Face painting is a fabulous activity to try out, especially for kids. Whether you are strolling through a seasonal fair in your town, a theme park or carnival there is sure to be a face painting stand. If your child is hosting a party, you might try out learning face painting for parties. This way you will be able to give all the children at the party an exquisite look. We have collected 30 face painting for kids below to help you out in finding some awesome ideas! If you are interested in face painting and makeup ideas, make sure to check out our collection!


1. Captain America – Face Painting for Parties

If your kid is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all its superheroes, then they will love this face painting idea! Paint the symbol of Captain America on their forehead. Then create two wings on the place of their eyebrows, adding a few white sparkles here and there. This face painting idea is perfect for marvel fans!

2. A Cute Giraffe – Favourite Animal Ideas

Giraffes are super cute animals with their long necks and long tongues! If giraffes are your kid’s favourite animal, why not paint a giraffe on their face? Create this animal on the side of the child’s face, as if the giraffe were facing sideways as well. The point is to have its mouth at where the kid’s actual mouth is. This way whenever the kid sticks out their tongue, it will look as if the giraffe is sticking it out!

3. A Beautiful Bird – Glitters and Sparkles

Another fantastic idea to paint on your kid’s face is a bird! Make sure it is colourful and vibrant, using a set of various colours to make it look exotic. You can also coat the bird in a few layers of sparkle or glitter to give it an additional glow of beauty.

4. A Rainbow Pony – Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Rainbows are a combination of colours that children absolutely love. So make sure to use it in their face paint! Draw a pony on the side of their face, which is covered in a multitude of stripes. Instead of colouring the stripes with a simple black, making it look like a zebra, colour the stripes in a spectrum of rainbow!

5. An Amazing Dragon – Fierce and Fiery

Dragons are mythological creatures which were thought of as fire-breathing, winged serpents. These fictional beasts have become popular in modern culture.  If your kid loves dragons, why not create their face to look like a replica of a dragon? Don’t forget the horns and try creating small spots on your kid’s face, representing the dragon’s scales.

6. Blossoming Beauty – Face Painting for Parties

Here is a beautiful face painting idea which the girls will love! Paint some pink flowers on their forehead, creating a gorgeous look! It will resemble a floral crown. Naturally, you can add some different coloured flowers as well, according to preference!

7. A Rainbow Fish – With Bubbles

Does your kid love creatures of the deep sea or the rivers and lakes of our planet? Why not paint a cute, rainbow fish on the side of their face? You can even add some bubbles floating up to the forehead of the child.

8. A Happy Turtle – Face Painting for Kids

Turtles are such adorable animals. Paint a turtle on the side of the kid’s face, making sure that the mouth is at the same place as the kid’s mouth is. This way whenever the kid opens their mouth to speak, it will look as if the turtle is speaking.

9. A Baby Chick – Learning to Fly

Here is another super cute idea! Paint a baby chick on the kid’s face, painting most of its body on the nose. Then have its wings flapping on the eyebrows. Use yellow for the body of the chick and orange for its beak and feet.

10. Flowers Over a Rainbow – Gorgeous Face Painting

Now here is an exquisite look that any little girl will love! Cover the parts around her eyes in sparkling colours of the rainbow.  Make sure you use a lot of glitter for that extra glow! Then paint an abundance of small white flowers all over the rainbow. This will look like a magical garden of flowers!

11. Lizard and Fly – Green Galore

Lizards are cute animals, especially when it comes to face painting! They are also super easy to create, you need two oval shapes and a curling tail. Have a tongue sticking out of the lizard’s mouth and a fly attached to the very end of it as if the lizard had just caught his dinner! Perch this lizard on one of your kid’s eyebrows for a fantastic look!

12. Beautiful Butterfly – With Rainbow Wings

Butterflies are beautiful and spectacular animals. Kids are always enchanted by these fluttering insects. Use them as inspiration for face painting, and paint two rainbow wings on a kid’s face, around their eyes. You can also draw a flower on their forehead for an extra effect.