25 DIY VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM - Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas
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25 DIY VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM – Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas


25 DIY VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM - Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas


The celebration of love and romance is one of everyone’s favourite winter holidays. This is no other than Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you have a special someone in your life who you would like to celebrate this day with. Maybe it’s just a friend or a family member, but perhaps it’s your romantic partner! If you have a special man someone in your life, make sure to look through our pick of Valentine’s Day ideas. An easy way of achieving this is by giving them a thoughtful gift! That’s exactly why we have collected 25 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him. Take a browse through these cheap Valentines gift ideas to find something awesome!


1. A Photo Series – Personal and Loving

There is no other sort of gift, which is as awesome and special as giving a DIY present. Handmade gifts show that you put actual time and effort into creating something amazing for the other person. Why not try putting together a photo series of you and the person you are giving a gift to? Use multiple photos of the two of you picturing a scene of your life. Check out the example above for a great idea of how it is done! This gift is completely up to you and your creativity.

2. A Card for Valentine’s – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Express your love towards your special man! There is no better way to do this than with a card, on which you write a loving message to him! This can be something simple that says “I love you.” You can create an amazing 3D card, cutting out and folding paper to make your design. If you are in search of a template, you will be able to find heaps on the internet. Just check out the example above. The dotted lines are where you don’t cut, only fold. The simple lines are where you need to cut.

3. You Have a Message – Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

You Have a Message - Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

Here is one of many easy and cheap Valentines gift ideas, so if you don’t have much money to spend, this is a great idea! All you will need is a wooden peg, a piece of paper and a sharpie or two. On the ends of the wooden peg write “you have a message” with the sharpie. Create the shape of an envelope on the other end and stick a small slip of paper in the middle of it. The slip of paper should read something such as “I love you!”

4. Creating a Source of Light – Wine Bottle Crafts

Here is another amazing present to make for someone special for Valentine’s day. All you will need for this gift is an empty wine bottle, a sharpie and a string of fairy lights. Use the sharpie to draw hearts all over the wine bottle. You might even consider writing a message on it, something such as “be my love.” Then all you will need to do is place the string of fairy lights inside the bottle. This will look beautiful when you light it up at night!

5. A Wall of Memories – Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

Polaroids are an awesome way of taking photos, and if you’ve been shooting them for the years you’ve known your significant other, this will make a perfect gift for them! Collect all the polaroids you have of the two of you. Stick them on either a big sheet of cardboard or on a wooden board. You can cut out and stick the word “Memories” onto the board as well to give it an extra effect.

6. A Romantic Present – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

You might be searching for a candle holder to make for your significant other. Create a handmade candle holder for them for this Valentine’s Day. You can create a cube-shaped candle holder using wooden plates to put it together. Carve messages or patterns into each plate. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, make sure you add romantic messages or hearts to the wooden plates. For example, hearts are a great idea to add! Then add the finishing touch to your candle holder, place a candle inside of it and light it! Naturally, this would also be a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for her!

7. Another Cute Photo Series – Unique and Creative

Another Cute Photo Series - Unique and Creative

As we have mentioned before, making a photo series is a unique and creative gift for Valentine’s Day. It reflects that you put time and energy into creating something truly unique and fantastic for your special someone! Use pictures of the two getting closer and closer, until in the final picture the two of you are together. This will be a great representation of your relationship, getting to know the other person at first and becoming in love or becoming friends. Whichever man receives this gift will feel lucky!

8. A Fantastic Bucket List – Valentines Day Ideas for Him

When you are in love, you are always thinking about the other person. Your whole world seems to revolve around them. If so, why not create a completely personal and intimate gift for them for Valentine’s Day? A fantastic idea is to write up a bucket list for the two of you, filling it with all sorts of activities the two of you need to do together. You can draw small pictures around the bucket list, or glue photos of the two of you together for an even more personal effect! We guarantee your significant other will love this!

9. A Huge Heart – A Photo Compilation

As you may have realised, we have already talked quite a bit about creating a photo series for your loved one. Use your own body, to create a huge heart for them. When placing the pictures together, like you would place together the pieces of a puzzle, your arms and movements should create the heart. You might even consider holding sheets of paper up on the photos, each paper containing a different letter to spell out a message. This is definitely a personal and unique gift to give for Valentine’s Day!

10. The Happy Jar – Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

Here is one of many personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day involving a jar! Write small messages of pieces of paper, they can be notes, quotes, memories or just a few loving words. Whenever your friend or lover is having a bad day, all they will need to do is take out a piece of paper and read the message inside. With the support and motivation of each message, you will be able to brighten up his days for a long time!

