When you go out, you want to look your best. Whether it’s a casual get together with your group of friends or a more fancy event or dinner date, you will want to look fantastic from head to toe. This means wearing a great outfit, doing your nails, adding a splash of makeup and naturally, doing your hair. Depending on what sort of hair you have, short or long, straight or curly, you will want to find a hairstyle idea which really brings out the best and full potential of your hair! We all know that curly hair can be a bit more difficult to style, but that is completely fine as hairstyles for curly hair women are beautiful and unique. We have collected 25 beautiful hairstyles for girls with curly hair for you to choose from!


1. Twisting and Pinning – Easy and Simple

A simple idea for curly hair is the twist and pin hairstyle. It’s super easy to create and the outcome is effortless! So even if you’re not great at doing other people’s or your own hair, you might like to give this idea a try. All you need to do is pick strands of hair and twist them to create a dense and thick curl. Then using hairpins and bobby pins you will be able to attach your twisted curls to your head. Your hair will look like a magnificent downdo from a different era!

2. Two Adorable Half Braids – Hairstyles for Curly Hair Women

If you are good at doing braids, why not create two half braids with your curly hair? The curliness will give your hair more volume, making your braids look thicker and healthier. Braid the top part of your hair in a French braid, ending at the bottom of your head. After tying down your braids, leave the rest of your hair out in two ponytails. This will give you a simple and adorable look, perfect for a day out with friends!

3. A Gorgeous Updo – With a Braid

Even if you have shorter curly hair, there are so many hairstyles you can create with it! Just check out this braided topknot. After parting your hair on the side, braid a strand of your hair beginning at your parting. After braiding the hair completely, tie all your hair together and place it in a topknot. Use hair pins and bobby pins to attach it and keep it in place. This is another hairstyle which is perfect for any casual day around the city, but it will also look perfect for any work event you might be going to.

4. Try Out a High Ponytail – Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you have medium or long length curly hair, this style is guaranteed to be perfect for you. Especially if you don’t like to spend much time on doing your hair! All you need to do is gather all your hair with your hands and tie it together at the top of your head. Creating a high ponytail is a great idea and your luscious curls will give you an exotic and stunning look. You can even wear a hairstyle such as this for a workout!

5. A Romantic Look – Elegant and Refined

Now here is a beautiful hairstyle which will radiate beautifully at any elegant or fancy event. Follow this step by step tutorial to create a romantic and whimsical downdo. Curly hair is great to use for updos or downdos as they give the whole hairstyle more volume and texture. This downdo is simple, after joining two strands of your hair from the front at the back of your head, you will need to pull the rest of your hair through it. Using pins you will be able to create a bun instead of leaving it out.

6. Beautiful Braids – Amazing Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

Are you in search of a hairstyle for curly hair that is simple yet sophisticated? Then look no further! Create a few, smaller sized braids in your hair. Then tie all your hair together in a ponytail, except for the braids. You will have to twist your braids around the stem of your ponytail, creating an amazing look. This hairstyle will look perfect for any season of the year and will also shine brightly at any sort of event you might be heading off to.

7. Wild and Gorgeous – Look Your Best

Perhaps you want to go out later this evening and party, or maybe you will be going to a summer festival. If so, make sure your hair gives off the same vibrant energy that the event is bringing! Create tight braids on one side of your head, starting from the bottom and ending before the parting. A few tight braids running down the side of your head will show off the shape of your head and face. Leave the rest of your hair out in wild and funky curls.

8. An Easy Downdo – Embrace Your Untamed Hair

Having curly hair means it will look great even if you just let it out! It can be quite hard to tame your curly hair, into forming into the hairstyle you’d like. Embrace this untamed wildness of your hair and create a simple downdo out of it. Tying it together above your neck, then using hairpins to attach it together in a bun will create a beautiful and windswept glow. This hairstyle will look perfect for any sort of fancier event, for example, even a wedding!

9. A Brilliant Bun – Complex and Unique

Are you in search of a hairstyle on the more elegant side? This brilliant bun will serve as great inspiration for you then! Following the step by step tutorial above, you will be able to put together a complex and unique bun. It becomes unique because you use strands of hair from other parts of your head, and twist them around the bun itself. This will add more volume and texture to your hair! This hairstyle is guaranteed to be the envy of any event you might be heading off to.

10. A Fabulous Updo – Great Hairstyles for Curly Hair Women

If you thought that curly hair doesn’t look good as an updo, then think again! Tie your hair at the top of your head letting your hair run free. Using a variety of pins, start pinning the strands of your hair to your head. You can even use another hair tie to attach your hair to your head, to create this simple updo. You can leave a few strands loose to give your hair a windswept image. This hairstyle will look perfect for any fancier event you will be attending!

11. Braids for Days – Great for Summer

When summer arrives, it usually isn’t the best idea to keep your hair out. You start sweating and the strands of your hair stick to your neck. It’s not the best feeling in the world! Why not create an exquisite braid out of your hair? It can be a dutch or a french braid, depending on what style best floats your boat. Braid all of your hair, to create a majestic look for yourself. A braid will be the best way to escape the summer heat, hair-wise at least.

12. Elegant and Chic – Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

Now here is a stunning curly hairstyle, which is definitely perfect for any sort of elegant event. Create a waterfall braid out of your hair. A waterfall braid will only create a braid at the top part of your head, leaving the rest of your hair out and flowing freely. Waterfall braids are great for curly-haired ladies, as they let you show off your beautiful curls! While we mentioned that this is a spectacular look for an elegant occasion, it will also look great for a casual day, if you are just running errands or going to work.