25 VALENTINES DAY FOOD IDEAS - Valentine's Day Recipes

25 VALENTINES DAY FOOD IDEAS – Valentine’s Day Recipes


25 VALENTINES DAY FOOD IDEAS - Valentine's Day Recipes


One of our favourite winter events is just around the corner. The festival of love,  romance and passion. This is no other than Valentine’s Day. You might be thinking of a way to surprise your partner this year. Instead of going to a store to buy them an expensive gift, why not create something by yourself for them? This doesn’t have to be anything big, just a small gesture. A great Valentine’s Day idea is cooking or baking for someone. Your significant other will love eating some of your homemade food! Even if you are single, you can still organise a small gathering for your close friends and celebrate the love of friendship! So take a look through our 25 Valentines Day food ideas. We have all sorts of Valentine’s Day recipes!


1. A Cupcake Filled with Love – Valentines Day Food Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a delicious cupcake or two. Especially when they are baked with love for someone special. Here is a tasty recipe for a chocolate cupcake, which incorporates a few other flavours into itself. After baking the cupcakes allow them to cool completely. Then it’s time to decorate them beautifully! You can pipe some cream on the top of them, some buttercream is a great option! Then place a strawberry on top, as well as chocolate, melted into heart shapes.

2. The Perfect Breakfast – Easy and Fun to Make

The Perfect Breakfast - Easy and Fun to Make

Have you been thinking about making a plate of breakfast for your significant other and taking it into bed for them? Breakfast in bed is a great way of relaxing a little bit in the mornings and having a chance to talk to each other. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, make sure to create everything in a heart shape! For example, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create a hole in a piece of toast before cracking an egg into it on a frying pan. You can also cut off the ends of frankfurters and stick them together with a toothpick creating another heart shape.

3. A Scrumptious Cake – Valentines Day Meals

A Scrumptious Cake - Valentines Day Meals

If you are the sort of person who loves to bake, why not put together a scrumptious cake for your loved one? It doesn’t have to be too fancy or over the top, you can opt for something on the simpler side. To give your cake a real Valentine’s Day feeling though, making sure to incorporate red or pink food colouring into the cake. You can add it to the cake dough itself or to any sort of cream you might be filling it with. If you’d like to enchant a special lady for Valentine’s Day, this will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her!

4. Red Velvet Cake – A Valentines Cake

Red Velvet Cake - A Valentines Cake

Who doesn’t love red velvet cake? It’s delicious, rich and luxurious! If you love red velvet just as much as we do, why not make small cakes, which embody this flavouring. You can cut up some strawberries and place them on the top of the cakes as a source of decoration. Depending on your baking style, you might want to make bite-sized versions of the cake, but you might be feeling brave enough to bake an entire one!

5. Hearts Filled with Jam – A Tasty Bite

Hearts Filled with Jam - A Tasty Bite

Do you like eating jam? Well, check out this idea involving jam! Buy some puff pastry and roll it out a bit. Then using a cookie cutter, cut heart shapes out of the pastry. You will have to spoon a dollop of jam onto every second heart. Then place a toothpick on these jam-spread hearts before placing another heart on top of it. Make sure the hearts are stuck well together before you pop them in the oven to bake. You don’t want your jam flowing out of the pastries while baking.

6. Adorable Pie Pops – Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Adorable Pie Pops - Valentine's Day Food Ideas

If you are thinking about a creative way to express your love towards someone special through baking, then here is a fantastic idea for you! Bake some pie pops for them! Pie pops are relatively easy to make and don’t require long expertise in baking. Pie pops will also allow you to express your love for someone in a creative manner. It’s up to you on what sort of pie to you decide to make. If you make a few pie pops, you can even have them spell out a sentence such as “I love you.”

