Jungle

If you are in search of a baby shower theme for a boy, this one is an amazing idea! Create a safari or jungle themed baby shower. Use big plushies of animals you might run into during a safari tour, for example, lions, elephants, giraffes or zebras. Make sure to use a lot of green when it comes to a safari-themed baby shower. Place exotic plants around the venue, or even better, exotic flowers, such as orchids. Your guests will feel as if they have just stepped into a safari!

11. A Winter Wonderland – Silvery Snowflakes

If the baby shower is going to be held during a month of winter, you might as well embrace the wintery theme and create a winter wonderland! Coat the whole baby shower in shades of silver, using hints of white and pink in the decorations as well. You can cut out snowflakes from paper, hanging them from the ceiling. Also, place small statues of fir trees on the tables or actual ones around the venue. You can also use small toys of animals, such as polar bears or reindeer around the venue.

12. An Angelic Atmosphere – Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Your little angel will be born soon! To express how you think and feel about your baby, create an angelic atmosphere for the baby shower. Use cut-out clouds to decorate the venue, this was the guests will find themselves walking above the clouds! Also incorporate stars into the decoration as well, making the whole baby shower feel as it were heaven itself!