25 CHRISTMAS MAKEUP IDEAS – Christmas Party Makeup


25 CHRISTMAS MAKEUP IDEAS - Christmas Party Makeup


The season of winter is just around the corner. A time, when the days are short and the nights are long, making it perfect to cuddle up next to the fireplace. During this snowy season, there are so many fun activities to do. Going ice-skating, skiing, having a snowball fight or getting ready for Christmas, are just a few fantastic Christmas time ideas. Of course, Christmas is also a time to also bring out the newest trends in clothes and beauty products. It’s important to look your best during the holidays, from head to toe! We have gathered 25 Christmas makeup ideas for you to choose from. Hopefully, you will be able to find Christmas party makeup which is perfect for the holiday season!


1. Gold and Bold – Festive for the Holidays

Give your eyes a stunning glow, by covering them in shimmering gold. A golden eyeshadow will create a bold and seductive look. So if you are thinking about going to a fabulous Christmas party, this is definitely a Christmas party makeup to try out! Coat the outer eyelid in a dark and glittering brown, which will look beautiful next to the gold. You can paint around your creases with this same dark brown to create an even more stunning look. Draw with black eyeliner above your lash line, creating wings for both your eyes. You might consider sticking to deep nude lipstick.

2. Gold and Green – Christmas Makeup Ideas

Get ready for the Christmas holidays with a truly spectacular look! It’s all about giving your eyes colour and a vibrant shade this year. Coat your eyelids in glimmering gold, using a darker brown to create depth to your eyes. Cover the inner corner of your eyes with a dash of white, this will help make your eyes look brighter! Then it’s time to colour your lower lash line as well. We recommend using a bold green for this as it goes perfectly with gold. This will be perfect Christmas eye makeup!

3. Add Speckles of Glitter – Magical and Sparkly

Add Speckles of Glitter - Magical and Sparkly

Christmas is all about bringing a bit of love and magic into our lives! So it would only make sense to create some magical eye makeup for the winter festivities! Using various shades of shimmering silver, create smokey eyes. This means using darker tones on your outer lid and brighter ones on your inner lid. After drawing a thin line above your lashes with eyeliner, it’s time to add the final touch. Add speckles of glitter all over your eyelids. This easy addition will give your eyes a beautiful and magical vibe, which is what you’d like for Christmas!

4. Gold and Glamorous Eyes – Christmas Party Makeup

With this makeup you will be turning heads at any Christmas party you go to! Perhaps you will be wearing gold-coloured clothes or golden accessories during the holidays? If so, make sure to use gold in your eye makeup! Use a bright gold starting from your inner eye corners lasting until the middle of your eyelids. Then add some dark brown or black to your outer eyelids and creases. Finish off your look with an addition of matte lipstick. You can use a deeper red or coral to complement the gold!

5. Exciting in Emerald – Ready for Christmas

When thinking about Christmas, which colours pop into your mind almost immediately? Perhaps it’s red, silver or gold. But let’s not forget green either, the colour of your Christmas tree! Use this colour as inspiration to create dazzling Christmas eye makeup. Coat your eyelids in a glittering emerald, you might consider using nude shades for your creases to create a smokey effect! All you will need to do is draw a line with your eyeliner and curl your lashes with some mascara!

6. The Golden Girl – With Bold Red Lips

We have mentioned before, that using gold for your eyes during Christmas is a fabulous idea. Gold really brings a festive vibe with itself, so make sure to use it for your eyes. But don’t only use it for coating your eyelids, also add a hint to the inner corners of your eyes as a special effect. Using eyeliner, create a bold line and tail above your eyes, really bringing out the shape of your eyes. Finally, it is time to do your lips! If you are thinking about going bold for Christmas, why not use a vibrant matte red for your lips? It is guaranteed to look gorgeous!

7. Stunning in Silver – Christmas Makeup Ideas

Stunning in Silver - Christmas Makeup Ideas

Silver is a stunning colour, which will make your eyes look brighter and bigger! So make sure to try it out during the winter holidays! First of all, cover your eyelids in light silver powder or nude shades. Then, after creating a line with eyeliner, add silver rhinestones or glitter along your upper lash line. This will give your Christmas eyeshadow a magical image. It’s simple but breath-taking at the same time!

8. Simple and Spectacular – Idea for the Winter Season

A simple yet spectacular combination you might want to try out for Christmas is no other than gold and green! Use a dark green to coat your eyelids as well as your lower lash line. You might even think about creating a line with the green eyeshadow which goes directly up to the outer v. Then simply pull a golden line above the green, accentuating the shape of your eyes. Add a stroke of eyeliner as well to your upper lash line and you’re already done!

9. Smokey and Sensual – With a Bit of Sparkle

If you don’t want to go overboard for Christmas with vibrant sorts of makeup, why don’t you create a simple smokey eye? But make sure to put your own Christmas twist on it! Using either black, grey and white or browns to create your smokey eye makeup, it’s time to add a festive and fun vibe to them! Use golden or silver glitter to draw a thin line on your lower lash lines. This will be sure to add a glamorous edge to your whole look, as well as bring a sense of Christmas to your eyes!

10. Falling Snowflakes – Simple Christmas Makeup

Adding a few wintery elements to your makeup will help bring the atmosphere of the season with itself! For example, why not try creating a few falling snowflakes around your eyes? You can use white eyeliner for this task, and it is guaranteed to look gorgeous! For the rest of your eyes, use a combination of deep plum and gold to create a festive look? These two colours go really well together and will remind anyone of Christmas immediately! Add a small dot of white to the inner corners of your eyes to add a bit of brightness.