11. A Few Polaroids – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

A Few Polaroids - DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Check out this other perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s for your best friend, your crush or partner, they are guaranteed to love this! String some yarn across the middle of a frame and attach a few polaroids of the two of you to it. You can also glue your favourite quote about friendship or love under the polaroids. Then it’s up to you to decorate the rest of the frame in any way you’d like, paint things on it or glue small details around it to create a special atmosphere.

12. A Tree of Love – Getting Creative

Create a piece of art, which resembles the tree of love for your significant other! Cut out the shape of a tree out of paper, which has text on it talking about love. Then cut out two hearts out of red paper and hang them from the tree. It will look as if the tree was bearing the fruit of love. You can write your and your partner’s names on the hearts!

13. Remember When – A Jar Filled with Memories

You will probably have a tonne of beautiful memories with your special someone? If so, create a whole array of slips of paper with memories written on each one! Place them in a jar which has the message “remember when” written on it. It will be fantastic reading all the memories and remembering all the good times you have had together!

14. An Alternative to a Card – Sweet and Cute

Here is a simple way of sending your loved one a message on Valentine’s Day, but as an alternative to a card. Do you have an empty matchbox at home? Then make sure to give this simple gift idea a try! Draw a small picture of a heart and write a message which says “I love you” and paste it inside the matchbox. All your person will have to do is open the matchbox for a small surprise!

15. A Computer Geek Gift –  Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

A Computer Geek Gift -  Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

If your partner is a computer geek or a nerd, why not create personalized Valentines gifts for them which will suit their taste? Using letters from an old keyboard, put together a message for them and place it in their frame! Just check out the example above! This is a unique present anyone will love!

16. A Bouquet of Flowers – A Little Bit Differently

Create a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day for your special man! But put your own twist on it! Instead of using actual roses to put together the bouquet, use an assortment of items to create the flowers. For example, wrapping up boxers or socks to make them look like roses and place them on sticks. You might also try placing small bottles of alcohol on these flower stems to add to the bouquet. 

17. A Heart of Messages – Filled with Love

Here is a romantic gesture to make sure your significant other’s Valentine’s Day starts off well. Create a whole array of messages on stick-its. Write down all the things you love about the other person and all sorts of memories on the little notes. Stick them on a mirror in your house, so this will be the first thing they will see in the morning.

18. A Slice of Pizza – Personalized Valentines Gifts

Perhaps you have been thinking about making a bit of food for Valentine’s Day dinner. If you are planning on adding ham or salami to your pizza, make sure you use a cookie cutter to create heart-shaped meat for the pizza. This is one of many great DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

19. Snacks for a Movie Night – Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Snacks for a Movie Night - Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Are you planning a night in for Valentine’s Day, watching a movie with your love? If so, why not create a box filled with all your favourite snacks. You can decorate the box to make it look like something you could buy at the cinema! So if you have been thinking about what do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day, then this will be the perfect addition to any night.

20. Date Night Jenga – Valentines Day Presents

Here is one of many fabulous DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to try out! This idea involves making a Valentine’s Day Jenga game, customizing it yourself. You can write all sorts of activities on the blocks. It’s all up to you and your creativity!

21. Important Places – Creative and Stunning

Create an important and unique gift for your love for Valentine’s Day. Create a piece of art, involving the places you first met, where you got married and where you live. Cut these locations out of a map in the shapes of hearts and place them in a frame.

22. Personal and Beautiful – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

What do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? Since it’s Valentine’s Day, why not create something super personal for your loved one? Place a photo of the two of you in a frame. Line the photo with an outer frame of a lovely message you write yourself for your partner!

23. Screenshots of Conversations – Sweet and Sincere

Screenshots of Conversations - Sweet and Sincere

Get creative with your Valentines Day ideas for him! Everyone has conversations with their partner which are sometimes lovely to look back at and read. After all, this is how love works! Take screenshots of your and your partner’s favourite conversations and create a small booklet out of them. 

24. An Adorable Board Game – Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

If you and your partner like to play games, why not create a board game for the two of you to play on Valentine’s Day? Making an amazing game is all up to your creativity! This is one of the best gift ideas for couples!

25. A Beer Cake – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Another fabulous idea which any man will love is no other than a beer cake! Create a few tiers of beer and place them on each other to make the cake. You can write a few messages to your lover on them as a special effect! These are guaranteed to make amazing Valentines day presents!


We hope that this collection of DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him has helped you finding something amazing! For other ideas concerning gifts, birthday present ideas for girlfriends or birthday gifts for boyfriends, visit our website.