30 CARNIVAL COSTUMES FOR BABIES – Get Ready for Carnival


Have you ever heard about the festival Carnival? It’s a huge event in nearly all of Europe! It’s a festive time which occurs before the Christian season of Lent. Nowadays it just means another time to party and get your Carnival costumes on! It’s sort of like a European version of Halloween, but without trick-or-treat or all the scary and creepy effects. So if you have gotten invited to Carnival this year, make sure to put together a fantastic costume for it! It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are a baby, a child or an adult, this event is fun for all ages! That’s exactly why we have collected 30 Carnival costumes for babies. Hopefully, you will be able to find something cute for your little one!


1. A Scuba Diver – Adorable Carnival Costumes for Babies

Finding a cute costume can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Perhaps your baby has shown some interests towards a particular hobby or sport, in which you can thematically dress her up in. For example, if he or she appears to love swimming or watching scuba divers, why not put on a scuba diving costume on them? You can use a painted plastic bottle as the oxygen tank leading forward to the pacifier.

2. An Octopus – Fun and Sweet

Here is an easy costume to put together for your baby, which is really also cute! All you will need for this costume are four pairs of stockings. Pull one pair of stockings onto your baby’s legs. Stuff the rest of the stockings with cotton wool or tissues, attaching them to your baby’s torso as well. By the end, you should have an eight-legged octopus. Add a beanie to your baby’s head, to which you attach two cut-out eyes.

3. A Blossoming Flower – Carnival Baby Costume Ideas

Another fabulous idea is to turn your baby into a blossoming flower for carnival! First of all, you will have to dress them up fully in green. Then you will have to attach cut-out petals to his or her head. You can cut the petals out of fabric or paper, it’s really up to you.

4. Working Out – From the Eighties

Working Out - From the Eighties

Perhaps you are in search of a funky costume for your baby for Carnival. A great idea is to create a costume for an eighties work-out baby! Take inspiration from the previous decade and dress your baby up using all the right accessories! This means pulling their socks onto their tights. They should also have a headband on their head! And of course, you can’t forget those fun hairstyles from the eighties!

5. A Grandma or Grandpa – Funny and Cute

Are you trying to find a funny and cute way to dress your baby up as? Why not try out a grandma or grandpa costume? You can put small cardigans on them, grey wigs and big glasses (which don’t actually contain lenses). This is a perfect costume for any baby, as well as being unique and funny at the same time! 

6. A DIY Rainbow Costume – Great Carnival Costumes for Kids

A fantastic idea on how to dress up your baby or toddler for Carnival is to create a rainbow out of them! Besides getting them a set of colourful and vibrant clothes, you will want to create an actual rainbow for them! You might decide on painting a big rainbow on a cardboard sheet and cutting it out to stick on your baby’s back. Another great idea is to attach coloured pool noodles together to create the rainbow! You will have to add tufts of cotton wool to the ends of it. Becoming a rainbow is a dream Carnival costume for kids!

7. A Tub of Popcorn – Perfect for a Movie Night

Dress your baby up like a tub of popcorn, which you normally buy at the movies. You will have to get the baby a striped fabric to wrap them around in. Another accessory for this baby costume is no other than a beanie which has popcorn stuck to it! Your baby is guaranteed to look super cute.

8. A Delicious Donut – Baby Costumes for Carnival

A Delicious Donut - Baby Costumes for Carnival

Here is yet another adorable idea on what to dress your baby up as! A walking doughnut! You can dress them up in one colour, but then make sure to place the doughnut on them. You can even sew together two doughnut pillows to create this!

9. Perfect as Popeye – Unique and Creative

Have you ever heard of Popeye the Sailor? He is a popular cartoon character from the 20th century! If you want to dress up your baby as a muscular sailor, then go for it! The costume is quite simple, but something you might need to find to put in your baby’s mouth is Popeye’s trademark pipe, which is with him at all times!

10. Up and Away – Mr Fredricksen Costume

Have you and your baby ever watched the movie “Up”? It’s a lovely animated movie with a heartfelt story! Use the film as inspiration and dress your baby up as Mr Fredricksen, the old man who appears to be grumpy, but is in fact a sweetheart. You will need to dress your baby up in a suit, adding a bowtie and glasses. Also, make sure to include some balloons in the costume!

11. A Baby Superman – Baby Costumes for Carnival

Create a superhero out of your kid! Dress them up as superman, or superwoman! Dress them up in a suit and place the superman t-shirt underneath the suit, so that the emblem of it pops out! You might also decide on placing a pair of glasses on them, to give them that true Clark Kent look!

12. Mario and Luigi – Two Peas in a Pod

Mario and Luigi - Two Peas in a Pod

We have all heard of the famous brothers from the Mario games. They are no other than Mario and Luigi. Dress your babies up as the brothers, using a red and hat shirt for one and green for the other. All you will need to do now is dress them up in overalls as well as attaching a moustache to their pacifiers.

13. Becoming Pinocchio – Easy and Homemade

If your kid adores children’s stories, then you might as well give them a costume which they will love just as much! We’re sure you are familiar with Pinocchio’s tale. The story of a wooden puppet, who turns into a little boy after learning not to tell lies! Take some inspiration from the Disney version of the story and dress up your kid like Pinocchio! You can make the costume yourself if you are feeling creative!

14. A Little Mermaid – A Crocheted Tail

Another children’s classic is The Little Mermaid. If you have a baby girl who loves this tale, why not dress her up as a little mermaid? You can create a small bralette and a mermaid tail using crochet techniques. This is an awesome way of creating a Carnival costume for your baby all by yourself!

