25 THANKSGIVING CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Stunning Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

25 THANKSGIVING CRAFTS FOR KIDS – Stunning Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

25 THANKSGIVING CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Stunning Thanksgiving Craft Ideas


Autumn is just around the corner! The season of apple-picking, misty mornings and chilly nights is nearly here. The fall is also a season packed with holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it’s a great time to spend time inside with the family. You can get the kids involved in some seasonal arts and crafts! For example, why not start making Thanksgiving craft ideas with the children? This way, they will be able to unleash their creativity! We have collected 25 Thanksgiving crafts for kids, to help you in finding something fun and awesome! Make sure you and your children have heaps of fun, as that’s what crafting is all about!


1. Pinecone Turkeys – Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

So, have you been in search of cute and simple Thanksgiving crafts? Well, check out these pinecone turkeys! Gather a few pinecones in your garden, a park or a forest with your kids! First of all, paint each scale of the pinecones in autumn colours. This includes yellow, orange, red and brown. Secondly, glue pompoms on the top of each pinecone, attach googly eyes to them. You can also add a beak to each turkey, using a triangle of orange felt for this. This craft is super cheap to create which is great if you don’t want to spend much money!

2. A Wreath of Leaves – Thankfulness and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a holiday when you can reflect a bit on the past and what you are thankful for! Teach your kids that gratitude is important in life by creating this wreath with them! Cut out leaves out of coloured paper. Have your kids write down one reason on each leaf about what they are thankful for. Finally, make your kids stick the leaves on a large paper ring, this way creating a wreath.

3. A Turkey Candle Holder – Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

When you think of Thanksgiving, what image pops into your mind immediately? Is it the mouthwatering picture of a roast turkey? If so, make sure to incorporate turkeys into your Thanksgiving crafts! For example, create turkey-shaped candle holders. All you need to do for this is to cut out the shape of this bird. You can use any sort of paper, but make sure it’s colourful! Finally, you will need to stick the pieces of paper onto a simple candle holder. This will prevent the paper from lighting on fire.

4. A Thankful Pumpkin – Paper Arts and Crafts

Here is another cute and easy Thanksgiving craft for kids! Cut orange paper up into strips, and out of green paper, create the shapes of leaves. Have the kids write reasons why they are grateful on each strip of paper. Then attach the strips of paper to each other, glueing them together to form a small ball. The reasons for gratitude should be placed on the outside. Then simply staple a green leaf onto the top this ball of orange paper. And voila! A Thanksgiving pumpkin which is filled with thankfulness!

5. The Thankful Turkeys – Lovely and Sweet Idea

Thanksgiving is all about teaching kids about the beauty and joy of gratitude. Create these thankful turkeys with them! This is a perfect craft for Thanksgiving, as it also teaches children to be thankful in life! Cut out the bodies and feathers of the turkeys out of cardboard and stick them all together. Try using colourful autumn colours for the feathers! Then get your kids to write down one thing they are thankful for on each feather. This is really up to your kids on what they end up writing.

6. A Spoonful of Thanks – Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Reimagine and reuse any spoon lying around your house, which you don’t need anymore! Use these spoons for Thanksgiving crafts and create turkeys out of them! Using coloured paper, cut out the shapes of feathers, the shape of a snood and finally, a beak. All you will need to do now is stick the cut-out shapes onto the spoon, creating the image of a turkey. Add some googly eyes for an extra effect! This is just one of many great thanksgiving crafts for kids. It’s not only easy to make but inexpensive as well!

7. A Pumpkin Pie – Reasons for Gratitude

Something you are bound to eat during a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is pumpkin pie. This delicacy is famous all over the world! Instead of baking one with your kids, create a papercraft using pumpkin pie as inspiration. On a paper plate, cut and paste orange slices of paper. These slices of paper will represent the slices of pumpkin pie. Have your kids write down a reason for what they are thankful for underneath each slice of pie. After removing each slice of pie, you should have a whole list of things that your kid is thankful for!

8. Bubble Wrap Ideas – Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Bubble wrap is actually a fabulous way of decorating things in a unique and beautiful way! Dip bubble wrap into a small pool of paint and press it on paper. After the paper has dried, cut feathers out of it. Out of another piece of paper, cut out the body of a turkey and attach the bubble wrap feathers to the back of it. Immediately you will give your Thanksgiving turkey craft a unique and creative look. Your kids are guaranteed to have a tonne of fun with this craft!

9. An Array of Hands – Get the Whole Family Involved

Thanksgiving is definitely a time to spend with family and your close friends. It’s all about showing them love and gratitude! So it only seems proper to get the whole family involved in making a Thanksgiving craft! Have each member draw the shape of their hand on a colourful piece of paper, then cut it out! Also, cut out the body of a turkey. Now all you will need to do is attach the hands behind the body of the turkey, this way giving it feathers. Place the smallest hand in the front and the largest hand in the back. This is a perfect craft for the whole family!

10. Front Door Decor – A Leaf Wreath

Have your kids create a Thanksgiving wreath for the front door. Cut out the shapes of leaves using colourful paper, mainly autumn shades! Then get your kids to write down the reasons they are thankful and grateful for. One reason on each leaf! Then paste these on a cut-out ring, to create the wreath itself. Add a ribbon or two onto the wreath and hang it on the front door!

11. Stone Turkeys – Cute Ideas for Thanksgiving

As we have discussed beforehand, turkeys are a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to Thanksgiving crafts. Create a stone turkey, which means you use a stone for the turkey’s body. Then cut out feathers and the head of a turkey out of paper and glue them on the stone. This craft is simple and cute!

12. Adorable Thanksgiving Turkeys – Egg Carton Ideas

Instead of throwing out your egg cartons, use them for your Thanksgiving crafts! Cut up your egg cartons into smaller parts and paint each one in a different, vibrant colour. The egg cartons will act as the bodies of the turkeys. Now all you need to do is cut out the head, feathers, beak and feet out of paper. Attach these to the stone itself and you will have a cute turkey by the end of it!