25 SPOOKY HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS - The Best Halloween Costumes

25 SPOOKY HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS – The Best Halloween Costumes


25 SPOOKY HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS - The Best Halloween Costumes


Autumn has finally arrived after a long and beautiful summer! Along with the arrival of fall come the seasonal holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween is such a fun event! Everyone gets to dress up as whoever or whatever they like. You can go for an outfit which is more on the spookier side or something which reflects your personality! How about you make your own Halloween outfit for the holidays? This might take some time, but it will be worth it! We have collected 25 fun and spooky Halloween costume ideas for you to gather autumn inspiration from! Take a look through this pick of best Halloween costumes in order to find some great ideas!


1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown – Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a huge fan of Stephen King’s novel It? Then you have probably seen the new movie which came out a few years ago! The scary clown, Pennywise, has become an iconic character. He is an eerily scary character, with a fondness for luring children to his lair. If you are considering dressing up as Pennywise, remember to get a red wig. Paint your body white and dress up in clown clothes. Naturally, don’t forget to include Pennywise’s favourite accessory, a floating red balloon!

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Best Halloween Costumes

One of Tim Burton’s classics is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This exciting movie incorporates a whole town of Halloween, where all the characters are designed and dressed for the holiday! Take inspiration from these Halloween characters! Whether it’s the king of Halloween himself, Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie or Sally, you can dress up to look like anyone! Depending on who you decide to dress up as, make sure that your costume matches the outfit of the onscreen character. You will also have to concentrate on getting your makeup on point to make you resemble the character!

3. Alice in Wonderland – Out of a Fairytale

Alice in Wonderland - Out of a Fairytale

There are so many fabulous Halloween costume ideas to choose from! Instead of going for a spookier effect, why not stick to one of your favourite characters? If you have seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, you will have been sure to like it. Why not use it as inspiration and dress up as Alice from the movie? This costume will bring a sense of innocence, naiveness and curiosity with itself. A costume such as this is perfect if you have a similar personality to the character. If you are trying to pick costumes with a group of friends, you can all dress up as a character from Wonderland!

4. Get the Family Involved – Creative Halloween Costumes

A fantastic series of movies and books is no other than the Harry Potter series. Get your whole family involved with the Halloween costumes! If you have a newborn baby, you will be guaranteed to love this costume idea. Dress up with your partner in wizard and witch robes and place your baby in a big brown pot, which is filled with soft blankets. Then simply attach a few green leaves to your baby’s head and write “mandrake” on the pot. To ensure you can’t hear the mandrake’s screeches, get some earmuffs for your ears!

5. Historical Characters – Smart and Unique

If you are a fan of history and adore reading through history books, why not choose a historical character to inspire your Halloween costume? Depending on who your favourite historical character is, use them as a reference for your costume. This sort of idea is definitely unique and we’re sure that during Halloween, you won’t meet at least ten people wearing the same costume! Great historical characters include Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Pocahontas, Elizabeth the First and Napoleon.

6. Elegance with a Twist – Carnival of Animals

If you are going to a Halloween party that is more on the elegant side, make sure you wear your best dress. Instead of going in a full-body costume, simply just place a mask on your face. You can get animal masks practically anywhere nowadays, or you can make one yourself! With this small addition, you will be all ready for Halloween! This also means you won’t have to spend hours coating yourself in body and face paint. Just attach the mask to your face and you’re ready to go!

7. Daenerys and Her Dragons – Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Daenerys and Her Dragons - Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you been keeping up to date with the newest fantasy TV series Game of Thrones? There are so many amazing characters in the series, who you can use as inspiration for the best Halloween costumes. A favourite character amongst fans is Daenerys Targaryen, a young and strong woman fighting for her rights. She hatches a few eggs from which baby dragons crawl out. Get dressed as Daenery for this Halloween! Get yourself a white or silvery wig as well as a costume. If you have any pets, attach wings to their backs and they will serve as your dragons!

8. The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy Costume Idea

Another inspirational movie is The Wizard of Oz! It’s a timeless classic, which everyone loves! Again, this is a movie that contains at least a dozen characters, from who you can choose to dress up as. A typical pick is Dorothy, the girl who gets stuck in a tornado in Kansas and gets swept away to the fantasy land of Oz. You will need a white and blue checkered dress and red glittery shoes! Create two braids out of your hair for the complete Dorothy look!

9. Coraline Vibes – A Set of Button Eyes

Coraline is a novel by Neil Gaiman which was made into an animated film as well! The novel, as well as the film, have an eerie sense of horror lingering through the plot. A little girl, Coraline, gets transported into a parallel world, where everything seems to be the same, except for the fact that the people there have buttons for eyes. To transform into a character from Coraline, you will need to place buttons on your eyes, as well as paint your face with some creepy looking makeup. This is one of the best Halloween costumes out there!

10. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell – Fly to Neverland

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - Fly to Neverland

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell have become timeless characters in the world of fantasy. They both represent a magical concept of eternal youth and never growing up. So if you are going for a costume which isn’t so spooky, why not dress up as either of these characters? Peter Pan will need a green outfit with his pointy green hat. Tinkerbell should be wearing a short, glittery green dress and a pair of wings. This is a perfect Halloween outfit or even a Carnival costume for a family, but will also look great if you are wearing one of these costumes by yourself.

