25 FALL NAIL DESIGNS - Fall Nail Colours

25 FALL NAIL DESIGNS – Fall Nail Colours

25 FALL NAIL DESIGNS - Fall Nail Colours

Whether you are getting ready to go out for dinner with friends or to a fancy event hosted in an elegant place, you will want to look your best! This includes wearing the perfect outfit with all the right accessories. Naturally, don’t forget about your hair or your nails either! Both your hair and nails will add an extra dazzle to your whole outfit! Since the season autumn is around the corner, you might plan on getting your nails done in an autumn look. This might include autumn shades, falling leaves or pumpkins as a design. Take a look through our collection of 25 autumn nail designs to find some inspiration! We have all the most beautiful fall nail colours and fall ideas here!


1. Shades of Green – Gorgeous Autumn Nail Art

Using different tones of olive or sap green will bring autumn vibes to your nails! Paint each one of your nails in a different tone of murky green. You might also consider using different types of nail polish for each nail. For example, use matte nail polish for one or two of them, use a glittery or sparkly lacquer for another. Then use a simple and shiny polish for the remaining nail or nails. This will make your nail art incredibly unique!

2. Quirky Matte Yellow – With a Touch of Nature

When you think of the season autumn, what colours do you associate with it? Yellow will be sure to be amongst them! Use a warm shade of matte yellow to coat a few of your nails in. Create an interesting print on the rest of your nails. For example, try out painting tree branches with leaves on them. Use matte nail polish for this design for a homogenous look. A simple touch of nature, combined with a matte yellow, will make your nail art glow! So make sure to try out this design at least once this autumn!

3. A September Look – Deep Green

If it’s the beginning of fall, why not try out a gorgeous deep green nail design? It will definitely fit the season perfectly. Paint four of your nails in either matte or shiny shades of deep green polish. Coat the remaining one of your nails in white nail polish. Then paint a green leaf, feather or fern on it with the same deep green you used on the rest of your nails. This will create a beautiful image on your nails, as well as bring the beginning of autumn vibes with itself!

4. Magnificent in Matte – The Best Fall Nail Ideas

Bring autumn vibes to your nails, by using a combination of pale matte orange and matte olive green. Paint tree of your nails in the green and one of your nails in the pale orange. Then on the remaining nail, using these two colours, paint a pattern of ferns and vines folding on top of each other. This combination of these two colours will truly create an autumn look on your nails. Nail art such as this is perfect for any sort of event, whether it’s just a day around town or a fancy dinner, this nail design will shine!

5. Matte and Black – An Elegant Look

If you are mourning the fact that summer is over, then bring that attitude to your nail design as well! Coat your nails in matte black polish, all except for one of them. Cover your last nail in a simple pale pink, then draw tree branches on it with the matte black. These nails look beautiful and glamorous, not to mention, the black channels a sense of grief due to summer being over. Again, this is a perfect nail design for any sort of event or occasion you might be heading off to!

6. A Stunning Ombre – Black into Red

Autumn’s arrival brings chillier days when all you want to do is curl up on your couch and watch the leaves fall outside. It’s also the month when you can go and enjoy apple-picking, a typical seasonal activity which everyone loves! Add apple shades to your nail design to give your nails an autumn ambience! You can create an ombre on each of your nails, black turning into a deep red. This will look gorgeous for the autumn season!

7. Falling Autumn Leaves – Fall Nail Art

There’s nothing quite like the autumn landscape when everything turns into warm colours of yellow, orange, red and brown. Recreate the autumn landscape on your nails. Paint some of your nails in glittery gold, representing the golden rays of the autumn sun. Paint a few nails in brown, you can even use matte nail polish for this. Coat the remaining nail in a pale pink shade, then draw autumn leaves on it, as if they were falling from a tree. If this nail art doesn’t give off fall vibes, we do not know what will!

8. Beautiful Autumn Atmosphere – Navy Blue and Orange

Here is yet another gorgeous example of autumn-themed nails! First of all, coat all your nails in a matte navy blue. Then decorate them with drawings of orange leaves, falling from autumn trees. You can add a few hints of yellow or gold to the leaves, to give them a real autumn feeling! The dark blue will help elevate the leaves, making them stand out. You don’t need to paint leaves on each of your nails, a select few on each hand will be enough.

9. Checkered in a Unique Way – Fall Nail Colours

Since it’s autumn, make sure to use a lot of warm colours for your nails. This includes shades of yellow, ochre, brown, orange and red! There are so many patterns you can try out on your nails, but a pattern which really brings an autumn vibe with itself is checkers. Coat each of your nails in a different warm colour, making sure they look like the colours of autumn leaves. Then all you have to do is add a checkered pattern to one of your nails. It’s completely up to you which nail you would like to decorate with this simple pattern.

10. A Modern Take – Abstract Art

If you like abstract art which is mainly made up of dots and lines, why not use it as inspiration for your autumn nail art? Use autumn colours for the patterns or design you choose to paint on your nails, to give it a fall ambience. For example, you can draw big orange circles on a few of your nails and even paint a nail or two in this colour. Try using a dark brown or black for painting lines on your nails, crossing through the orange circles. Your autumn nails will look fantastic!

11. An Array of Colours – Autumn Nail Design

Naturally, you don’t need to stick to the stereotypical colours of autumn, to create a fall-inspired nail design. Use an array of colours to decorate your nails with, using a different shade for each nail. Use yellow, pale pink, black and teal for your nails. Then place a nail sticker on one nail on each hand, which represents a leaf. Of course, you don’t need to use a sticker, you can paint on the small leaf yourself! This small autumn leaf will give your whole nail art an autumn feeling.

12. Add Some Glitter – Green and Gold

Adding a bit of sparkle or glitter to your nail design is a fantastic idea, no matter what the season is! It will give your nails definition and a dazzling look. Coat most of your nails in a deeper shade of green. Then paint one with a golden glitter or sparkly polish. You will be ready for autumn in no time at all!