Why Termite Bait System Renewal Is Important?


A system operates seamlessly when it is well-maintained. That means there are check ups and maybe even parts that need replacing. The same can be said for a termite bait renewal system

Termites have a knack for destroying property. They are attracted to the cellulose found in building materials. Eliminating termites and their colonies around your property shouldn’t be a one-time done deal; it is always a continuous process that a reputable and experienced pest control company, such as Pest-Ex Pest Control Brisbane, should do especially in high risk areas.

How It Works

A termite bait system works this way:

Your home would be outfitted with 20 to 25 stations around its perimeter. The number depends on how big the property is and how extensive the colonies are. Inside each station are timber that act as baits. The timber has a slow-release chemical that is meant to eliminate the colony over time. It affects the termite’s molting process.

A pest control should be able to check the stations monthly because once the timber runs out, these stations simply hollow plastic containers in the ground. The termites will now have to look for other food sources which would most likely be your home.

It is important that the baits should be in good condition or are fresh or else the termites won’t get attracted to it and simply move on to what’s appealing to them.

How Renewal Works

A good pest control company would have a contract that spans 12 months — meaning they would be able to check the stations every 4 weeks or so.

Each renewal, the technician will do a full house inspection and see if the termites have begun infesting on the property (aside from the baits). If there are no infestations, he would proceed to renew the timber in each station that is laden with chemicals called Focused Termite Attractor. This is supposed to happen every month to ensure that the termites have been eliminated entirely.

If the house or area is low-risk, the technician might be able to stretch the period from 4 to 8 weeks. For high-risk properties with proven termite history, monthly renewal is a must.

Don’t be one of those homeowners who think that having a system installed means they’re set for life. Don’t also be fooled by companies that lead you to believe such. The process of eliminating termites is an ongoing one.

Why Some Termite Bait Systems Fail

Some systems fail because it is largely the fault of the pest control company for being inconsistent with checking. As stated above, monthly check-ups should be done to be able to ensure that the system in place becomes effective. Always ask the company if their contract states that they do monthly inspections. If not, it’s best to look for someone else.

DIY Baits Don’t Work Either

There are over-the-counter baits that some homeowners buy, thinking they can eliminate the termites themselves and save on costs. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen at all. What homeowners don’t know is that termite bait systems from pest control companies aren’t just outfitted with timber slabs; they are chemicals that attract the termites. Aside from this, bait systems are never above ground level; it should be buried underground. The timber should be in contact with the soil where the termites usually go look for food.

Whenever you suspect a termite infestation, it will never hurt to call the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with pests properly and effectively with the use of industry-approved materials and systems.