25 SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP IDEAS - Gorgeous Makeup Ideas

25 SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP IDEAS – Gorgeous Makeup Ideas


25 SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP IDEAS - Gorgeous Makeup Ideas


Are you getting ready for a special occasion or a big event in your life? It might just be a casual get together with colleagues after work or maybe it’s a romantic first date. Well, whatever the occasion is, you will want to look your best from head to toe. This means wearing the perfect clothes and adding your favourite accessories to the outfit. Of course, don’t forget about your hair or your makeup! These will add a gorgeous glow to your whole look! If you are in search of a fashionable and beautiful makeup look for your eyes, then go no further. Besides making sure to check out our collection of makeup ideas, we have gathered 25 ideas for smokey eye makeup for you to choose from!


1. The Classic Look – Simple and Sophisticated

When you hear the words “smokey eye makeup,” you immediately think of your inner eyelid coated in a pale or nude colour, while the outer eyelid turns into a darker shade of black. This beautiful look is a timeless classic, which is perfect for any sort of occasion, especially something on the fancier side! Instead of using very glittery eyeshadow, stick to something matte for a more sophisticated effect. The rest of the makeup is up to you. For example, what shade of lipstick or lipgloss would you like to match with the smokey eyes?

2. Bold and Beautiful – Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Take your smokey eye makeup to a whole new level of boldness! Start with your eyelids, using white in the inner corners and inner lids. Slowly work your way into shades of brown, then the outer lid should become a darker shade of black or brown. Accentuate the shape of your eyes, using liquid eyeliner on your eyelids, drawing wings as well. Naturally, don’t forget to use mascara for your eyelashes! This will give your smokey eyes a beautiful and bold glow, which is perfect for any sort of party or fancy dinner you might be going to!

3. A Bit of Green – Adding Some Colour

A Bit of Green - Adding Some Colour

Green is the colour of nature. If you like this colour, or more importantly, have a splash of green in your outfit, why not add some of this vibrant colour to your eye makeup as well? Since we are talking about smokey eyes, you will want to add green to this conception. You can coat the middle of your eyelids in green, leaving the inner lid glowing in white, and the outer lid turning into black. Adding green to your eye makeup will add an overall vibrancy to your whole look.

4. Simple in Silver – An Elegant Glow

Silver is such a mystical and magical colour, reminding people all around the world of the moon. If you would like a mysterious glow to your image, why not use silver combined with dark blue as smokey eyes? Coat your inner lid with a bright and glittery silver. Work your way towards the outer lids using a shade of dark blue. This is a perfect idea if you already have an element of silver in your outfit. You can add a final touch by painting your waterlines with white eyeliner.

5. A Shimmering Gold – Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Give your eyes a stunning glow, by covering them in shimmering gold. A golden eyeshadow will create a bold and seductive look. So if you are thinking about going to a party, this is definitely a design to try out! Coat the outer eyelid in a dark and glittering brown, which will look beautiful next to the gold. You can paint around your creases with this same dark brown to create an even more stunning look. Draw with black eyeliner above your lash line, creating wings for both your eyes. This will make a beautiful Christmas makeup idea.

6. A Splash of Red – Hot Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

When you think of the colour red in makeup, you wouldn’t usually associate it with your eyes. Red is something you would use for your lips or for adding blush to your cheeks. Here is a gorgeous example of using a splash of red in your smokey eye makeup. Coat only the inner corner and inner part of your eyelid in a striking red, covering the rest of your lid in a dark brown. Your easy smokey eye makeup will be on fire, that’s for sure!

7. A Glimmer of Gold – Stylish and Unique

A Glimmer of Gold - Stylish and Unique

Are you going to be wearing gold-coloured clothes or golden accessories? If so, make sure to use gold in your eye makeup! Use a bright gold starting from your inner eye corners lasting until the middle of your eyelids. Then add some dark brown or black to your outer eyelids and outer v. Gold is truly a stunning colour with which you can add a natural and beautiful glow to your whole look. So if you are looking for a bit of spark and a warm accent, use gold for your smokey eye makeup ideas!

8. Pink and Purple – A Fantastic Combination

Now here is a stunning combination of pink and purple. This one is for everyone who loves a feminine touch on makeup! Use a brighter pink for the inner parts of your eye and use a sparkling white for your inner corners. Reaching the outer parts of your eyelids, start using a sparkly purple. Create a smokey appearance between the meeting of the pink and the purple. Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a line with a wing above your lashes for that extra effect. This mix of pink and purple is perfect for any time of the year!

9. Intricate and Stunning – Dark Shades of Green

As we mentioned before, using a colour already in your outfit on your eyelids is a great idea! If you have an element of dark green in your clothes or accessories, make sure to use it as a defining colour in your eyeshadow as well! If you are getting ready for a party, make sure to use a sparkling dark green instead of matte colours! Add some smokiness around the corners of your eyes using both shades of sparkly dark brown and black.

10. A Soft Glamour – Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Sticking to the classic look of smokey eye makeup, means bright or pale shades of eyeshadow, turning into a smokey black. Would you like to paint your eyes using this technique and with its classic colours? Simple smokey eyes are perfect for any sort of occasion. Whether it’s something more casual or something more elegant, smokey eyes are definitely a winner! So stick to the classic colours of it, using white and nude colours for the inner lids and a smokey black for the outer eyelids.

