30 CREATIVE PUMPKIN DECORATING IDEAS - Halloween Pumpkin Decorations
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30 CREATIVE PUMPKIN DECORATING IDEAS – Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

30 CREATIVE PUMPKIN DECORATING IDEAS - Halloween Pumpkin Decorations


Autumn is finally here! Fall is a beautiful season when the nights get longer and the days get shorter. The air gets crisper and chillier. The landscape changes completely, turning into warm shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. In other words, autumn is magical! When you think of the season, what image pops into your mind almost immediately? If it’s a pumpkin, why not use it as inspiration for your seasonal decorations? You can use pumpkins in so many ways to create beautiful home decor! There is a collection of autumn ideas to choose from! Look through our collection of 30 creative pumpkin decorating ideas! You will be sure to find amazing Halloween pumpkin decorations which will fit perfectly into your home.


1. A Bucket of Pumpkins – Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Place a few pumpkins in a basket or bucket. Add a few leaves and you can also add some sprigs of berries to the bucket, giving it a special effect. Then simply run a string of fairy lights through the pumpkins. This will illuminate everything in a beautiful and warm light, which is perfect for the long and chilly fall nights. You can use any sort of pumpkins for this decor, whether they are green, orange or white anything is bound to look fabulous!

2. Welcoming the Season – Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

If you love rustic or farmhouse decor, you might like this wagon of pumpkins! Grab a small wooden wagon, painting a welcome message on it. This can simply be “hello fall!” Then place a few pumpkins inside of the wagon and also surround it with these tasty vegetables. Add a few bundles of wheat for a truly autumn effect!

3. Painting Your Pumpkins – Add a Hint of Gold

An awesome way of uplifting the appearance of your pumpkins is by painting simple patterns on them! There are tonnes of available patterns which are bound to look good on any pumpkin. Naturally, it can be a bit harder deciding what colour to add to it. We recommend gold, the colour of richness and luxury! It fits into the harvest theme perfectly!

4. A Unique Vase – Creative and Fun

There are so many decoration items you can create out of pumpkins! A vase is just one of them! Carve out the insides of your pumpkin, placing floral foam inside. Then simply stick your bouquet of flowers in the pumpkin and place it wherever you would like! The floral foam will prevent your flowers from wilting too soon!

5. Pinecones and Pumpkins – Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Create an autumn ambience at home with a selection of pumpkins! Make sure that each pumpkin is unique in its own way. Paint a few in gold, some in white. Then cover one or two pumpkins in a whole coating of yarn. Add a few pinecones to this pumpkin setting giving it an even stronger fall vibe. You can consider laying these pumpkins out on a table, using them as a table centrepiece for the season.

6. Pink and Glittery – Add Some Flowers

There are so many other colours you can decorate your pumpkins with. You don’t necessarily have to stick to its natural colours. Coat them in pale pink for a harmonious and feminine touch. Then cover the stems in a coating of glitter. Place your pumpkins on a plate, stacking them on each other. Then add a few seasonal flowers in between the pumpkins for a special glow!

7. Thankful for Thanksgiving – Amazing Pumpkin Ideas

Use an assortment of all sorts of pumpkins for your autumn decor. Besides using real pumpkins, also add a few which are made out of fabric to the batch. Place them on top of foliage of autumn leaves to give the whole image real autumn feel to it. If you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, you can even paint the word “thankful” across one of the pumpkins.

8. An Autumn Arrangement – A Touch of Nature

Create a beautiful source of decor for the season! As we have discussed before, you can carve out the insides of a pumpkin, to create a vase. After placing floral foam inside, you can stick in your bouquet of flowers. For a truly fall feeling, you can add a few sprigs of berries and some pinecones to the bouquet.

9. Box of Blessedness – A Homely Look

Create a whole box of autumn as a bit of seasonal decor. Place autumn leaves inside or branches, a variety of seasonal fruit and flowers. Naturally, don’t forget to leave out the pumpkins either! You can paint a message on the box, welcoming the season or your guests!

10. A Rustic Essence – Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Give your home a rustic ambience with a bit of seasonal decor. If you have a slice of wood, then place a few rustic elements on it. A candleholder, a pile of books and a few pumpkins will create a beautiful atmosphere. You can even think about creating the pumpkins yourself out of fabric.

11. Pumpkins in Vases – Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins in Vases - Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

There are so many ways to incorporate pumpkins in your seasonal decor! For example, fill a lantern with pumpkins or place them in a variety of vases. Try picking a few pumpkins which come in a few sorts of colour, like orange, green and white!

12. Pearly Pumpkins – A Gorgeous Idea

Another fabulous idea to make this autumn are some pearly pumpkins. Buy small plastic pearls and using a glue gun stick them onto white pumpkins. This will definitely give your pumpkins a pure glow. They will also be sure to look elegant and sophisticated.