11. Become a Sushi – Creative Halloween Costumes

Become a Sushi - Creative Halloween Costumes

Create a quirky Halloween costume by yourself! If you love eating sushi, why not become one yourself? Wear a white shirt and white pants, or a white dress. This will symbolise the rice. If you have an orange pillow lying around the house, sew some white stripes into it, as it were a small piece of salmon. Then tie the pillow onto your back with a black or dark green piece of cloth, acting as the seaweed. This is a super unique and quirky costume for Halloween!

12. Winnie the Pooh – Cute and Fun

Did you read or watch Winnie the Pooh while growing up? If you and your friends are thinking about finding matching outfits for Halloween, then why not use Winnie the Pooh as inspiration? All of you can find characters from this story whom you can dress up as!

13. Cute as Fruit – The Best Halloween Costumes for Groups

Here is one of many great Halloween costume ideas if you are planning to go with your friends in matching outfits to a Halloween party. You can each get a t-shirt which is designed to look like a piece of fruit. Each one of you can choose a fruit which you like the most to dress up as!

14. Angel and Devil – Easy and Simple

A classic Halloween costume is this! Dress up as either an angel or a devil, or you can even go for a dark angel theme. This costume is easy and simple to make, you either need a white or black dress. To spruce up the look add some wings and a halo to it. Or if you are dressing up as a devil, you can grab some horns and a pitchfork for this look!

15. Cruella De Vil – Disney Inspired

Cruella De Vil - Disney Inspired


If you watched Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, you might consider dressing up as the main antagonist, Cruella de Vil. This will create a malevolent yet stylish look on you! You will need to paint your hair half black and the other half white. You will also need a coat which is white with black dots on it. Try finding a dalmatian toy or plushie which you can carry around with you all night. Get your nails on point with some Halloween nail art!

16. A Wicked Witch – Sexy Halloween Costumes

Go for a classic and sexy Halloween costume why not dress up as a witch? Besides wearing a long dress, preferably in black, you will need a pointy hat and a broomstick! Also, consider wearing a pair of gloves to give your whole outfit a more elegant and witchy look.

17. Freddy Krueger – Creeping into Dreams

If you have seen A Nightmare on Elm Street, you will be familiar with Freddy Krueger. The man who haunts people in dreams and has knives for fingers. If you decide to embody him for this year’s Halloween, you will be sure to spook everyone! Get yourself either a stripey pullover or a dress and a fedora hat. You will have to attach a glove to one of your hands which has plastic knives attached to each finger.

18. The Joker – A Unique Villain

If you like watching superhero movies, you might have found that there are some fantastic and misunderstood villains. The Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis, is one of these villains. It’s quite easy to achieve his look. You will need to use body paint in order to create the same white shade for your body as the Joker has. Also, you will need to paint your hair bright green. Dress up in a suit and tie and add some face paint to your face, to give you intense Joker vibes.

19. Becoming a Skeleton – Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas

Becoming a Skeleton - Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are a skilful makeup artist, you might as well create some art on your face! Nothing looks as good for Halloween as convincing makeup art! You might consider painting a skull on your face, accentuating the shapes of the bones which create the skull.

20. The Curse of the Mummy – DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have run out of time, but still want an amazing costume for Halloween, why not turn yourself into a mummy? All you will need to do is cover yourself in roll bandages. Slowly twist them around your body, attaching them to each other so they won’t fall off. You will also have to spin the bandage around your head for a more spooky look! These are cheap Halloween costumes to try out!

21. A Tasty Hamburger – The Best Halloween Costumes

Become a favourite meal for Halloween! While food costumes aren’t scary, they will bring a burst of energy and fun to any Halloween party. Why not dress up as a hamburger? Using pillows and bigger strips of fabric, you will be able to create the layers of a hamburger on your body!

22. Pure Imagination – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Do you like the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? If so, take some inspiration from the fantastic ideas in the book and movie! Dress up as Willy Wonka or any of the kids who visit his factory. You can even dress up one of your kids as an Oompa Loompa.

23. A Zombie Costume – Cheap and Simple

A Zombie Costume - Cheap and Simple

There’s nothing as cheap and simple as dressing up as zombies! All you will need is some ripped clothes, sprayed over with red paint, resembling blood. Add some of this red paint to your body as well to give yourself a true zombie look. You might consider getting some different coloured contact lenses, like pale blue or white without pupils, for the real deal! So try out these cheap Halloween costumes!

24. Dia De Los Muertos – Day of the Dead Makeup

You might have seen some examples of Dia de Los Muertos makeup. This makeup style is intricate and detailed, depicting a unique take on a skull. So if you would like to go for a more elegant, yet death-themed Halloween makeup style, try this out!

25. An Alien Look – Halloween Costume Ideas

Aliens have always been a mystery to humans. It’s still a major question to this day, whether they exist or not. Embrace your inner alien this Halloween and paint your skin green. You can also get yourself a green wig for an even more outer space look!


We trust that this pick of 25 Halloween costume ideas has given you some inspiration! For more fall or Halloween ideas, besides the best Halloween costumes, such as pumpkin carving ideas or Halloween food ideas, check out our website!