30 FAIRY GARDEN HOUSES - DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

30 FAIRY GARDEN HOUSES – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House


30 FAIRY GARDEN HOUSES - DIY Tree Stump Fairy House


Do you believe in fairies? These mythical beings have been talked about in folklore for centuries. They are described as small, nimble human-like creatures, with beautiful wings on their back, which enables them to fly. Whether you believe in fairies or not, why not add some cute fairy garden houses to your backyard as decor? Mini houses will definitely perk up the whole vibe and ambience of your garden. So, keeping garden decorating in mind, check out this array of fairy castles. Why not make a DIY tree stump fairy house yourself?


1. A Few Houses – For a Fairy Family

Instead of only putting together one fairy garden house, put together a few! This way if a family of fairies decides to move into your garden, they will have plenty of space to live in. You can use any sorts of materials to build these small houses. The point is to give them a unique and interesting look, something that defies typical architectural constructs. Also, make sure to paint them in unique colours, to give them that incredible fairy-like look.

2. In the Base of a Tree – Fairy Garden Houses

Fairies are also known to reside in trees, creating fairy tree houses for themselves. Use this as inspiration for sprucing up your garden a little bit. If you have a tree growing in your backyard, give it a magical look. Create a small door, as well as windows out of wood. Then all you will have to do is attach the windows and door to your tree as if it were a house. For the glasses of the windows, you can use yellow plastic, which will provide a warm light, as if someone were at home.

3. Pretty in Purple – Perfect as a Birdhouse

Pretty in Purple - Perfect as a Birdhouse

You might be thinking about what is the point of creating a small fairy tree house for your garden? Naturally, it looks fabulous as an ornament, but does it have any functions? How about you transform your DIY fairy house into a birdhouse? If you include some larger holes in the house, this will create a perfect place for birds to live inside, keeping them warm during colder nights.

4. Enchanted and Magical – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Here is another amazing way of turning your garden into a magical space of imagination and myths. Either to a tree stump or to a tree, add some small doors and windows. This will create the look, that someone tiny is using a tree in your garden as their home. Whether these are fairy houses or gnome homes, they’ll look fabulous! or You can also feel free to add a few ornaments around the tree itself. This might include some mushrooms, a small water can and a pathway leading up to the door. Plant flowers all around your tree or tree stump for an even more magical atmosphere.

5. Create a Flight of Stairs – Cute and Unique

Perhaps you aren’t satisfied by just adding a small door and windows to your tree or stump. Why not create a whole flight of stairs for your fairy, which leads right to their doorstep? When decorating this miniature scene, feel free to get creative! You can also place a small figurine of a fairy in front of the door to enhance the mystical vibe.

6. A Whimsical Vibe – Fairy Garden Houses

Now, here is a fairy house that is definitely on the next level! Besides creating a main, larger house, make sure that it has a chimney sort of pipe coming out at the top of it. To this, attach a smaller house, which is designed in the same way as the original fairy home. To give your fairy houses an even more enchanted look, you can hang star-shaped decorations from trees, to dangle right above the fairy house.

7. Adding Tiny Shoes – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Adding Tiny Shoes - DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Use the base of a tree, to place a small door on it. You can even carve out smaller stones, to create a doorstep in front of it. Place pebbles in front of it, also building a pathway leading up to the fairy home. If you want to try out something adorable and unique, place miniature pairs of shoes next to each other on the doorstep. These can also function as gnome homes!

8. Being Welcomed – Otherworldly and Awesome

Maybe you are using a tree stump as the base of your fairy house. Place a roof on top of the stump, as well as adding the staples of your fairy house, which include two windows and a door. You can place fences surrounding the small home, as well as a mailbox in front of the house.

9. A Wholesome Hideaway – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Carve out the insides of a tree stump, to create the perfect fairy hideaway! You can place small pebbles or stones, creating steps which lead up into the home. A fantastic idea would be to place furniture inside of your fairy house! You can even add a few lights to your house, in order to install some garden lighting in your backyard!

10. Use Bold Colours – An Array of Red

You can always use bold colours for accessorising your fairy house! For example, why not paint the front door red as well as the window panes? To channel the essence of red even more, you can add further tiny ornaments to the fairy environment. This may include small mushrooms or a miniature basket of red apples or roses.

11. Cute and Cool – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Cute and Cool - DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

If you have a tree stump in your garden, incorporate it in your fairy world! By simply creating a fairy home out of it! Add a roof to the tree stump, which also includes a chimney. Then attach all the other necessary parts, for example, the door, doorstep and some windows. You’re keeping it simple but super cute!

12. Straight Into the Flowers – DIY Fairy House

Your fairy home doesn’t necessarily have to be a small house or a tree. Fairies are known to love flowers, so why not use flowers as their home? Create a pathway leading to a bed of flowers in your garden. Then place a small door right in front of the flowers, as if it were a gateway to the dimension of fairies.

13. Get Ready for a Climb – A Fabulous Idea

Build a small home for the fairies of your garden on the side of a tree trunk. Attach a door to the trunk, as well as a small platform, on which the fairy’s guests can wait, until she or he opens the door for them. From the platform, letter a ladder hang down, put together out of sticks and yarn.