11. A Sensational Look – Pretty in Pink

A Sensational Look - Pretty in Pink

If you adore the colour pink, you will love this eyeshadow design! Use different shades of pink to complete a full smokey eye look. Use the brightest shades of pink in the inner corners and the inner eyelid. Then let the eyeshadow turn into darker shades as you move towards the outer parts of the eyelid. It’s completely up to you if you want to use matte shades of pink or sparkly ones.

12. Silver Brilliance – Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

We have already talked about using the colour silver for your smokey eye design. It will give you an air of mystery and magic. Besides that, using sparkling silver will also create an illusion that your eyes look bigger than they actually are. Use bright tones of silver for the inner corner of your eyes and the inner eyelids. Then use darker greys for the outer lids. This is smokey eye makeup which would look perfect at a winter or Christmas party!

13. Shades of Nude – Simple and Clean

Using nude shades of eyeshadow is not a boring look! This combination would look amazing as wedding makeup. It suggests sophistication and a clean sense of style. Like all smokey eyes, start with a bright or almost white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Coat the middle part of the eyelid in a beautiful bronze tone. Colour the outer eyelids with dark shades of brown. This simple look will provide you with a beautiful glow which will be perfect for any sort of event!

14. A Beguiling Blue – Colours of the Night Sky

Nature provides us with infinite beautiful things to gaze upon. For example, the night sky is one of these. Create your eyeshadow to look like the night sky, using a dark blue to colour it. Use a paler blue in the middle of the eyelid, and you can also use a glittery white for your inner corners. Then draw a faint smoke of black on your outer eyelids. This will remind you of a night sky filled with stars.

15. Perfect for Hazel Eyes – How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup

Perfect for Hazel Eyes - How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup

When doing your eye makeup, keep in mind the colours of your irises and the complexion of your skin. You can bring out the colour of your eyes with various colours of your eyeshadow palette. If you have hazel eyes, why not try out brown smokey eye makeup? This will bring out the hints of green in your eyes!

16. A Daring Red – Seductive and Alluring

Red is a daring colour to use in your eye makeup! Using red will create a seductive and alluring look. So why not give red smokey eyes a go and see what it looks like? This is especially great if you already have some form of red in your outfit, and your eye makeup will help bring out that colour even more!

17. A Magical Glow – Peachy Smokey Eye Look

Perhaps it is going to be spring soon. To complement the season, why not try out peachy shades of eyeshadow? Bright shades of pink, combined with peach and gold, will make your eyes resemble the blossoming trees. Try mixing together these colours to get natural smokey eye makeup!

18. Simple and Gorgeous – Neutral Nudes

Using neutral colours of nudes will lend you a look of sheer elegance. Instead of wanting to show off with sparkles, a combination of nude with smokey black will give you a look of mysterious beauty. This simple easy smokey eye makeup is perfect for practically any event. A night out with friends or a refined dinner party, this look is very versatile!

19. A Warm Palette – Casual and Fabulous

A Warm Palette - Casual and Fabulous

Using warm colours for your natural smokey eyes will give you a brilliant sunkissed glow as if you’ve been spending time on the beach recently. You can use beige for the brighter parts and a darker brown for the outer eyelids. You can also consider using bronze near the creases of your eyelids for a finishing touch.

20. Dazzling and Glamorous – Bold Smokey Eye Makeup

Now here is an insanely gorgeous and daring eye makeup look! Use a lot of black eyeshadow to accentuate the shape of your eyes. Use glittery white for the inner corners of your eyes, to give you a definitive glow! This look is best for parties or fancy events!

21. A Deep Sunset – Vivid and Vibrant Colours

Reimagine the sun setting on the far horizon on your eye makeup! Use the shades of the sunset to decorate your eyelids. Start with a warm yellow turning into an orange hue in the inner eyelids. Slowly let it turn into a deep purple, the colour of the arriving night. This is an exquisite look!

22. A Sparkling Bliss – Ideas for Smokey Eyes

Are you in search of ways on how to do smokey eye makeup? Here is a beautiful and simple look, perfect for any time of the year and any event you might be heading off to! Use nude shades to create a smokey effect. Then coat it all in a layer of glitter for a stunning image.

23. Vibrant Yellow – Warm Shades for Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Vibrant Yellow - Warm Shades for Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

You can use yellow and deeper shades of brown to create unique and vibrant smokey eyes! This is perfect for any sort of summer festival you might be visiting or a fun party!  Just make sure to match it with summer nails. Use bright shades of yellow for the inner eyelids. Then finish the outer lids with darker shades of brown.

24. Gold and Blue – A Gorgeous Combination

Create unique and fabulous smokey eyes using a combination of gold and blue. Use a sparkling gold for the inner eyelids and a deep glittery blue for the outer lids. The combination of these two colours will create a spectacular glow for your eyes!

25. Deep Blue – Smokey Eye Makeup

Use shades of deep blue to create a beautiful and breathtaking smokey eye look! Use a hint of white in your inner corners, then use a deep shade of blue on your inner and middle parts of your eyelids. Finish it off with a dark purple dominating the outer parts of your eyelids.


Hopefully, this collection of 25 smokey eye makeup ideas has given you inspiration on how to style your eyes! For more eye makeup ideas, like kid face painting ideas, visit our website!