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25 BABY SHOWER CAKE IDEAS FOR BOYS - Inspiration for Baby Showers
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25 BABY SHOWER CAKE IDEAS FOR BOYS – Inspiration for Baby Showers

25 BABY SHOWER CAKE IDEAS FOR BOYS - Inspiration for Baby Showers


There are hundreds of small details you have to look out for when you are getting ready for your baby shower! Having the right sort of decor, fun games and activities for your guests and food for the shower are just a few of the things you need to pay attention to. Another important factor of a baby shower is the cake which you serve to your guests. Not only should your cake be tasty, but you might also like to have your cake decorated according to the theme or the decor of the party. If you already know the gender of the baby and want to reveal this to the guests at the baby shower, make sure you decorate the cake in a boyish or girlish manner. So, if you are expecting a boy, we have collected 25 baby shower cake ideas for boys. Also, make sure to look through our collection of baby shower ideas.


1. Baby Feet – Scrumptious Baby Shower Cakes

Using fondant as an element of decoration for your cake is a great idea! It’s easy to use and it gives a cake a new definition. If you are expecting a baby boy create two baby shoes and the figurine of a baby out of fondant, Place the baby inside one of the shoes, as if it were his cot. Place the tiny baby shoes on top of your cake. You can also create small fondant pearls which you stick around the cake itself.

2. Oh Boy – Shades of Green and Blue

Now, here’s a baby shower cake which looks absolutely fantastic! If you are expecting a baby boy, you will want to decorate your cake in boyish colours. Blue and green are perfect colours to use for a baby shower cake for boys. Naturally, it’s up to you on how many tiers you’d like to create for your cake and there are limitless ways to use these two colours to make your cake look fabulous. Something funny to further decorate your cake with is creating letters out of fondant which spells out “oh boy.” Not only does this reveal the gender of the baby, but it also stands for the big adventure of raising a child.

3. Washing the Clothes – Adorable Cake Decoration Ideas

The arrival of a baby in the family means a lot of things! Besides bringing joy, the baby boy will also bring new responsibilities and tasks with himself. One of the few ways of taking care of the newborn is by making sure that his clothes are always clean. The best way of picturing this on a cake is by creating small baby clothes out of fondant, and sticking them on the sides of the cake. It will look like the clothes are drying on a clothesline. You can create a bib, a onesie or a diaper out of fondant.

4. Animals and Clothes – An Overload of Cuteness

Here is a cake which immediately screams baby shower! The usage of animal figurines, made out of either marzipan or fondant combined with the imagery of baby clothes hanging on a clothesline is a perfect combination. If this isn’t a statement for a baby shower, we don’t know what is!

5. Lovely Teddy Bear – A Baby’s Best Friend

A tree stump as the bottom tier, baby clothes drying in the blue sky and a teddy bear on the very top of the cake creates a gorgeous cake. Using tones of blue and brown are perfect for a baby boy’s shower. To give your baby shower cake a bit of an edge, make sure you place a few fondant clothes on the plate itself as if they fell off the clothesline and tumbled down to the ground. Teddy bears are always a great source of inspiration for baby showers, as they are a baby’s best friend!

6. A Blue Pacifier – Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

One object you are guaranteed to see around a baby, probably in their mouth, is a pacifier. So, using a pacifier as inspiration for your cake design makes complete sense. Since we are talking about a baby boy, make sure that you use mainly shades of blue for the colouring of the cake. Create the pacifier out of fondant or marzipan and place it on top of the cake.

7. A Suit and Tie – Dressed to Impress

Having a baby means dressing them up for whatever occasion you are going to. If you are going to a more elegant event, then you will have dress up your baby boy as well. A suit and tie designed for a baby boy is a perfect outfit for a more elegant occasion. If you like these cute outfits, then make sure you use them as an idea for a cake. Create a few tiers for your cake, making them look like parts of a suit. You can form buttons, a bowtie and shoes out of fondant, to make the outfit complete!

8. Nautical Inspired – For a Little Sailor

There are so many cute cake ideas you can use if you are expecting a baby boy and here is just one of many! Maybe you are planning on hosting a nautical-inspired baby shower. If so, make sure that the cake is designed in a similar way. Blue and white stripes, a bit of rope and a few marine animals will give your guests a feeling of setting out and sailing on the sea.

9. A Good Night’s Sleep – Cute Teddy Bears

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. You might already have their cot set up in their room, with a few plush toys waiting for them! Create a cake for the baby shower, which symbolizes their need for sleep. You can shape clouds, stars and the moon out of fondant, carefully placing them on the tiers of the cake. Also consider creating teddy bears out of either fondant or marzipan, which are sleeping, eating out of a baby bottle and sucking their pacifier. Place them on the tiers of the cake for an adorable effect!

10. A Moon and a Star – Time for Some Sleep

Soon enough, your baby boy will arrive and will be sleeping soundly in his cot! Create a cake made of a few tiers, cutting the top layer into the shape of a star. Cover it in blue fondant or icing, sticking fondant stars all over it, creating the image of a starry sky. Cut another a piece of cake into the shape of a moon, covering it fully with fondant. Place this moon on top of the other layers of cake. This way the cake will truly look like a magical night sky which is perfect for a similar baby shower theme.

