25 CREATIVE VALENTINES DAY GIFTS - The Best Valentines Day Gifts
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25 CREATIVE VALENTINES DAY GIFTS – The Best Valentines Day Gifts

25 CREATIVE VALENTINES DAY GIFTS - The Best Valentines Day Gifts


One of our favourite winter holidays is no other than the celebration of love and romance. Also known as Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you have a special someone in your life who you would like to celebrate this day with. Maybe it’s just a friend or a family member, but perhaps it’s your romantic partner! If you have someone in your life, no matter if it’s a guy or girl, make sure you make them feel amazing on this day of love. An easy way of achieving this is by giving them a thoughtful gift by finding some great Valentine’s Day ideas! That’s exactly why we have collected 25 creative Valentines Day gifts for men and women. Take a browse through the best Valentines day gifts to find something awesome!


1. A Photo Series – Creative Valentines Day Gifts

There is no other sort of gift, which is as awesome and special as giving a DIY present. Handmade gifts show that you put actual time and effort into creating something amazing for the other person. Why not try putting together a photo series of you and the person you are giving a gift to? Use multiple photos of the two of you picturing a scene of your life. Check out the example above for a great idea of how it is done! This gift is completely up to you and your creativity.

2. A Cute Card – Tell Them You Love Them

Express your love towards your special someone! There is no better way to do this than with a card, on which you write a loving message to them! This can be something simple which says “I love you.” You can create a stunning 3D card, cutting out and folding paper to make your design. If you are in search of a template, you will be able to find heaps on the internet. Just check out the example above. The dotted lines are where you don’t cut, only fold. The simple lines are where you need to cut.

3. An Adorable Message – The Best Valentines Day Gifts

Now here is a super easy and simple gift you can make! It’s also quite cheap, so if you don’t have much money to spend, this is a great gift idea! All you will need is a wooden peg, a piece of paper and a sharpie or two. On the ends of the wooden peg write “you have a message” with the sharpie. Create the shape of an envelope on the other end and stick a small slip of paper in the middle of it. The slip of paper should read something such as “I love you!”

4. Be My Love – A Wine Bottle

Here is another one of many creative Valentines day gifts to make for someone special. All you will need for this gift is an empty wine bottle, a sharpie and a string of fairy lights. Use the sharpie to draw hearts all over the wine bottle. You might even consider writing a message on it, something such as “be my love.” Then all you will need to do is place the string of fairy lights inside the bottle. This will look beautiful when you light it up at night!

5. A Lovely Paper Craft – Create Something Special

Are you the sort of person who loves creating unique sort of decor or presents? If so, make sure you make something special for Valentine’s Day for your significant other or friend. Paper crafts are quite simple to create, you need to twirl them and stick them together to create interesting and intricate patterns. You might decide on creating a love heart which is filled with small florals. Whoever receives this amazing gift will be able to use it as decor in their house and hang it up on their wall.

6. A Tonne of Memories – A Bit of Nostalgia

Polaroids are a fun way of taking photos, and if you’ve been shooting them for the years you’ve known your significant other, this will make a perfect gift for them! Collect all the polaroids you have of the two of you. Stick them on either a big sheet of cardboard or on a wooden board. You can cut out and stick the word “Memories” onto the board as well.

7. Fun and Funky – Cute Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

Here is another amazing idea for Valentine’s Day. You can create a bit of art for someone special, or even a gorgeous pillowcase. You will need to cut out a heart out of paper and stick it onto another piece of paper or a plain pillowcase. Use watercolours if you have decided to create this on a piece of paper. Create small dots all around the heart. Do the exact same thing if you have decided on creating a pillowcase for the special person, except with fabric paint. After allowing it to dry it’s time to remove the cut-out heart, to reveal a beautiful pattern.

8. A Romantic Present – Best Valentines Day Gifts

You might be searching for a candle holder to make for your significant other. Create a handmade candle holder for them for this Valentine’s Day. You can create a cube-shaped candle holder using wooden plates to put it together. Carve messages or patterns into each plate. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, make sure you add romantic messages or hearts to the wooden plates. For example, hearts are a great idea to add! Then add the finishing touch to your candle holder, place a candle inside of it and light it!

9. A Fabulous Heart Wreath – DIY Ideas

Get creative this year’s Valentine’s Day by creating a DIY gift for someone special in your life! Check out this great idea of creating a heart wreath! You will need a cut-out piece of cardboard in the shape of a heart, as well as some fuzzy red wool or yarn. You will have to fixate the wool on the cut-out heart, use glue for this. This simple and easy craft will make a perfect Valentine’s Day wreath! Your special someone will be able to hang it on a door or on their wall!

10. Another Photo Series – Feeling the Love

As we have mentioned before, making a photo series is a unique and creative gift for Valentine’s Day. It reflects that you put time and energy into creating something truly unique and fantastic for your special someone! Use pictures of the two getting closer and closer, until in the final picture the two of you are together. This will be a great representation of your relationship, getting to know the other person at first and becoming in love or becoming friends. Whoever receives this gift will feel lucky!

11. A Bucket List – A List of Things to Do

When you are in love, you are always thinking about the other person. Your whole world seems to revolve around them. If so, why not create a completely personal and intimate gift for them for Valentine’s Day? A fantastic idea is to write up a bucket list for the two of you, filling it with all sorts of activities the two of you need to do together. You can draw small pictures around the bucket list, or glue photos of the two of you together for an even more personal effect! We guarantee your significant other will love this!

12. Creating Some Art – Creative Valentines Day Gifts

Do you consider yourself to be a hobby artist or painter? If so, why not create a bit of art for your significant other for Valentine’s Day? A piece of decor, a painting or a drawing, is something they will be able to remember you by forever. Create a gigantic heart on a canvas. Paint one side red, one side white. Then use small paper butterflies to create the heart itself. On the red side of the canvas stick white butterflies. While on the white side you should glue red butterflies on.