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THE BEST NAIL DESIGNS - Ideas for Your Nails

THE BEST NAIL DESIGNS – Ideas for Your Nails

Are you going to be heading off to date or to a fancy dinner party? Or maybe you’re just going out with friends to catch up over brunch? Wherever you might be going to, you will want to look your best! This means wearing your favourite clothes, doing your hair up really nicely and choosing the write accessories! An important part of your whole look is your nails! Depending on your style and taste, you might be looking for something more on the simple side. But you might be in search of a unique and creative pattern to have painted on your nails! Whatever you might be looking for, make sure to browse through our collection of nails!


1. Almond Shaped Nails – Almond Nail Designs

When it comes to nails, you might be picky about what sort of shape they are cut in! For example, some people love coffin nails, others don’t. A beautiful type of nail shape is the almond nail. It’s elegant and sophisticated and will look stunning at any event you need to go to. Depending on what your taste is in nails and patterns, we are sure you will be able to find something which matches it in our collection of almond-shaped nails!

2. French Manicure Ideas – Simple and Refined Nails

Are you in search of simpler and more elegant nails? Then why not consider getting your nails done in a french manicure? You can try out the classic french manicure, but you might also spruce it up a bit, with a few rhinestones inserted into your nails. Or you might be in search of edgy almond-shaped nail designs. For example, why not try painting your nails with matte colours? This will bring a chic and stylish look to your nails!

3. Nail Designs for Short Nails – Short Nail Designs

Nails function as a separate part of your whole outfit. They can come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Perhaps you have shorter nails, simply because you prefer wearing them that way. After all, shorter nails tend to be a lot more practical than long ones. If you have been searching for nail designs for short nails, then go no further! We have collected a whole pick of shorter nail design ideas with all sorts of patterns and colours! We hope you will be able to find a stunning idea amongst them.

4. Cute Nails for Kids – Nail Ideas for Children

Does your little girl want her nails to be painted? Maybe she wants to look fabulous at school or a party she is going to. If she constantly bites her nails, painting them might help her stop! There are hundreds of fantastic nail designs for kids, which are too cute to be true. So depending on what your child’s taste is, try helping them choose something which will also help them in expressing themselves! This might be painting small cupcakes on her nails or adorable animals!

5. Amazing Toenail Designs – Some Great Toenail Ideas

Is summer just around the corner? If so, you might be considering giving your feet a pedicure! This means you may want your toenails painted in a creative or unique way! Depending on your style you might want to go for a simple layer of colour. But you might be in search of something a bit fancier. For example, adding a bit of glittery polish to your toenails will add a lovely glow to them! We have collected an array of toenail designs, so make sure to check them out!

6. White Nail Designs – Stunning White Nail Ideas

Maybe you are in search of white nail designs. After all, white is a simple and clean colour. Painting your nails white will give you a natural elegance. So painting your nails white is a great idea for any sort of occasion! Whether you are going for a pale pink and white ombre or cute white patterns decorating your nails, we’re certain that you will be able to find something perfect!

No matter where you are going to, we hope that you found inspiration concerning nails in our collection!