30 CARNIVAL COSTUMES FOR KIDS – Finding the Best Costumes for Kids


There is a huge festival in nearly all of Europe during late winter and early spring! It’s a festive time which occurs before the Christian season of Lent. Nowadays it just means another time to party and get your costumes on! It’s sort of like a European version of Halloween, but without trick-or-treat or all the scary and creepy effects. So if you have decided to go to Carnival this year, make sure to put together an amazing costume for it! It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are a baby, a child or an adult, this event is fun for all ages! Make sure to look through our pick of Carnival costumes! That’s exactly why we have collected 30 Carnival costumes for children. Hopefully, you will be able to find something cute for your kid!


1. Cute Christmas Trees – Carnival Costumes for Kids

Here is a super cute Carnival costume idea for kids. Dress your children up like Christmas trees! You can dress them up in green, frilled skirts as well as placing green cone hats to their heads. After adding an array of green to your kids, it’s time to add the decorations! Hang some ball ornaments from their costumes. You can also add a golden star to the top of their hats for that beautiful Christmas tree look!

2. A Jolly Jellyfish – Unique and Creative

If you are in search of a cheap and fairly easy costume to put together for your kid, then you will love this idea! Use a jellyfish as inspiration for this costume. You will need a wide-brimmed hat or the top of an umbrella onto which you attach the jellyfish’s eyes. Then all you will need to do is cut up rolls of crepe paper and sew them onto the hat or umbrella. These will create the tentacles of the jellyfish.

3. A News Reporter – Caught in a Storm

Finding the perfect Carnival costume for your kid might prove to be a difficult task. After all, you’d like something creative which is funny at the same time. We recommend trying out a news reporter costume, who is caught in a storm. Besides wearing a shirt with a tie, have your kid hold an umbrella which is turned inside-out as well as a microphone. You can sew a few strips of fabric to the costume as if the storm were blowing pieces of trash onto your kid’s clothes.

4. A Delightful Rainbow – Carnival Costumes for Children

A Delightful Rainbow – Carnival Costumes for Children

A fabulous way to dress up your baby or toddler for Carnival is to create a rainbow out of them! Besides getting them a set of colourful and vibrant clothes, you will want to create an actual rainbow for them! You might decide on painting a big rainbow on a cardboard sheet and cutting it out to stick on your baby’s back. Another great idea is to attach coloured pool noodles together to create the rainbow! You will have to add tufts of cotton wool to the ends of the rainbow.

5. Scuba Divers – Ready to Dive

Perhaps your kids have shown some interests towards a particular hobby or sport, in which you can thematically dress them up in. For example, if they love the looks of swimming and scuba diving, then put a scuba diving costume on them! You can use a painted plastic bottle as the oxygen tank leading forward to the pacifier. You will also need to put goggles on their heads.

6. Heard it on the Grapevine – Using Purple Balloons

If your kid loves fruit, then why not create a very fruity costume for them? For example, a bunch of grapes is something which isn’t so difficult to put together! You will need a set of purple balloons, creating each grape. You can use a green or brown beanie to create a grape leaf or the stem of the grapes.

7. A Baby Sheep – Fluffy and Adorable

Here is another super cute costume for your kid for Carnival season! Dress them up as a baby sheep! You will need to attach an array of cotton wool balls onto their costume, creating the woolly fleece which a sheep has. You will also have to create ears for your baby sheep, to give them the full animal look! This adorable Carnival costume would look great on toddlers as well!

8. An Astronaut – Launching into Space

An Astronaut - Launching into Space

Does your little kid loves watching videos about space? Or maybe it’s their dream to become an astronaut someday! If so, why not dress them up as an astronaut for Carnival? You will need to get them a set of orange clothes as well as big space boots. Another accessory you can attach is a rocket to your kid’s back as if it were launching your kid into space. Attach strips of red, orange and yellow fabric spurting out from the rocket.

9. A Box of Tic Tacs – Carnival Costumes for Kids

If you are in search of something truly unique and interesting for a costume, then why not go for a box of tic tacs? You will need half of an actual box to create the top of the tic tac box. Then, attach a see-through plastic bag the box, which contains small orange balloons. All you will have to do, after decorating it to look like a box of tic tacs, is to place it on your kid!

10. A Circus Ballerina – Fun and Funky

Give your kid a look right out of the circus! Use the image of a ballerina to create something completely unique! Add a tutu to their costume as well as a circus hat. You can also add colourful and vibrant stockings to the outfit to complete the look!

11. A Campfire – With an Additional Marshmallow

Again, here is another unique and creative costume which will be perfect for carnival! Dress your baby or kid up like a bonfire and give them a marshmallow to toast on this fire! You will need a few plastic logs, as well as flames which you can cut out of paper. Attach these to your kid’s shirt and add some cotton wool, symbolising smoke flying up from the fire.

12. A Washing Machine – Inventive and Innovative

A Washing Machine - Inventive and Innovative

Get innovative with the costume for your kid and take some inspiration from a household machine. For example, create a washing machine costume! You can create this out of an old box, by painting it white, adding buttons and lining it with aluminium foil. As a final touch, place a laundry basket on their head!

13. A Crazy Cat Lady – Carnival Costumes for Kids

If your little girl loves cats, then why not dress her up as a crazy cat lady? All you will need to do is add cat plushies to each one of her pockets and hands. You can add hair curlers to her hair as well as a pair of glasses, without lenses to her face. These small accessories will complete the crazy cat lady look.

