25 TODDLER BOY HAIRCUTS – Cute Little Boy Haircuts


25 TODDLER BOY HAIRCUTS - Cute Little Boy Haircuts


When getting the perfect look for a whole outfit, you will need to watch out for a few things. Not only are the clothes and the accessories important, but so is your hairstyle and haircut! It’s important for both women and men, no matter how old or how young they are! That’s exactly why we have gathered 25 little boys haircuts, so you and your son will be able to find something cool for him! When searching for a haircut for a little boy, you will want something practical, which he can play around in. On the other side, you will want a toddler boy haircut that is stylish and trendy! So take a look through our collection for some hairstyle inspiration!


1. A Simple Look – Little Boy Short Haircuts

During these modern times, you might find it difficult to find the best sort of toddler boy haircut for your son. While there are a lot of amazing and cool haircuts, you will want to think about how the haircut matches the shape of his face or his personal style. Part his hair on one of the sides and have his hair cut short, but not too short! You should be able to create a messy side fringe out of his hair, to give his haircut an extra boost! 

2. Shaved on One Side – Looking His Coolest

We have all seen adult men sporting this awesome look! Their hair shaved short, but not bald, on the sides with the top left longer! This is a truly charming haircut for a little boy, but would also make a fantastic short haircut for a man. Not to mention, it will shine perfectly at any event you need to take him to. Whether it’s just a casual school day or a fancier occasion he needs to tag along with his parents. So if you have been contemplating about giving him an edgy and cool look, which can also bring elegant vibes with itself, this is the toddler boy haircut for him! 

3. Layered and Fun – Little Boy Haircuts

Layered and Fun - Little Boy Haircuts

Here’s another fantastic haircut for your little boy, which will give him a little spunk and fun! Not to mention, this haircut is perfect for boys who have thin hair. When you have thin hair, you might want to create an illusion of it being thicker and filled with more volume. A simple trick to create this illusion is to layer hair. Adding layers will make it look a lot thicker. So add some layers to your little boy’s haircut for an amazing look!

4. Swept onto the Side – Smart and Sleek

Another gorgeous haircut for little boys is leaving their hair longer, and sweeping it all to the sides! This was and still is a typical hairstyle for pop stars and celebrities. So if your little boy has a favourite member of a boy band and uses him as a role model for inspiration, he might appreciate this hairstyle. It’s a way of keeping his hair long in an extremely stylish manner. So make sure you bring out the best of your little boy’s hair with this awesome side-swept haircut! He will look like a pop star in no time!

5. A Fade Haircut – Awesome Little Boy Haircuts

If your little boy loves to bring a cool vibe with himself to anywhere he is going, then this haircut just might reflect his personality! A popular haircut, which you might see a lot of men and boys sporting is the fade haircut. It gives anyone an awesome look and is perfect for any sort of event. So whether you are just going to the playground with your son or taking him to a fancy dinner party, he will definitely stand out in the crowd! This is one of many fashionable little boy haircuts!

6. A Classic Look – Sweet and Adorable

There are so many stylish haircuts which will look great on any little boy! Instead of going for a short haircut, try out something longer. You can add bangs or a side fringe to his hair for a stunning effect. This classic look is great for any sort of occasion. It’s also a practical hairstyle if your little boy loves to play and run around a lot, as his hair won’t get in the way! So give your little boy this timeless look for a toddler boy haircut.

7. Long and Shaggy – Looking Like a Surfer

Long and Shaggy - Looking Like a Surfer

If you and your little boy visit the beach quite often, you might notice the surfers. Most surfers seem to have the same haircut, long and shaggy with natural highlights in it. If your little boy has been thinking about learning how to surf and would like to do this sport as a hobby, then little boy long haircuts will fit him perfectly! Leave his hair grown to a longer length, adding a few layers at the bottom. In a few instants, he will look exactly like the surfers you can notice down by the beachside!

8. Short and Cute – Great Haircuts for Little Boys

Here is another great haircut for little boys! It’s short and cute, making it a great first, proper haircut for your son! Cut his hair short, leave the top in a few messy layers, which are still short enough to stick up into the air. This short haircut has a messy vibe to it, which is perfect for a little boy! After all, young kids love playing around in the garden and chasing each other in a game of tag. So this haircut will be great for your kid if he loves to have a lot of fun!

9. Lovely With a Vintage Feel – Toddler Boy Hairstyles

If your little boy is a true gentleman, even though he is still very young why not give him a vintage or old-fashioned haircut! We aren’t talking about the bowl-cut, but something on the sweeter side! Cut his hair a bit shorter, leaving longer strands falling onto his forehead in the front. You can part his hair on the side or in the middle, either will look fantastic! This haircut will really give him a charming appeal, making him look like a small gentleman!

10. Short and Straight – A Simple Cut

A simple haircut is a great idea, especially when it comes to young boys! After all, it’s all about creating something practical which won’t get in the way during playtime. There are so many fashionable and trendy haircuts, which aren’t over the top. So stick to something more on the simple side, when it comes to giving your boy a haircut. Especially if he enjoys running around and having a whole lot of fun. You won’t even notice how messy his hair is when he is finished playing!