11. Bold and Beautiful – Dark Shades for Winter

Bold and Beautiful - Dark Shades for Winter

You might be considering using vibrant and bold shades for your Christmas eyeshadow makeup! Create smokey eyes for yourself, using the bold colours of magenta, plum and finishing it off with a deep purple that is almost black! Add a bit of white to your inner corners, as well as adding some highlights underneath your eyebrows. Using black eyeliner, draw a line from the beginning of your upper lash line to the end, forming a wing. This bold makeup will draw everyone’s breath away during the holidays!

12. Pretty in Pink – Delicate and Sweet

Maybe you adore the colour pink. If so, make sure to use it as inspiration for your Christmas makeup! Use sparkling pink to cover your eyelids with, you might consider using a few hints of gold to really bring a shiny effect to them! Paint your lips in a pink matte lipstick, to bring out the colour even more! Naturally, you can paint your nails in the same pink shade. By the end, you will be pretty in pink and ready for Christmas.

13. Glamorous in Green – Christmas Eye Makeup

As we have mentioned before, green is a great colour to use for your eye makeup for Christmas! It really does bring a Christmassy vibe with itself. Use a glittering green for your eyelids, adding brown shades to the edges, creating depth to your eyes. Then don’t forget to add white spots to the inner corners of your eyes for that extra brightness! You might also consider adding a line of gold on your lower lash lines for that special effect! Add mascara as the finishing touch to your eyes. This is one of many great Christmas makeup ideas.

14. Line of Green – Heavenly for the Holidays

If you don’t have much time to create your Christmas party makeup, but would love to show off a bold look, then check out this idea! Use a sparkling green instead of black eyeliner above your upper lash lines. Creating a wing at the end of your line pointing upwards. This eye makeup will definitely bring the essence of Christmas with itself because it takes inspiration from Christmas tree decorating.

15. Brown and Smokey – Christmas Party Makeup

Brown and Smokey - Christmas Party Makeup

Are you in search of gorgeous Christmas makeup ideas? Create unique and fabulous smokey eyes using a combination of gold and brown. Use a sparkling gold for the inner eyelids and a deep glittery brown for the outer lids. The combination of these two colours will create a gorgeous glow for your eyes. 

16. Like the Night Sky – Shades of Blue

Make your eyes look like the winter night sky for Christmas! Use various shades of blue to achieve this gorgeous look! Use glittering pale blue for your inner lids, then a sky blue for the middle lids and finally a dark blue, which is almost black, for the outer lids. Make sure to add glitter to your eyes, as this will make your eyes resemble the sky with hundreds of stars all over it!

17. Gorgeous in Gold – Christmas Makeup Ideas

We have talked quite a bit about using gold to bring the essence of Christmas to your eyes. If you pair it with a dark violet or plum, your eyes will truly look magical! So, if you decide on using these two colours for your eyes, remember to add a white spot in the inner corners for that additional brightness!

18. Smokey Eyes – A Timeless Classic

Smokey eyes have always been considered to be a timeless classic. They bring a sense of elegance and sophistication with themselves. Use nude shades, turning them into dark brown or black to create your smokey eyes for Christmas! This simple Christmas makeup will serve you as a perfect look for any time of the year!

19. Pink and Gold – A Soft Glow

Pink and Gold - A Soft Glow

If you adore the colour pink as well as gold, you will love this eyeshadow design! Use different shades of pink to complete a full smokey eye look. Use the brightest shades of pink in the inner corners and the inner eyelid. Then, add gold in the middle of your eyelids as a finishing and festive touch!

20. Red and Fiery – Christmas Party Makeup

Red is a daring colour to use in your eye makeup! Using red will create a seductive and alluring look. But we also have to mention that red is the colour of Christmas, so it would only make sense to make use of it in your eye makeup during the season!

21. A Touch of Green – Unique and Creative

We have talked a lot about using the combination of green and gold for your eye makeup. The two colours together bring a true sense of Christmas with themselves! Coat your eyelids in gold and cover the lower lash lines in dark green. This will be a beautiful eye makeup for the holidays!

22. Shining in Silver – Perfect for Winter

Use the mystical and stunning colour of silver to add to your eyelids. Silver is the perfect addition to any Christmas makeup! Make sure to accentuate it with bold red lipstick. Make sure that your makeup matches your Christmas nail art as well!

23. Warm Shades – Beautiful Christmas Makeup Ideas

Warm Shades - Beautiful Christmas Makeup Ideas

Another beautiful idea for applying makeup to your face for Christmas is to use warm shades! Warm shades will bring a soft glow to your face, which is perfect for the winter holidays. You can create smokey eyes using shades of brown with an addition of gold!

24. A Dazzling Combination – Great Christmas Party Makeup

Here is yet another beautiful way of painting your eyes for Christmas. Use only metallic and sparkly tones for your eyes, mainly silver and gold! Then use a sparkling black for the creases of your eye, giving it a bolder look.

25. Beautiful in Black – Christmas Eye Makeup

You can stick to a more simple, yet bold and daring style for Christmas. For example, cover your eyes in pure black. Black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara will create a gorgeous look! This Christmas party makeup is perfect for any time of the year including Christmas!


We hope that these Christmas makeup ideas have inspired you for the winter festivities! For other ideas, besides Christmas party makeup, like Halloween makeup or wedding makeup ideas, go to our website!