7. Love Heart Pancakes – Amazing and Delicious

Love Heart Pancakes - Amazing and Delicious

If there is one food which is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is pancakes! Create heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day! Whoever you decide to make these for is definitely a lucky person! Use your favourite pancake batter and if you’d like, add a few other flavours to the pancakes. For example, throw some blueberries or strawberries in the batter or even some chocolate chips! When they are done, feel free to decorate the plate and add some other elements to the pancakes! A bit of whipped cream and some slices of strawberries are a great idea.

8. Spell It Out – Valentine’s Day Recipes

Spell It Out - Valentine's Day Recipes

Why not spell out the word “love” on a plate for your someone special? For example, using four muffins, create the letter “L”. Use a doughnut for the “O” and make a heart-shaped pancake for the “V”. Then using an array of raspberries, you will easily be able to create an “E”. This plate of love will make a great breakfast in bed and will immediately light up your significant other’s day!

9. An Arrow Through Your Heart – Fresh and Healthy

An Arrow Through Your Heart - Fresh and Healthy

You might just be considering adding a healthy element to your lunch or dinner you are making for your significant other. Or just a fresh snack for the night. If so, check out this idea! Cut cherry tomatoes in half in a diagonal line and place them together to create heart shapes. Stick a toothpick through the tomatoes, to make sure that they will stay in place. Cut out small white bits of paper, attaching them to the ends of the toothpicks. By the time you finish, your tomatoes should look like arrow-struck love hearts. 

10. An Amazing Cake Hack – How to Make a Heart Cake

An Amazing Cake Hack - How to Make a Heart Cake

Have you been contemplating about make a heart-shaped cake for your Valentine? Even if you don’t have a heart-shaped cake tray, it’s okay! All you need is a square cake and a round cake, which is cut into two halves. You will have to place the two halves of the round cake on the edges of the square cake. This will help create the heart shape which you were looking for. Then it’s up to you to add some cream or frosting to it and decorate it with an array of sprinkles or fresh fruit.

11. A Hard-Boiled Egg – Valentines Day Meals

A Hard-Boiled Egg - Valentines Day Meals

If you are a fan of eggs and are thinking about what Valentines Day food ideas to make this year, take a glance at this food idea! It incorporates squishing hardboiled eggs with a chopstick, to create a funny shape out of it. When you cut through the egg though, a heart-shaped, boiled egg yolk will reveal itself! This is a perfect addition to Valentine’s Day breakfast for you and your significant other. It’s not only simply adorable, but it’s also healthy.

12. A Beautiful Cake Roll – Valentine’s Day Recipes

A Beautiful Cake Roll - Valentines Day Recipes

It’s time to get all romantic and lovey-dovey now that Valentine’s Day is nearly here. So if you are thinking about baking for your special someone this Valentines, then this will act as the perfect dessert for the celebration of love. Create a soft and fluffy cake roll, incorporating a lot of pink and a lot of hearts. Valentines cake rolls are surprisingly easy to make and have a divine texture to them. You can include a few crunchy elements to your cake roll, by creating small chocolate hearts, which can be sprinkled through the pastry.

13. Frying an Egg – In a Heart Shape

Frying an Egg - In a Heart Shape

We have already mentioned including heart-shaped eggs in your Valentine’s Day breakfast. Here is a tutorial about how to create a fried egg with a heart-shaped egg yolk. You will need metal cookie cutters to achieve this stunning look for your eggs!

14. Chocolate Coated Strawberries – Delicious and Rich

Chocolate Coated Strawberries - Delicious and Rich

A typical Valentine’s Day treat is no other than strawberries coated in chocolate. But for that extra twist on them, cut the strawberries in half and place them next to each other. So sweep your partner off their feet with this food-themed Valentine’s Day gift! Stick a toothpick through them, fixating them together and creating a heart shape this way. Then it’s time to dip them into melted chocolate. Allow them to cool before you eat them!

15. A Bit of Sweet Popcorn – Valentines Day Food Ideas

A Bit of Sweet Popcorn - Valentines Day Food Ideas

Popcorn is a tasty snack which everyone loves to eat! If you are your significant other are planning to watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day night, you might as well create a few servings of Valentines Day popcorn! You can mix the popped popcorn with sprinkles, chocolates and marshmallows. This sweet snack is just as good as it is when it’s more on the savoury side!