15. Colonel Sanders – Amazing Carnival Costumes for Babies

Do you like Kentucky Fried Chicken as much as we do? Maybe your kid does as well! If so, dress him up as the face of KFC, no other than Colonel Sanders. You will have to find a red and white striped apron for them, glasses and a moustache and beard to their face.

16. DIY Spider Costume – Animal Costume Ideas

DIY Spider Costume - Animal Costume Ideas

Here is a costume idea which is perfect for Carnival and Halloween! Dress your kid up as a spider. How do you achieve this eight-legged look? Stuff a few pairs of stockings with tissues or cotton wool. Then attach these to the back of your baby. He should have a few pairs of legs behind him!

17. Adorable Jellyfish – Carnival Costumes for Babies

Check out this super easy costume to create for Carnival for your kids! This is no other than jellyfish! You will need a wide-brimmed hat onto which you attach to eyes. Then all you will need to do is cut up rolls of crepe paper and sew them onto the hat. This will create the tentacles of the jellyfish.

18. Toasting a Marshmallow – On the Fire

Again, here is another unique and creative costume which will be perfect for carnival! Dress your baby or kid up like a bonfire and give them a marshmallow to toast on this fire! You will need a few plastic logs, as well as flames which you can cut out of paper. Attach these to your kid’s shirt and add some cotton wool, symbolising smoke flying up from the fire.

19. Cabbage Patch Kid – In a Stroller

Do you want to keep your baby in a stroller for Carnival? Then you will have to think of a creative way of dressing up the stroller as well! A great idea is to decorate the stroller as a box of a toy, such as Cabbage Patch Kids. Then all you will need to do is place your kid in the stroller! Simple and cute!

20. A Washing Machine – Creative Carnival Costumes for Babies

A Washing Machine - Creative Carnival Costumes for Babies

Let your creativity run wild when designing a costume for your kid or baby! You don’t have to stick to characters from stories to create an amazing costume, you can make your kid something more unique instead! For example, a washing machine! You can create this out of an old box, by painting it white, adding buttons and lining it with aluminium foil. As a final touch, place a laundry basket on their head!

21. A Stunning Snail – Animal Costume Ideas

If you like the idea of incorporating an animal into your kid’s or baby’s costume, why not try out a snail? It’s simple to put together, all you will need to do is create a snail-house by rolling up a long piece of fabric, forming it into a spiral. You will have to attach this to your kid’s back. Also, make sure to find a beanie for them which have two snail eyes attach to them.

22. A Rainy Cloud – Simple and Cute

Here is another super cute idea for Carnival! Dress your child up as a rainy cloud! Dress them all in black, adding rainboots to their feet. Then create a cloud out of a bunch of cotton wool and place it on your baby’s head. Then attach droplets of rain to strings which fall out of the cloud. This is easy to put together, not to mention very cheap!

23. An Old Bikie – An Easy Carnival Baby Costume

Another easy and cheap costume idea for your baby is to dress them up as an old bikie! Get them a t-shirt with the Harley Davidson logo on it. Draw a beard on your baby’s face by doing a bit of face painting and draw a tattoo on their arm! Another cute accessory to add is a bandana onto their head!

24. A Happy Hippie – Absolutely Adorable

A Happy Hippie - Absolutely Adorable

Dress your baby up as a hippie for Carnival! Add some long and fake braids to their head, creating a very hippie-like look for them. Also, put a guitar in their hands! 

25. A Baby Chicken – Cute Carnival Baby Costumes

Is there anything more adorable than a baby chicken? If you agree with us that there isn’t, then dress your baby up in a chicken costume! This will look perfect for carnival! Make sure to add some chicken feet, using orange stockings and orange shoes! Also include an orange beak.

26. A Pot Plant – Charming and Pretty

Do you like pot plants? If so, take a bit of inspiration from them for your baby’s Carnival costume! You can dress your kid up in brown, symbolising the roots and stem of the plant and place some leaves on top of your baby’s head. Then all you will need to do is attach a pot around your kid’s waist.

27. Hei Hei Costume – The Chicken from Moana

If your baby loved the Disney movie Moana, then you might as well dress them up as a character from it! There’s a lot of characters to choose from, but a memorable one is Hei Hei the chicken! A cute and quirky character is something your kid will love!

28. The Flintstones – A Prehistoric Age

The Flinstones - A Prehistoric Age

Here is another cute costume for your baby for the Carnival season! Dress your baby up as a member of the Flintstones! You will have to dress them up in the trademark Flintstone costumes, as well as giving them a toy bone or a stick into their hand. This is a perfect idea as part of a family Carnival costume, meaning every member of the family should get dressed up as a Flintstone!

29. Cartoon Costume – Baby Costumes for Carnival

Do you have a favourite cartoon? Why not dress your baby up as that character? For example, if you watched a lot of Dragon Ball, you might give your baby a Son Goku costume. Or if you watched a lot of Naruto, you might dress your baby up as one of the characters from that.

30. A Cute Gnome – A Creative Costume for Carnival

We have talked quite a bit about creative costumes for babies and here is yet another! Dress your baby up to look like a garden gnome. This is a fairly cheap costume, all you will need to do is place a gnome hat on them as well as attach a beard to their face. How cute is a gnome costume?


We hope that this collection of Carnival costumes for babies has inspired you! For other costume ideas, such as Halloween costumes, make sure to check out our website!