11. Awesome Layers – Make His Hair Look Thicker

Awesome Layers - Make His Hair Look Thicker

We have already talked about adding layers to hair if your son’s hair is very fine! Layers upon layers will make his hair look a lot thicker, as well as healthier! You can keep his hair in a short and simple haircut. Add a fringe or front bangs for a striking look!

12. A Trendy Glow – Little Boy Hairstyles

Here is yet another fabulous haircut for any little boy! Shave his hair on the sides and in the back, until his hair is about one or two centimetres short. Leave the hair on the top of his head and in the front longer. You can part his hair on the side to give him a sleek and stylish look. This is a super popular haircut for men, but it has become trendy for kids as well. So make sure to try it out!

13. A Man Bun – Cute on a Toddler

Man buns became a huge thing a few years ago. They are still really popular and they definitely boost the appearance of a lot of guys! If you have been searching for a popular hair trend for your son, why not let him grow out his hair to a longer length? Then all you will need to do is tie up his hair in a bun! It’s simple but amazing! If your son has a unique and creative personality, this will be the perfect hairstyle for him or for any man with long hair!

14. Simple and Sophisticated – Little Boy Haircuts

Perhaps you prefer a sense of simplicity and sophistication. If so, check out this short and simple haircut, which might just be a great option for your little man! Cut his hair medium-length, adding a fringe or front bangs to the haircut. It’s all about leaving things simple when it comes to this hair, as it will provide a refined elegance!

15. Wispy and Messy – Cute Boyish Haircuts

Wispy and Messy - Cute Boyish Haircuts

Here is yet another stylish haircut for young boys! It’s wispy and messy in all the right ways! Leaving the front part of his hair longer and the side and back shorter, this haircut is guaranteed to give him a cool spark! This is also a perfect haircut if he likes to play sports, like for example, skateboarding!

16. A Faux Hawk – Bring out His Inner Rockstar

If your little boy feels like a rockstar, then make sure to give him a rockstar haircut! This might be a faux hawk, which will definitely bring rock vibes to his whole appearance!  This means leaving his hair short on the side and back, and the top of his hair longer. You can use hair gel or hairspray to style his hair at the top, giving his hair a pointy top.

17. Layered and Cool – Easy Little Boy Haircuts

Leave your boy’s hair longer for a cool and stylish look! You can add a few layers to it to give it more volume and texture! Giving it a shaggy look will give your boy a casual and fun-loving image! Little boy long haircuts like this one are perfect for the everydays of the week or any sort of casual event.

18. Casual and Stylish – Great for Any Occasion

Here’s another hairstyle which resembles boyband haircuts! Leave your little boy’s hair longer, give him a side fringe as well! While this haircut is more on the casual side, it will also look great if you need to go to an elegant event! This is a great toddler boy haircut!

19. A Mini Faux Hawk – Rockstar Vibes

A Mini Faux Hawk - Rockstar Vibes

We have already mentioned having little boy hairstyles cut into a faux hawk. It will definitely give him a rockstar vibe, so if that’s what he is going for then make sure to try out this hairstyle! For a faux hawk shave the sides and back of his head into a shorter length. Leave the front part longer and with the help of hair gel, mould it into spikes!

20. Try Out an Undercut – A Trendy Haircut

We all know that an undercut is super stylish and trendy! If you want to make sure your young boy stands out in the crowd, then this is the haircut for him. Undercuts bring an elegant vibe with themselves. So, if you and the family are getting ready for a more fancy event, your little boy will look fabulous with this!

21. Cute and Short – Little Boy Haircuts

Are you in search of some fantastic little boy short haircuts? Then try out this short and straight cut on your little man! A clean haircut will definitely give him a sophisticated look. This is also a practical haircut for kids who love to play, as this will prevent his hair from getting into his eyes!

22. A Layered Cut – An Adorable Appearance

We have discussed before that adding layers to any sort of haircut, will create an illusion of thickness. So if your little boy has thin hair, make sure to add a few layers! You can opt for a shorter cut with bangs at the front. This will look adorable!

23. Pompadour Hair – Fashionable Toddler Boy Haircut

Pompadour Hair - Fashionable Toddler Boy Haircut

If your little boy has a bold and daring personality, make sure to reflect this in his hairstyle! There is no better haircut than the pompadour to express this with! It’s fashionable and truly iconic! This would also be a stylish hairstyle idea for men!

24. Long Beach Waves – Little Boy Haircuts

There’s nothing as cute as giving your little boy some waves! Leave his hair medium-length or longer. All you need to do is curl his hair into loose waves. This will give him a windswept appearance as if he has just been at the beach!

25. A Marvellous Mohawk – Glamorous Groove

If your little boy has always been a fan of rockstars then he will absolutely love this haircut! It’s a marvellous mohawk which is guaranteed to give him a groovy look, which is all about rock! This will definitely make him stand out wherever he goes!


We trust that you have been able to find a great toddler boy haircut while looking through this pick of toddler boy hairstyles! For other ideas, such as face painting ideas for kids or cute nails for children, just check out our website.