16. Cute Oreo Pops – Simple and Easy

Cute Oreo Pops - Simple and Easy

If you don’t have much time for baking a cake for your significant other, then here is a simple alternative to it. Create some oreo pops instead! You will need to stick toothpicks into their creamy part then dip them into chocolate which contains food colouring. You can throw some sprinkles over them as decoration. Try using love heart shapes for the sprinkles, to give them a real Valentine’s Day vibe. Another option for the chocolate is to melt some pink chocolate and coat the Oreos in that! Pink chocolate has become very trendy nowadays!

17. Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies – Valentines Day Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies - Valentines Day Cookies

What kind of easy options do you have for Valentine’s day when it comes to creating a few cookies or treats? If you have run out of time why not create some chocolate-dipped wafers? They are simple and easy to put together, not to mention they are also cheap!

18. Fruit Rolls – In the Shape of Fortune Cookies

Fruit Rolls - In the Shape of Fortune Cookies

Here is another one of many creative Valentine’s Day recipes. Fruit rolls which are shaped to look like fortune cookies! This is a much healthier option instead of actual cookies and you can still include a slip of paper in each one! You can leave romantic notes inside the fruit rolls for your partner to read!

19. A Hot Dog Hack – Valentine’s Day Recipes

A Hot Dog Hack - Valentine's Day Recipes

As we have already mentioned, a Valentine’s Day breakfast is a perfect way to start off the day of love! Create some hotdog hearts, which are filled with eggs the sunnyside up. You will need a toothpick for attaching the ends of the hotdogs together. Just check out the tutorial above!

20. A Bit of Toast – Cute Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

A Bit of Toast - Cute Valentine's Day Food Ideas

Here is another one of many easy ideas for Valentines Day meals for your significant other, involving toast! It’s simple and easy to prepare, not to mention it’s a low-budget breakfast. You will have to cut out shapes in toast, which spell out a sentence or a word which you are sending to your SO.

21. Cupid’s Arrows – In the Form of Pretzels

Cupid's Arrows - In the Form of Pretzels

Are you in search of tasty Valentines Day food ideas? These cupid’s arrows are all about Valentine’s Day! Use pretzels for the base of the arrow, and use chewy heart-shaped lollies for the tail and the spike of the arrows.

22. A Variety of Doughnuts – Getting Creative

A Variety of Doughnuts - Getting Creative

If your significant other absolutely loves doughnuts, get them a whole batch as Valentine’s Day appetizers. You can cover the doughnuts in frosting yourself and decorate them in a creative way! 

23. Cinnamon Heart Buns – Valentine’s Day Recipes

Cinnamon Heart Buns - Valentine's Day Recipes

Do you love cinnamon buns? Then why not bake a whole batch of them for Valentine’s Day? They are super easy to make, especially with premade dough, and you will be done in no time at all! To make them heart-shaped, you will have to roll the buns from two sides, having the rolls meet in the middle.

24. Cherry Brownie Trifles – Mouth-Watering Sweet Treats

Cherry Brownie Trifles - Mouth-Watering Sweet Treats

Now, here is a mouth-watering delicacy with which you will be able to surprise your someone special. Create a cherry and brownie trifle as a dessert after Valentine’s Day dinner. This will even make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a man!

25. Shot Through the Heart – Valentines Day Food Ideas

Shot Through the Heart - Valentines Day Food Ideas

We have already talked quite a bit about cake pops. Create some using the idea of cupid’s arrows shooting into them! Dip the cake pops in chocolate before placing a toothpick arrow through them! These will make tasty Valentine’s Day appetizers!


We hope you loved our Valentines Day food ideas! For other Valentine’s Day ideas besides Valentine’s Day recipes, such as Valentine’s Day Gifts, visit our website.