25 CHEAP HALLOWEEN DECORATION IDEAS - Halloween Party Decorations
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25 CHEAP HALLOWEEN DECORATION IDEAS – Halloween Party Decorations

25 CHEAP HALLOWEEN DECORATION IDEAS - Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, which is one of everyone’s favourite fall festivities! This means it’s time to start carving pumpkins, dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. Getting ready for this exciting event also means preparing your home with spooky-looking food and decorations and autumn ideas! Creating the right sort of decor for Halloween is a necessity! When someone enters your house this season you will want to present a spooky ambience towards them. That’s exactly why we have collected 25 cheap Halloween decoration ideas, to help you out in finding something perfect for your home! After all, you will want to blow away your guests this Halloween with truly spooktacular Halloween party decorations!


1. Hanging Lanterns – Creative Mason Jar Ideas

Make sure you use some sort of spooky Halloween decorations to illuminate your house for Halloween! A simple mason jar craft such as this one will go a long way! Coat your mason jars in a seethrough orange before placing a candle in each one. Drape torn strings of fabric around the top of each mason jar, giving them a haunted vibe. Then you will simply have to attach some wires to the jars to hang them from wherever you’d like. If these don’t give you creepy vibes, we don’t know what will!

2. A Gathering of Witches – Halloween Party Decorations

Create the look of a witches cupboard or clothes rack. Black witches hats, black cloaks and brooms on and next to a coat hanger.  Whenever someone steps into your house this will be the first thing they see. They might ponder about whether you are holding witch gatherings in your home. You might also think about placing a few pairs of witchy boots on the floor or a statue of a cat. Another great idea is to place a welcome sign for witches above your coat hanger!

3. Spiders on Cobwebs – Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas

Here is another scary decor idea for Halloween! Spiders crawling around on cobwebs. To create these balls of cobwebs, you will need to glue white string all over balloons. After allowing the string to dry, pop the balloons! You will be left with a ball of spun webs. Attach small figurines of spiders to these balls to give them a creepy look. Hang these spidery balls wherever you’d like to. For example, they would make a perfect addition to your garden! But they would also look great in your house.

4. Oogie Boogie – He Is Watching You

If you are looking for a cheap and fairly easy Halloween decoration idea, check this out! If you have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, you might remember Oogie Boogie who is always up to no good. Use him as inspiration for your Halloween decor, after all, he is a resident of Halloween Town! Cut out his figure, or at least his face and claws out of cardboard. Place this cutout in one of your windows. When you light up the room his silhouette will appear looming in the window! It will look awesome and creepy!

5. Spider Treat Bowls – For Trick-or-Treat

Create some spooky treat bowls for any trick-or-treaters who stop by your house during Halloween! Attach plastic straws to plates, four on each side. Bend each plastic straw, as if creating a knee-like bend. These will create the spindly legs of spiders! Attach a pair of googly eyes to the front of the plate as well for the spider. After creating your spider treat bowls, all you will need to do is fill them up with whatever sort of treats you can find! This can mean chocolates, any sort of candy or salty snacks!

6. A Small Cemetery – Halloween Party Decorations

Create a small cemetery on your front lawn. Make some gravestones out of cut out wooden panels. Coat them with paint and write a name on each gravestone before sticking it in the ground. We’re not talking about actual names, but witty ones. For example, “Myra Mains” can be read out as “my remains.” Another is “Ima Goner,” which can be interpreted as “I’m a goner.” Interesting, huh? This will look quite sinister as people approach your house during Halloween, seeing gravestones sticking out of the ground! This is super creative and exciting, perfect for the spooky festival!

7. An Array of Flying Bats – Creepy Halloween Decorations

Create an awesome Halloween decor such as this one! Hang cutout bats from the ceiling, as if they were flying around in your house! This decor is easy to create, all you will need is some black paper. Cut out the shapes of bats, they can be cut out in various sizes and shapes. It’s really up to you! Then string them from the ceiling. You can attach more than one bat to each string. Anyone who visits you during Halloween will be amazed by this array of flying bats!

8. Fun and Fuzzy Spiders – Crawling Around the House

A lot of people seem to have arachnophobia, so using spiders as Halloween decor will be an awesome way to spook your guests! Create a lot of small spiders out of fuzzy wires. Use black fuzzy wires to get the best effect. Just check out the tutorial above on how to create these fuzzy and fun spiders, you will need five fuzzy wires for each spider! After finishing them off, make sure you place them around your house. You can create some webs for them to hang in!

9. A Witch’s Wreath – Stunningly Spooky

Something you won’t want to forget about decorating is your front door! When trick-or-treaters arrive at your porch, the first thing they will do is knock! So make sure you give your front door a spooky and sinister atmosphere! A simple solution is to create a wreath for your front door. Use black feathers and black fabric for the base of the wreath. Then find a few smaller ornaments to place on your wreath. For example, a small broomstick and a miniature witch’s hat. Give your wreath an extra glow by placing a ribbon on it as well!

10. Hanging the Witches – Great Halloween Party Decorations

Here is another fun Halloween decor you can create for your home. Fill striped stockings with cotton wool, filling them up to look like actual human legs. Attach some witchy shoes to the feet of each one. Now all you will need to do is hang these from your ceiling. You can attach each pair of stockings to an umbrella as if that were the body of the witch! Using witches as inspiration for Halloween is always a great idea and you can’t really go wrong with it!

11. Floating Witches Hats – Spooky and Eerie

Here is another simple way to get your home ready for Halloween! Attach a few pointy witches hats to strings, hanging them from various parts of the ceiling. It will almost look as if they were floating in the air. You might also consider placing a broom somewhere close to the hats, just as an extra effect. As we mentioned before, using witches as inspiration for Halloween decor is a fantastic idea!

12. Bloody Mason Jars – Easy Crafts for Halloween

There are so many decoration and craft possibilities when it comes to mason jars! Here is just one of many! Dip the top of each jar in thick red paint. Instead of coating the whole jar in it, make sure that the paint flows down slowly on the sides. The drips of the thick red paint will resemble flowing blood. Place these mason jars around the house, placing a candle in each. This way when you light up the house with an array of candles, an eerie and sinister atmosphere will descend on your home!