11. Blue Layers of Ruffles – Gender Reveal Cake

Are you planning to make your baby shower a gender reveal party as well? Cakes are a great way to reveal the gender of the baby. If you are expecting a baby boy, make sure you use shades of blue as an overall theme for your baby cake. You can cover your cake in blue ombre ruffles of icing, creating an amazing look.

12. Buttons and a Bowtie – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

There are thousands of great ideas on how to design a cake if you are expecting a baby boy! Here’s a simple, but super cute idea for you! Firstly, create a baby shower cake made up of a few tears, covering them in white fondant. Then, decorate them with a lot of blue ornaments. For example, blue fondant buttons and a fondant bowtie.

13. Fast Asleep – A Detailed Cake

Create a simple one-tiered cake, making it look like a bed, with a fondant blanket covering it. Place the figure of a small baby on top of this bed, which is also made out of fondant or marzipan. Since your baby is going to be a boy, use tones of blue for the blanket and the baby’s clothes.

14. Baby Blocks – Unique Cakes for Boys

Here’s a creative way to spell out a message on your baby shower cake! Create cubes out of cake, covering them completely in fondant. Make them look like alphabet blocks, by writing letters of them. Place these tasty blocks on your cake wherever you’d like, you can spell out a simple message, such as “baby” or “it’s a boy” with these!

15. Excellent Elephants – Simple and Adorable

Elephants are such adorable animals! If you love them as much as we do, make certain to get a bit of inspiration from them for your baby shower cake! Place a figure of an elephant on top of the cake, you can make it look like a toy elephant, even adding stitches as it was sewn together! Use shades of blue for the overall look of the cake and consider adding a heart-shaped sign hanging from the trunk of the elephant. You can write a message on this sign, that reads “we love him already” or something along those lines.

16. A Blue Carousel – Round and Round

Carousels are a fun activity to play, especially for small children! Sitting on a horse or unicorn, going round and round can be mesmerizing! Use carousels as inspiration for the baby shower cake, decorating it in blue shades, revealing the gender of the yet-to-be-born baby.

17. A Sweet Giraffe – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

If you are thinking about having animal-themed baby shower decoration, make sure that your cake is also designed in a similar theme! Giraffes are cute and exotic animals, making them perfect to use as a decoration on a cake. Create a giraffe out of fondant or marzipan, and place it on top of the cake. You can use brown shades or sandy tones for this cake, to complement the look of the giraffe.

18. Stripes and a Bow – Cute and Modern

If you have been looking for a simple and clean cake for your baby shower, go no further! Make a two-tiered cake. Decorate one with blue and white stripes of fondant, while coating the other with a simple white fondant and tying a blue bow around it. For a special effect, create baby shoes out of either fondant or marzipan, placing them on the top tier.

19. Silver Plentitude of Stars – Beautiful Cake Ideas

Create your cake to look like a starry night sky. Use shades of silver, grey and pearl to give your baby shower cake a beautiful atmosphere. Place fondant stars and pearls all over the cake. This is a perfect cake to serve at your baby boy’s shower.

20. A Pretty Pram – Brown and Green

If you prefer a modern twist on things, including cakes, then here is a perfect cake for you! Create a cake out of more tiers, cover them with brown and green fondant polka-dots and stripes. You can even create a pram out of fondant or marzipan and carefully place it on the top of the cake. This cake is perfect for a baby boy’s shower and will be delicious baby shower food.

21. Bears and Stars – Baby Shower Cakes

Cover the tiers of your cake in an array of fondant decor, including clouds, stars and a moon. Also create small marzipan or fondant bears, which you place on various parts of the cake. This combination of a starry sky and cute bears is perfect for a baby shower!

22. An Elegant Cake – Blue and White

When designing a cake for a baby boy’s shower, you can’t really go wrong with using blue and white as the main colours. A great and elegant way to decorate a cake is by creating small fondant pearls and sticking them to the sides of the cake. The pearls will give your cake an elegant glow. You can also create fondant baby shoes, to place on the top of the cake.

23. A Small Steam Train – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

While little girls like to play with dolls and toys, baby boys might prefer playing with toy cars and toy trains. To express this love of small mechanical toys, why not create a steam train out of fondant or marzipan on top of the cake? The rest is up to you, on how you’d like to decorate the cake!

24. Bringing a Baby – Inspired by Storks

There’s a common story we tell children, who are deemed too young to know anything of the sort, that storks deliver babies. While we discover as we get older, that this story is just a myth, the cute image of a stork flying with a bundle remains in our brains. How about using this idea for your baby shower cake? Make a stork which is carrying a baby under its wing out of fondant and place it on the top of the cake.

25. A Rocking Horse – And Other Toys

Babies and kids love to play with toys. This includes teddy bears, kites, toy cars or trains and even rocking horses! Use toys as an inspiration for your baby shower’s cake! This will give your cake a delightful and fun look!


We hope that this pick of 25 baby shower cake ideas for boys have inspired you and helped you find what sort of cake you would like! Make sure to check out our other ideas concerning baby shower party ideas at our website!