14. Terrific Towers – Made from Stones and Pebbles

Construct stone cottages for your fairies to live in. You can use stones and pebbles to create them. These small cottages will definitely look enchanted and will be reminiscent of medieval cottages! Place them anywhere in your garden, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect space for them.

15. A Yellow Boot – Groovy and Funky

A Yellow Boot - Groovy and Funky

There are so many unique and interesting materials or items you can use, to create your fairy house out of! Paint an old boot of yours yellow and create a hole on the top of it. You can hang down a ladder from the hole, made of twigs and yarn. Attach small pinecones and mushroom figurines to the boot for a magical look.

16. A Small Hole – The Best Hideaway

Maybe you have a tree in your garden, which has a hole or two in it. Reimagine these holes as the hideaways of gnomes and fairies! You don’t have to overdo anything, just place a ladder leading up to the hole. Anyone who walks around in your garden, later on, will wonder about why there’s a ladder on your tree.

17. Filled with Fairy Lights – Fairy Garden Houses

Carve out the insides of a tree stump to create small rooms for your fairies. You can include some miniature pieces of furniture for a comfortable and cosy look. Light up the home of the fairies with strings of fairy lights. This will give the whole home a magical glow.

18. One with Nature – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

When creating a fairy house out of a tree stump, you may think about incorporating natural elements into it. A fabulous idea would be to allow vines to run up on the sides of the stump. You can also add small baskets of flowers to the windows.

19. A Magical Mushroom – Created from Clay

A Magical Mushroom - Created from Clay

Use a mushroom as inspiration for your fairy house! After all, how amazing would it look, if a fairy was living in a mushroom? If you like working with clay, you can create the shape of a mushroom moulding it. Then, of course, make sure to paint it, so it resembles a mushroom!

20. Living in Pots – Fun and Fabulous

Check out these fairy homes made out of clay flower pots! You can attach small doors and windows to them, to create the appearance of actual houses. Place small pebbles or slices of wood in front of the front doors, creating small garden pathways for the fairies.

21. Adding a Fence – Enter the Fairy Realm

Surround your fairy home with a fence! You can create the fairy garden fence out of thin tree branches and twigs. This will create a woodland vibe in your fairy environment, not to mention, open a portal to the world of fairies!

22. A Splendid Swing – Fairy Garden Houses

Are you thinking about what other sorts of elements you can add to your fairy garden? If you already have a house, why not add some fun equipment to it. A fantastic example would be a miniature swing, which you put together out of twigs and thin tree branches. Use a glue gun to attach everything together.

23. A Simpler Swing – Easy and Effortless

A Simpler Swing - Easy and Effortless

As we just mentioned before, add a swing to your fairy setting. You don’t have to do anything too complicated. Using a branch which forks into two will save as the perfect arch for your fairy swing. Then simply attach a small piece of wood to some yarn and hang it from the forked branch, which you stick into the ground. This is a simple way of creating a swing for your garden fairies!

24. Polymer Clay – Decorate the Front Door

You might be in search of how to make an amazing door for your fairy home. Use and mould polymer clay to create a door. You can use two colours, brown for creating a wooden effect and grey for small stones framing the door.

25. Recycling Popsicle Sticks – Cheap and Creative

Still searching for ideas on how to create a door for your fairy house, as well as windows? You can always use old popsicle sticks! These are a cheap and environmental-friendly option since you are recycling something old. Attach them to each other with a glue gun, will create a perfect door. Paint it in any colour to match the rest of your fairy house!

26. A Wishing Well – DIY Tree Stump Fairy House

Put together a wishing well for your fairy garden, which you can place next to the fairy house. You can wrap wooden sticks or branches around a mason jar, fixating it with yarn and a glue gun! This will act as a stunning addition to the magical environment you have created.

27. Another Door – Building It Yourself

Another Door - Building It Yourself

There are so many ideas on how to create a door for your fairy house! You can build the door out of a thin wooden pallet, which you cut out yourself! Coat it in any colour of paint you’d like for an appealing appearance!

28. A Curved Door – A Fantastic Tip

Are you trying to create a curved door your fairy house? Then check out this tutorial on how to construct it using popsicle sticks! It’s actually super easy to do and won’t take much time at all. When you are finished, make sure to coat it in a lovely shade of colour.

29. A Brilliant Bench – Fairy Garden Houses

Another element to add to your fairy garden is a bench! This will allow your fairies to enjoy a lovely afternoon just sitting in your backyard. Put the bench together out of wooden twigs or skewers, depending on what is more accessible to you! With the help of a glue gun, you should be able to fixate everything together, so it won’t fall apart.

30. A Rope Swing – For the Playful Fairies

Here is yet another idea on how to create an easy swing for your fairy garden. Instead of creating a swing with ropes attached to both sides, create one which has the rope running through the centre. This is an easy solution for your fairy garden!


We hope you found inspiration for fairy garden houses and have figured out how to make a DIY tree stump fairy house. For other garden ideas, such as DIY garden furniture or flower bed ideas, visit our website!