25 EASY FALL CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Fall Crafts for Toddlers

25 EASY FALL CRAFTS FOR KIDS – Fall Crafts for Toddlers

25 EASY FALL CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Fall Crafts for Toddlers


Autumn is finally here! The season of change. The days get shorter and the nights turn longer. The leaves on trees turn into beautiful shades of brown, yellow, orange and red. Autumn is the best time for finishing your tasks in the garden, but also the perfect time for sitting in the window and drinking hot chocolate. Fall is also a great time to get your kids involved in getting ready for the season. There all numerous autumn crafts for kids, which they can put together themselves. Then they will be able to place their crafts around the house and garden, decorating your home with these fall crafts for toddlers! So take a look through our collection of easy fall crafts for kids!


1. Scarecrow Ideas – Using Clay Pots

When you think of autumn and the various sorts of vegetable fields, what image almost immediately pops into your head? Is it a scarecrow by any chance? These stuffed dolls make great sources of decor inside and outside of the house! For this particular scarecrow, you will need some clay pots, straw and a bit of burlap. The clay pots will make up his body, including his limbs and head. The straw will become his hair. You can use the burlap to twist it around the pot which will become his head. Then you can sew two eyes on it. Attach these all together with yarn or rope and make the scarecrow sit somewhere.

2. Cute Hedgehog – Fall Crafts for Kids

During the season of autumn, you might find hedgehogs scurrying along pathways to get home. These cute animals have become symbols of autumn, so why not get your kids to put one together as a craft? Cutting out different sized and shaped papers, first have your kids assemble a big red apple. Then glue small parts of a hedgehog onto this apple! This will be a fun craft to create with your children.

3. Pumpkin Faces – A Fun Flipbook

Another typical autumn piece of decor is pumpkins! These vegetables are used as decorations during the season and especially during Halloween! Why not create a flipbook with your kids, featuring the many faces of pumpkins? You can add all sorts of silly eyes and mouths, combining different sets together to get something funny! You can attach the pieces of paper, featuring the pumpkins, together with metal clips or even just a bit of yarn. This is one of many fantastic fall crafts for toddlers! We are sure that they will love these pumpkins!

4. An Autumn Tree – Colourful and Vibrant Leaves

Everyone loves watching the way nature changes as the seasons change. Autumn is a beautiful example of seeing the way nature changes, the leaves turn into miraculous warm shades of colour. Perhaps you will want to reflect the changing of leaves for your autumn décor. If so, here is an easy idea to create with your kids! Create paper rings out of colourful strips of paper. These will serve as the leaves on your tree. Then using a different piece of paper, create the shape of a tree standing in a field. Then stick the paper rings around the branches, creating a whole crown of autumn leaves!

5. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow – Fall Crafts for Toddlers

A simple craft you can create for Halloween, a favourite holiday of kids, is this one! Use popsicle sticks to put together the face of a scarecrow. You can add some googly eyes to your scarecrow and draw a stitched mouth on it! This is simple and easy making it a perfect DIY to make with your children!

6. An Autumn Cork – Unique Place Cards

Perhaps you are thinking about throwing autumn get together with some friends. If so, make sure to create cute autumn place cards for all your guests! This way they will know where to sit. All you will need to for this fall craft, is a cork, some autumn leaves, glue and wire. Glue the autumn leaves onto the cork. Then attach the wire to the cork as well, you will be able to place the name cards onto this wire! If you and the kids are creative enough, you will be able to make the cork resemble a turkey, which is perfect for Thanksgiving!

7. Colours of the Fall – An Adorable Tree

Create an autumn landscape on a sheet of paper! Using crepe paper create the trunk of a tree. Rip smaller pieces of paper out and glue them together, creating the leaves of the tree. Make sure to use a whole variety of colours for the leaves, like yellow, red, orange and brown. Place small pieces of paper around the tree as well, symbolising that the leaves have fallen! You will be able to place this autumn landscape in a frame and hang it from one of your walls!

8. Pumpkin Apple Stamps – Fantastic Ideas for Autumn

Stamps are quite easy to create and fun to use! Create pumpkin-shaped stamps out of apples! Cut an apple in half. Use the inside of the apple as the stamps for the pumpkins. All you will need to do is dip the apples in orange paint and press them on pieces of paper. You can get your kids to paint small green stems on each pumpkin. After the paint has dried, you can also draw faces on the pumpkins, creating jack-o-lanterns! If this isn’t a great autumn craft for kids, we don’t know what is.

9. Use Cotton Swabs – Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

You can use cotton swabs in so many ways to create something fabulous! Use them to create the foliage of an autumn tree. Dip the end of cotton swabs in warm shades of paint, including yellow, orange, red and brown. Then press the cotton swabs onto a piece of paper, which already has a tree painted on it, creating a multitude of leaves. This will look lovely, placed in a frame. This is a great way to get your kids to unleash their creativity!

10. Paper Hedgehogs – Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

Paper Hedgehogs – Easy Fall Crafts for Kids


Here is another cute hedgehog idea which you can create with your kids! Create small rolls of paper, cutting halfway into them, this way making “spikes.” Create a small cone out of paper as well, using that as the head of a hedgehog. Draw eyes and a nose on it, before glueing the other parts of the body to it. These cute autumn hedgehogs will be fun to make with your kids!

11. Rainbow Pumpkins – Melted Crayon Trick

Create a rainbow pumpkin for this years’ fall. You can achieve this by using crayons! Place different colour crayons on top of a pumpkin. Then melt them by blowing warm air on them with a hairdryer. Slowly, they will start to melt and start trickling down on the sides of the pumpkin, creating a rainbow spectrum of beauty!

12. Leaf Painting on Rocks – Simple and Fun

Get your kids involved with making autumn crafts for the season! Gather a pile of pebbles and rocks with them. Paint over the pebbles and rocks in tones of autumn colours, like yellow, orange and red. Then all you will need to do is find fallen leaves, dip them into green paint and press them on the rocks. By the end, you will have a whole set of leafy pebbles.