30 CHEAP ROOM DIVIDER IDEAS - Room Separator Ideas
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30 CHEAP ROOM DIVIDER IDEAS – Room Separator Ideas

30 CHEAP ROOM DIVIDER IDEAS - Room Separator Ideas


If you have been renovating or refurbishing your home recently, you might want ideas on how to create private spaces. If you have a too large room, the best way of dividing it into separate parts is with room dividers. It’s a cheap and simple way of replacing a wall. Not to mention, there are so many beautiful and unique room separator ideas, that you will be able to find something unique to fit into your home! To help you out, we have collected 30 cheap room divider ideas. Perhaps you will be able to find a fantastic room divider to use in one of your rooms, so make sure to look through our collection of ideas for your home!


1. Gorgeous Vines – Add a Touch of Nature

Dividing a room into two parts is quite simple when you use a room separator. Here is an easy idea, which will not only divide your room but look fantastic as well! Run vines up onto a clothes hanger, creating a simple room divider this way. This idea will also add a touch of nature to your room!

2. Pallet Room Separator Ideas – DIY Crafts

Do you like creating home decor or furniture yourself? Here’s a great idea for a room divider then! Hammer wooden pallets onto longer wooden boards, to create a three-winged room divider. This is a great way of reusing old wooden pallets you don’t need anymore and creating something new.

3. Adding Some Colour – Cheap Room Divider Ideas

If you already have a room separator, but you aren’t happy with it, why not add a bit of colour? Coating it with furniture paint will take it to a new level. You can try using a whole array of colours for this task, to add small bursts of colour to it. So if you have been thinking of adding vibrancy to your room, make sure to give your room divider some colour.

4. A Bulky Bookshelf – Filled With Books

Another great way of separating two parts of a room is by adding a bulky bookshelf to it.  Place a collection of books on the shelves, as well as flowers in vases or other small items of decor. The items on the bookshelf will help create the feeling and vibe of an actual wall, which is exactly what you want when it comes to a room divider.

5. Tall Tree Branches – A Forest Vibe

Create a forest atmosphere in your room! Use tall tree branches as a room divider, having them span from the floor to the ceiling. Try using the same type of tree’s branches for this, in order to create a homogenous view. This is a fantastic idea if you love walking around in nature and would like to bring an essence of it into your home!

6. A Rope Net – Fabulous and Creative

Here is a cheap room divider, which you can easily put together yourself! Hammer hook nails into two wooden boards, then thread a long string of rope or yarn through them. You can create a whole net or web of rope, this way making an easy room separator. Using this in your home will definitely add a sense of creativity and uniqueness to any one of your rooms.

7. Beautiful Bamboo – An Exotic Atmosphere

If you like oriental or exotic pieces of decor, create a zen-like vibe in one of your rooms. Use poles of bamboo, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, as a room separator. While creating a stunning atmosphere, it will also add the perfect amount of privacy to your room.

8. An Alternative to an Album – A Fabulous Idea

If you love placing family portraits around the house, you will love this one of many room separator ideas! After getting a simple three panel, wooden room divider, stick pictures on the panels. The pictures can be from happy moments from your life, being surrounded by friends and family. This will look fantastic in any room you use it in!

9. A Bohemian Curtain – Cheap Room Divider Ideas

If you are in search of a cheap way to divide your room into two parts, why not use a curtain? Perhaps you have already embraced a bohemian vibe in your home if so, make sure to use a curtain which gives off the same sort of ambience.

10. Strands of Fabric – Creating a Curtain

Here is another unique and fabulous room separator idea! Use strands of fabric, tied to a curtain rod or pole, to divide a room into two parts. You can use all sorts of colours of fabric, to create a colourful and vibrant curtain. This set of fabric strands will make the perfect curtain for separating a room into two parts.

11. Shelves and Drawers – Room Separator Ideas

Use a set of shelves and drawers to separate a room into two halves. This will create a neat and sophisticated look in your room, not to mention, it’s super practical for storing your things inside. Place books and different sorts of decor items on the shelves, while you can place stationary inside the drawers. If you are thinking of separating your bedroom from your workspace, this is a fantastic and logical way of doing it!

12. Rethink and Reuse – Old Doors Idea

An interesting way of dividing a room into two is by using old doors or old panels as a room separator. You can attach them together to create a three or four-panelled room divider. This will give your home a rustic farmhouse appeal.