14. Finding Nemo – Becoming a Coral

Did your kid love the movie Finding Nemo? If so, why not use it as inspiration for their costume? Make your kid’s costume a coral and attach a cut-out fish to the corals, as if it were swimming around in the sea. Creating the coral costume is actually quite easy. You will need long balloons, which you attach to each other and place on your kid, creating a coral-like shape.

15. The Fly Guy – Easy and Simple

Here is yet another great costume idea which is perfect for kids! Dress up your child as Fly Guy! This is an easy character to portray. All you need to do is create wings and eyes out of paper and attach them to your kid’s face and back.

16. Time for Minecraft – Kids Carnival Costumes

Time for Minecraft - Kids Carnival Costumes

Does your kid like to play Minecraft? If so, you create a Minecraft costume for them! You will need to cut out weapons out of cardboard and paint over them, making them look pixelated. Also make a mask for your kid, which resembles the pixelated faces of the Minecraft characters! 

17. A Delicious Cake – Cute and Tasty

Here is another cute idea for a kid’s costume. Dress them up as a cake! You can create the tiers of the cake out of cardboard and layer them with fabric, to create the icing and cream of the cake. Create a hat for the top tier of the cake, you can add a few candles to it!

18. A Little Hippie – Carnival Costumes for Kids

Dress your baby up as a hippie for Carnival! Add some long and fake braids to their head, creating a very hippie-like look for them. You might as well add a bandana as an accessory to their head! Also, put a guitar in their hands! Your kid will look as if they just stepped out of the sixties or seventies.

19. Time for a Bath – Bubbles and Rubber Ducks

Time for a bath! Get your kid dressed up as a bubble bath! Dress them up in all white, adding some white balloons to their costume. Have your kid hold a body brush in one hand and a rubber duck in the other! Also, make sure to put a shower cap on your kid’s head for the full look!

20. A Rain Cloud – Creative Kids Costumes for Carnival

A Rain Cloud - Creative Kids Costumes for Carnival

Here is another super cute idea for Carnival! Dress your child up as a rainy cloud! Dress them all in black, adding rainboots to their feet. Then create a cloud out of a bunch of cotton wool and place it on your baby’s head. Then attach droplets of rain to strings which fall out of the cloud. This is easy to put together, not to mention very cheap!

21. A Ball of Yarn – A Lovely Idea

If you are still in search of a lovely and cute costume for Carnival for your kid, check this idea out! Dress them up like a ball of yarn! Wrap some thin and coloured rope around your child which resemble the yarn. Then stick two big “needles” in the ball of yarn, which you can cut out of cardboard.

22. Sunny-Side Up – An Eggcelent Costume

Create an egg-cellent costume for your kid for Carnival season! You will need a big white pullover onto which you sew a round piece of yellow fabric, in other words, the egg yolk. This way, your kid will become a sunny-side-up egg! 

23. A Little Witch – Kids Carnival Costumes

Here is another awesome idea for a kid’s costume, which would also be perfect as a Halloween costume design! Dress your kid up as a witch! All you will need is a long grey or black dress, as well as a pointy witch’s hat. You can also give your kid a broom to hold in their hand. This will complete the witchy image!

24. An Adorable Snail – Keeping it Sweet and Simple

An Adorable Snail - Keeping it Sweet and Simple

If you like the idea of incorporating an animal into your kid’s or baby’s costume, why not try out a snail? It’s simple to put together, all you will need to do is create a snail-house by rolling up a long piece of fabric, forming it into a spiral. You will have to attach this to your kid’s back. Also, make sure to find a beanie for them which have two snail eyes attach to them.

25. A Teabag – Original and Pretty

Make sure to let your creativity run wild when it comes to creating a costume for your kid! Why not try making a teabag for your kid? They can wear a dress-like costume, which has a tea tag hanging off it. You can even create a cute headband for them, which has a teacup attached to it! 

26. A Cool Pilot – Soaring Through the Sky

Check out this awesome idea for a child’s costume for the Carnival season! Dress them up as a pilot, creating a plane out of cardboard! Place a beanie on their head, creating a pilot-like look. Also, add some goggles to their head as a vintage touch to their pilot set.

27. Cute Crayons – Carnival Costumes for Kids

Does your kid love to draw with crayons? Then why not dress them up as a crayon? They can pick their crayon costume according to what their favourite colour. You can create a pointy hat for them using cardboard or paper, making the tip of the crayon.

28. A Tub of Popcorn – A Tasty Snack

A Tub of Popcorn - A Tasty Snack

Another fantastic idea to use as inspiration for your kid’s Carnival costume is some sort of food! For example, popcorn is a fun and inventive food to dress up as! You can create a tub of popcorn which you put on your kid. Create the popcorn out of crumpled tissues!

29. Dress Up as a Refrigerator – Cardboard Box Idea

Here is another wild idea for your kid’s costume! Dress them up as a refrigerator, using cardboard boxes as the main components of it. Make sure that the top box is open, for your kid’s head to stick out from. You might also stick a few empty food boxes in the refrigerator part, next to your kid’s head. Don’t forget to paint your kid’s face for the Carnival party!

30. Fairy Godmother – Carnival Costumes for Kids

Get inspired by Disney characters for Carnival! Dress up your kid as a Fairy Godmother, which you can put together from a coat and a dress. Make sure you also give them a wand to hold! Another accessory you can add to this costume is a pointy hat!


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