25 BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN – Trendy Mens Haircuts


Are you considering getting a new haircut? Or perhaps you are in search of a new haircut for a friend, brother, father or husband! Most importantly, you will want to find a hairstyle which suits the personality of the person in question. You see, getting a new hairstyle sometimes shows the world, what sort of personality and style you have. Maybe you are into something more elegant and refined, or perhaps you might be looking for something daring and bold. Whatever your style is, make sure to look through our collection of the 25 best hairstyles for men, because you want to look your best. We guarantee you will find some trendy mens haircuts amongst our pick of ideas!


1. A Midlength Taper – Trendy Mens Haircuts

When in search of a new hairstyle what signals or message would you like it to channel? Maybe you want to give off a youthful and playful vibe. If so, why not try out a midlength taper? First of all, this hairstyle embodies a youthful look. At the same time, it also sends masculine vibes. A midlength taper is all about getting your hair cut somewhat shorter on the sides of your head. Then have the strands of hair on the top of your head left longer.

2. What to Do About Curls – Best Hairstyles for Men

Do you have naturally curly and thicker hair? If so, you might want to settle for a midlength taper. As we just mentioned before, a midlength taper is shorter on the sides of the head and longer on the top. If you have curly hair, the hair on the top of your head will look amazing! Small curls on the top will accentuate your whole look and the whole hairstyle. You can’t really go wrong with a midlength taper. So if you have run out of ideas or inspiration, why not give it a try?

3. Bald and Brilliant – Looking Your Best

A problem which many men face is going bald at a younger age. Some men feel that they lose a part of themselves, as their hair recedes. However, men should know that with our without hair, they will still remain to be the same great person! When a man’s hairline has receded or only a few tufts of hair is left, it’s a good idea to cut it all off! Going completely bald will give you a masculine and bold look! You can grow out your beard or facial hair, which will make your overall look even better! Just remember that going bald is brilliant!

4. Try Out a New Colour – Dying Your Hair

Try Out a New Colour - Dying Your Hair

Perhaps you are in search of a daring and bold look! So why not dye your hair into an interesting colour, which will help provide you with a unique image. You can try out a completely different colour than what your natural hair is. For example, if you have dark brown hair, try out a platinum blonde! The rest is up to you, whether you’d like to style it in a shorter form or let it grow longer. We’re sure whatever you decide on, it will look amazing!

5. Fading Into Your Skin – Best Hairstyles for Men

Here is a hairstyle for men which has become very popular over the past few years! This is no other than the skin fade haircut. All this means is that with a razor a hairdresser is able to achieve a fade between your hair and your skin. The hair on the top of your head is left a bit longer, but the rest is quite short. This creates an incredibly unique look for any guy! If you have a tattoo somewhere on your head, getting this one of many trendy mens haircuts will be a great way to show it off! 

6. The Man Bun – Stylish and Sophisticated

Perhaps you have longer hair, which you have been growing for quite a few years. You wouldn’t really like to touch it, besides getting a trim every now and then. A great hairstyle for men who have long hair is tying it up in a man bun. A few years ago, the man bun became a super trendy hairstyle for guys. It looks effortless, as well as giving any guy an essence of elegance. So, if you have longer hair, then simply tie it up in a bun and try out this awesome hairstyle!

7. A Faux Hawk – Trendy Mens Haircuts

If you are in search of something wild and daring, you have come to the right place! Here is a hairstyle which is the definition of an adventurous hairstyle. This is no other than a faux hawk. So instead of trying out a mohawk, which might be a bit too much, try out a downsized version of it. The faux hawk carries a wild vibe with it, so if you have a bold personality, you will definitely work this hairstyle!

8. Long and Luscious – Hairstyles for Men

Long and Luscious - Hairstyles for Men

Having long hair will not necessarily give you a feminine appearance. It will actually give you an enchanting glow as if you were a prince, who has just stepped out of a fairytale. A lot of men choose to grow their hair out long, after all, it will give them a choice when it comes to styling their hair. Braid it or tie it up in a man bun, there are so many options! If you decide on growing your hair out long, you will have to take care of it! Trimming it every once in a while is a good idea, to get rid of pesky split ends!

9. A Textured Crop – Trendy Mens Haircuts

Here is one of the best hairstyles for men! Perhaps you have noticed a new trend popping out amongst men’s hairstyles. This is no other than the textured crop haircut. Shaved short on both sides of the head and left longer on the top. Getting a textured crop also involves having short bangs. With his haircut, you are guaranteed to get noticed more easily as well as stand out from the crowd. This short hairstyle for men is perfect for guys who have thinner hair, as the textured crop will create an illusion of having more hair!

10. Shaggy with Style – The Windswept Look

Another great look for guys is a shaggy and messy haircut. Instead of going very short, try out a midlength cut, with strands of hair sticking in each direction! It doesn’t matter whether you have straight or curly hair. Going for a haircut such as this will give you powerful masculine energy, not to mention it will look perfect for any occasion. So why not give these cool hairstyles for men a try?

