10 Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Kids That Are a Must For Trick-or-Treat!


If you love Halloween nights for the same reason we do (that you can eat any amount of snacks, desserts, and candies) then you’re probably as excited about these 10 Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Kids as us! Read our article and have a blast this Halloween!

10 Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Kids That Are a Must For Trick-or-Treat - DIYDecorCrafts

A group of bright yellow bananas won’t look scary or aren’t fit for Halloween… Or so you’ve been told! Grab a Sharpie pen and draw them a pair of adorable eyes and a mouth to make them look like they’re screaming in the spirit of the day! It’s so simple and easy, while being healthy and subverts expectations. The Boo-nanas are an amazing treat.

Boo-nanas - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

The Haunted egg faces have a way of making your kids and loved ones skip a heartbeat and bring a smile to their faces when they enter the kitchen. Or you can switch it up with gluten-free and dairy-free snacks, such as Tangerine Pumpkins. All you need is a Sharpie pen to make everyday food products into something more, spooky and cute!

If you’re looking for some easy Halloween DIY crafts you need nothing extra tools for, look no further!

Haunted Eggs - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Pumpkin Tangerines - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Bake any cupcake you like, and just decorate it with pretzel twists, coat it with chocolate icing and candy eyes to form the Mini Cupcake Spiders! You can also make Tim Tam Tombstones, then decorate them with a cute RIP sign. Also, the combination of dark and white chocolate makes it an amazing feat!

If you’re looking for something spooky and delicious, go with the Bowl of Worms! They are completely edible, scary and delicious! Perfect for Halloween! You’ll need disposable straws, jello, and only a few other ingredients. Put them next to the tombstones for extra effect.

Here are 5 additional Easy Halloween Food Ideas your kids will love!

Bowl of Worms - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

If you’re looking for a mummy craft, look no further! The Mummy-Dogs is so simple you can let your kids do the work while you work on something else. They become crisp and nice in the oven in just a couple minutes.

Mummy-Dogs - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Mummies, spooky spiders, haunted fruits… What are we missing? Something that you should not! The Strawberry Ghosts is an innovative Halloween treat inspired by an older recipe, reimagined to make it even more ghoulish thanks to the strawberries (and not to mention they taste even better!)

Strawberry Ghosts - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

The Graveyard Taco Dip will impress your friends as well as your kids and family! It pairs extremely well with the Coffin Sandwiches as well. Halloween treats come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, but sometimes simple makes best. Making these is so easy-to-achieve that you can just recreate them whenever your kids fancy something toothsome or creepy. Or you can just use something every other Halloween!

Graveyard Taco Dip - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids
Coffin Sandwiches - Easy Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

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