25 HALLOWEEN NAIL IDEAS - Easy Halloween Nails

25 HALLOWEEN NAIL IDEAS – Easy Halloween Nails

25 HALLOWEEN NAIL IDEAS - Easy Halloween Nails


With the arrival of autumn come two important holidays. These are no other than Thanksgiving and Halloween. Halloween is all about getting dressed up in a spooky costume and having fun going trick or treating. While it is important to get an awesome costume for this occasion, you should also put some time and effort into makeup. Naturally, don’t forget to try out a spooky nail art either for the holiday! There are hundreds of amazing Halloween nail designs you can choose from and we have collected 25 of them to give you some inspiration. So take a browse through our pick of autumn ideas to find something perfect to go with your costume!


1. Jack-O-Lanterns – Typical Halloween Nails

What image pops into your mind almost immediately when you think of Halloween? Perhaps jack-o-lanterns will come to your mind! Carving pumpkins during autumn is a typical Halloween activity. So if your Halloween costume is going to incorporate some sort of pumpkin vibe, make sure to design and decorate your nails in a similar way. Coat your nails in a simple and bright orange, which resembles pumpkins. Make sure to include the carvings of the pumpkins, in other words, their faces. Paint these with a black!

2. Spooky Pumpkin Heads – Fun and Funky

Here is another jack-o-lantern idea which will look stunning on your nails. Create spooky pumpkin heads on each of your nails. Make each pumpkin head different, but each one should have a creepy ambience of its own! Instead of using orange polish for the pumpkin heads, use a matte black. Then using matte orange, paint the actual faces of the pumpkins. If this nail design doesn’t give your nails a Halloween vibe, we don’t know what will. This is a perfect nail design if you are going for a look inspired by jack-o-lanterns!

3. A Spidery Web – Black and Purple

Have you always been fascinated by arachnids and their interesting skills? Or are you thinking of a Spiderman vibe to your Halloween costume? Why not incorporate a spidery feeling into your nails? Use a combination of the two colours black and purple for it. You can use matte polish for one or two nails. But also make sure to use glittery nail polish to bring a special glow to your nail art. Create a spider on one of your nails and create a spiderweb on another one of them. This is the perfect nail design for Halloween!

4. Cute Little Bats – Halloween Nail Ideas

Another animal which has become a symbol of Halloween and spookiness is no other than the bat. So it would only make sense to use them in your Halloween art. Coat your nails in a layer or two of white nail polish. Then create the shapes of small black bats on each one of your nails. You will first have to create black dots, then the wings of the bats. While it may seem hard at first, it’s actually quite simple to create. So take a chance on bats and give this Halloween nail design a try!

5. A Bit of Blood – Scarily Stunning Nails

Create a set of scarily stunning nails for Halloween! Are you considering dressing up as a corpse bride or a vampire? Then these nails will match your costume perfectly! If you have artificial nails this design will look beautiful on them as well! After coating your nails with a nude or seethrough polish, it’s time to let some blood drip onto the tips. Use red nail lacquer. Add some polish to the cuticles, letting it flow down slowly to the tips. This will truly give it the look of dripping blood.

6. The Moon and Stars – Elegant and Refined

Have you been in search of more elegant and sophisticated nail design for Halloween? Then check out the nail art above! Paint a few of your nails in a matte black and leave a few coated in seethrough nail polish. Then add a few cosmic elements to your seethrough nails, which are also created in matte black polish. You can create a star and moon, this way making a mysterious ambience on your nails. Even though this nail design isn’t exactly spooky or scary, it will still look perfect for Halloween!

7. Frankenstein’s Monster – A Creepy Look

Do you ever listen to scary stories told at Halloween? One which you may have heard about is Frankstein, a doctor who creates a monster out of undead human body parts. Use a combination of white, black and neon green to create an interesting and unique combination. Create a few stitches on some nails and paint the face of the monster on another nail. You can also add some green liquid flowing down a black nail as a special effect. This is the perfect nail art if you are dressing up as Frankenstein or his monster.

8. Another Spidery Nail Design – Fabulous and Spooky

If you love the idea of spiders crawling across your nails, then make sure to incorporate an arachnid into your nail art. Paint a glittering spider on one of your nails and one or two spider webs on a few of your other nails. Use a combination of black and pink for this nail design. This will not only make it look creepy for Halloween but will also give it a fabulous glow. So if you are into spiders make sure to give this one of many great Halloween nail ideas a go!

9. Easy and Cute – Polka Dot Spiders

Here is another spidery idea, which will look great for Halloween. Paint your nails in a soft shade of orange, and add some polka dots to it. Then slowly add some legs to these dots as well as eyes. You can create one nail on each hand to only bear one polka dot spider, crawling down its web. While some people are afraid of spiders, these ones are super cute and perfect for the spooky event! So why not follow this easy tutorial and create a few of your own mini spiders!

10. Pretty in Purple – Halloween Nail Designs

As we discussed before, bats are a typically spooky element, perfect for Halloween. So it would only make sense to use them for your Halloween nail art. Coat your nails in a layer of lilac or purple polish. Then paint small bats all over your nails, flying around. Add some eyes to their bodies as well, not only wings. You can also add stars in between the bats, floating in the night sky. This is the perfect nail art if you are going to be wearing some sort of purple.

11. White, Orange and Black – A Unique Combination

Get into the mood for Halloween by creating a unique pattern on your nails. Create a set of polka dots on your nails, consisting of orange, white and black colours. Use one of these colours as a background on each of your nails, then use the other two coloured polishes to create polka dots. The use of these colours will definitely create a Halloween ambience!

12. Dangling Spiders – Perfect for Halloween

Here is another fabulous spider idea for everyone out there who is searching for a spidery design for Halloween! Coat your nails in a bright orange, the sort of orange which is usually present during Halloween events. Then paint spiders on each finger dangling on a web. Make sure to paint all eight of their legs! If you want to, add webs to the nails as well as an extra design.