The Power of Composition: How to Compose Great Wedding Photos on Your Phone

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We all enjoy taking quality photos, and the emergence of social media and phones has produced expansive photography ability. Everyone can join the game; all you require is something as simple as your smartphone. The good news is that great shots do not rely entirely on flashy cameras. Therefore, if you are attending a wedding, you can capture all those beautiful memories for the big day using your phone. All you require to know is what you should be attentive to if you want the photos to stand out.

Nothing is more irritating than having ridiculous photos of such a special moment. So, here are the pointers you need to prioritize to take great wedding photos using your smartphone.

Natural Shots

Natural shots are those unposed pics for the day. Beyond having your planned wedding photo list, try to capture raw, unplanned pictures using your camera shortcuts to quickly launch the camera.

You will want to capture people laughing or chatting away, or you may choose pics of the bride and groom holding each other or stealing glances at each other. Your options are numerous. Just ensure you know the quick launch for your phone’s camera; it could be a left swipe on the screen, a double press, or a hold and press on the power or volume button. You can never go wrong with capturing people when they are relaxed and freely socializing.

Capture the Motion

Many actions occur during a wedding, and it is up to you to notice such moments. It could be a bridesmaid playing or the bride dancing; whichever the case, the power is on your phone. Your phone has convenient features that can easily capture the subject in motion. You must ensure that your Android or iPhone camera app has access to take photos. If you feel like you cannot change the settings or give the camera access, you can always check websites such as that will guide you depending on your smartphone.

Burst mode will take multiple shots continuously, allowing you to get perfect shots of anyone or anything moving. Ensure that you lock the focus and exposure by tapping the screen at the position you want the focus; this will keep the subject in focus.

Powerful Shots

Use your scenery to create moods or frames. You can use various photography styles to create powerful images. Gone are the days of having the groom and bride at the center of each shot; instead, you can let the new couple walk away for a much larger landscape or bring the shot closer such that the clouds seem to be framing the photo.

To get shots that speak volumes, you can turn on the grid from the camera application that splits your phone’s screen into horizontal and vertical sections of three. These lines or sections will allow you to choose the kind of landscape you want within your photo and balance it appropriately.

Live Photos

Motion pictures are video clips that are three seconds long and are taken when you tap on the shutter button of your smartphone. You will notice that on viewing the photos later, they will seem to have movement and sound. Therefore, you will select Live Photos on your iPhone, or if you have an Android that supports moving pictures, you will ensure you have selected the circular icon placed on the top left-hand of your screen.


You can always invest in extra gear, such as extra lenses, if you feel your smartphone may not be effective. The lenses may help with taking really close-up pics or wider angles. Search for pictures that can give you more ideas and inspiration to create your personal style, but being more intentional about your photos will lead you to create proud images.