When you are going out to a fancy event or meeting friends you will want to look your best. The definition of looking good is different for everyone. It depends on your personal style and taste. You will want to wear your favourite outfit with matching accessories. Something you can’t forget is your nail art or your makeup! You can express yourself with your makeup. For example, if you have a bold and adventurous style, you might want to try out something more daring. But maybe you’d prefer to stick to something more on the natural side. So if you are in need of ideas, you might like to look through our collection of makeup ideas for a bit of inspiration!


1. Face Painting for Parties – Face Painting for Kids

A fun activity for kids is no other than face painting. Whether you are strolling through a seasonal fair in your town, a theme park or carnival there is sure to be a face painting stand. Or another great idea is if your own kid is having a party, you might consider learning face painting. This way will be able to give all the children at the party an exquisite look. There are so many fantastic face painting ideas for kids, ranging from butterflies to lions.

2. Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas – Beautiful Makeup Ideas

A makeup style you are definitely familiar with is smokey eye makeup. This is a beautiful type of makeup which will give you a mysterious and sensual look. So if you are heading off to a date or a night out in the city, then this is a great look to recreate on yourself! Depending on your taste in makeup, you might want to spruce up your smokey eye makeup with a bit of colour. You can add some sort of exciting colour to your eyes for that extra wow factor!

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas - Beautiful Makeup Ideas

We hope that this collection of smokey makeup ideas has given you some inspiration for your own! After all, if you are looking for a lovely glow, then smokey eyes are the way to go!