11. Shag Haircut for Men – Trendy Mens Haircuts

Here is a hairstyle that is at least a decade old, but is still considered to be super stylish! Teenage boys used to love this hairstyle and at a time everyone had their hair cut this way! This is no other than the longer shag. You can add bangs to this hairstyle for the full look. Of course, you can stick to a messier version of the shag, which involves not brushing your hair each day! Going for a messier and more windswept look will definitely give you a boyish vibe.

12. Swept to the Side – Best Hairstyles for Men

Swept to the Side - Best Hairstyles for Men

Are you in search of a truly elegant hairstyle for men? Then check out this idea, which includes longer hair. Your hair should be parted on one of the sides of your head. Using hair gel or hairspray to fixate some of your strands of hair to the back of your head. This will help create a sleek look with the help of your hair! Naturally, you can leave a few strands to fall in your face for that sexy and effortless appearance!

13. Curls for Days – Cute and Fun Hair

If you have curly hair, you don’t have to grow your hair. You can try out a short and curly hairstyle for men! You might like to try out a cropped haircut. The great thing about having curly hair is you won’t have to add layers to texture your hair. Your curls will provide all of the texture!

14. Short and Smart – Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Maybe you would prefer short hairstyles for men over long ones! Going short does not mean getting a boring haircut though! Leave your hair longer at the very top of your hair. Then have the rest of your hair shaved off short. You can use hair gel to style the hair on the top of your head.

15. Terrific and Textured – A Low Maintenance Haircut

Are you the sort of guy who doesn’t like getting ready for certain events or occasions? Then why not get your hair cut in a way which is low maintenance? This means when you get up in the morning, you won’t have to spend minutes in front of your mirror getting your hair in place. Have your hair textured with layers and cut fairly short. It’s a simple and easy look, which will prove to be perfect for your everydays.

16. Parted in the Middle – A Fabulous Look

Parted in the Middle - A Fabulous Look

A hairstyle which was very popular in the ’90s was letting your hair grow a bit longer, then having it parted in the middle. This hairstyle has become popular again and has been labelled as a very gentlemanly look. So if you have been in search of something old-fashioned with a modern twist, make sure to try this hairstyle out!

17. Looking Professional and Handsome – Hairstyles for Men

Are you in search of a hairstyle which looks extremely professional? Something which will fit right into your workplace or will give you a more confident look at an interview? Let your hair grow to midlength, then sweep it all to one side of your head. If this doesn’t look great and handsome, we don’t know what will!

18. Short and Sporty – Trying Out Something Simple

Perhaps you like keeping your hair short and simple. If so, then why not opt for a haircut such as the one above? Have your hair cut short, without getting it textured or layered. Make sure that the hair on top of your head is just a few centimetres longer than the hair on the sides of your head for an awesome look.

19. Getting Some Bangs – Trendy Mens Haircuts

Perk up your straight hair with a cool fringe or some bangs! If you’ve been thinking of giving your hair a new look, a fringe will definitely add a stunning appearance to you. You can try out a side fringe or front bangs! It’s really up to you and also to the shape of your face and what sorts of hairstyles match it.

20. Styling an Afro – Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Styling an Afro - Hairstyle Ideas for Men

There are so many choices when it comes to styling an afro! You can let it grow out fully, giving yourself a natural and awesome look. But you can also try giving your hair a different style. For example, by shaving the sides of your head and letting the top grow out a few centimetres.

21. Go for Grey – Cool Hairstyles for Men

Has your hair started turning grey? That’s totally okay, it’s the natural cycle of life! Instead of trying to hide it, try owning it! Men with some strands of grey hair give off a mature vibe to them. So leave your hair sprayed with silver and get a stylish haircut to complement it!

22. Layers on Layers – Modern and Trendy Haircuts for Men

We have already talked about adding layers to your hair, even if you are trying out a shorter haircut. Adding layers will ensure that your hair looks more textured and thicker. So this is a great idea concerning short hairstyles for men out there, who have thin hair!

23. A Short Shave – Masculine and Bold

Do you want to channel masculine and bold energy? If so, why not try cutting your hair super short! Have your hair shaved the same length all around your head, creating a stubbly appearance. To match your hair, you might want to grow out a bit of stubble as well!

24. A Midlength Undercut – Trendy Mens Haircuts

A Midlength Undercut - Trendy Mens Haircuts

For a sleek look, why not try a mid-length undercut? It’s all about shaving off the sides and back of your hair to a short trim. Leave the hair on the top of your head midlength and using gel or spray, you can comb it back, so it sticks to your head. These are one of the best hairstyles for men out there!

25. Fun and Funky Dreadlocks – Groovy and Exotic

Maybe you are looking for a groovy hairstyle, which will accentuate your bubbly and optimistic personality! If so, why not try out dreadlocks? You might have to patiently wait for your hair to grow, but it’s totally worth it! People with dreadlocks come off as chill and down-to-earth!


So if you have been in search of the best hairstyles for men, we hope you have found one! Make sure to also take a look at our other hairstyle ideas, including toddler boy haircuts