30 GORGEOUS WEDDING NAILS FOR BRIDE - A Guide to Wedding Nail Ideas

30 GORGEOUS WEDDING NAILS FOR BRIDE – A Guide to Wedding Nail Ideas

30 GORGEOUS WEDDING NAILS FOR BRIDE - A Guide to Wedding Nail Ideas


On your big day, you want everything to be completely perfect. From the wedding invitations to the venue’s decor, everything should be on point. We don’t even need to mention the fact that the bride’s appearance is also a major factor. While almost everyone notices the wedding dress or the hairstyle first, there are hundreds of tiny details which the bride has to pay attention to, in order to truly look perfect. One of these important details is the type of nail art she chooses to have. If you’re in search of gorgeous wedding nails for your wedding day, take a look at our collection of 30 wedding nail ideas. Find the perfect wedding nails for the bride! Also, make sure to look through our pick of wedding ideas.


1. Lace Effect – Wedding Nails for Bride

For your wedding, you would probably like nail art which is the definition of elegance and sophistication. Well, here’s a perfect choice for you! Have one of your nails painted to look as if it were lace, while another one of your nails can be embedded with small, sparkling jewels.

2. Lace and Roses – Nail Ideas for Your Big Day

There’s nothing more feminine and appealing than the idea of lace and roses combined. If you like the idea of a french manicure with white details, then you might consider trying out these nails. Roses and lace decorate the lunula of the nail, creating a spectacular image.

3. Bedazzled by Jewels – Sparkles and Glitters

Are you thinking of covering your nails in an ivory lacquer, but you would like to take it up a notch? Have a think about covering a nail on each hand with a multitude of sparkles and stones. If you use stones that resemble diamonds, it will pair beautifully with the overall white look of the other nails.


4. Pink Simplicity – Great Wedding Nail Ideas

If you would like to stick to something more simple, but nonetheless elegant, here’s a great choice for you! Pink is the colour of harmony and love, so what better occasion could there be than to use it in some sort of form at your wedding?


5. Glowing Ombre – Perfect Wedding Nail Art

Ombre as a fashion trend has become increasingly popular all over the world. So it’s no surprise that people like not only ombre clothes, but ombre hair and nails as well. Pale white turning into pink ombre nails will add the perfect finishing touches to your wedding look!

6. Orchids in Full Bloom – Floral Nail Art for Your Big Day

Now here is a type of wedding nail art which you will swoon over! Orchids are exotic flowers that bring a natural elegance with themselves. For centuries, they have been used as a source of inspiration in all types of art. If you like these flowers, maybe you should consider using them as a decorative element on your nail art!


7. Intricate Details – Delicate Flowers

If you would like to have a floral design on your nails during your wedding, take a quick glance at the picture above! Thin and intricate lines create detailed flowers. It’s simplicity and sophistication combined, making it the best choice for a wedding!

8. Pale Shades – Lovely Wedding Nail Ideas

Can’t decide on whether you’d like ombre nails or creatively decorated ones? Mix them up and get your own unique combination of the two! We recommend using pale colours for your wedding, as these will complement your wedding dress in the best possible way imaginable!


9. Simple Florals – Decorating Your French Manicure

Would you like to keep things on your wedding simple, but still want a small twist? Get your nails lacquered in a french manicure, and have a few flowers or beads decorating a few of the nails. This will create an exquisite look for your nails!

10. Matte Ombre Nails – Inspiration for Your Wedding

Matte makeup and nail polish have become a huge trend over the past few years. If you’re a fan of this trend, try it out for your wedding. With the right colours and technique, you can create something truly beautiful! Our tip is to combine matte nail polish with an ombre technique, this will give you an elegant glow on your wedding day!


11. A Modern Touch – Make Your Nails Pop

If you like chevron nail art, then this will be perfect for your wedding day! What more could you want on your wedding day? One glittery nail, another with a chevron design and the rest left in a pure white polish. This is a perfect idea if you’d like to add a speck of modernity to your wedding look.

12. A Bridal Picture – Unique Wedding Nails for Bride

Have you been thinking about adding an image of yourself to your nail design? Have a picture of a bride in a lovely wedding with her back turned towards you painted on one of your nails. You can leave the rest of your nails in a simple and natural look.